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I really wish Duolingo and Rosetta Stone did a little more explanation. I know the goal is fluency without translation, but I'm a frustrated linguist and I want grammar explanations. Yes, my brain recognizes Tha Kadın is singular and kidinlar is plural but why not just tell me up front? 

I may have to buy a simple grammar book to supplement.

Posted : January 29, 2019 4:35 am

Hello Sara! 

Here are a few words and phrases that I've learned while watching Entre Dos Amores (Fatih Harbiye) and I hope this can help a little when watching the original dramas 👍  

First though, here is a link regarding the pronounciation of the Turkish Alphabet in case someone is interested (I really needed to know some of it 😉 everybody has a way of listening to the pronounciations so I tried my best to figure them out)




Below are some common vocab and phrases with rough pronounciations - it's my first time giving an english counterpart so please forgive me if I was way off! I tried my very best to be clear, but it gets a bit tricky sometimes:

anne (ah-neh) mother

  -- annecığım (ah-neh-juhm) mommy

baba (bah-bah) father

  -- babacığım (bah-bah-juhm) daddy

abla (ah-blah) sister

abi (ah-bee) brother

hala (hah-lah), teyza (teh-zah) aunt

amca (ahm-ja) uncle

kız (kuhz) daughter, girl

 -- kızım (kuh-zuhm) my daughter, my girl

oğlum (ohh-loom) son

canım (je-num) dear, darling, sweetie

kardeş (kar-desh) sibling

  -- arkadaş (ahr-kah-dahsh) bud, mate, bro

  -- dostum (doh-stoom) my friend, my pal

bey (bay) Mister  *used after a person's name 

hanım (hah-nuhm) Miss *used after as well


merhaba (mer-hah-bah) hello

  -- selam (seh-lahm) hi

  -- alo (ah-lo) hello

  -- efendim (eh-fan-dihm) hello there     *polite way when answering phone calls

nasılsın (nah-suhl-suhn) how are you?

iyi (ee-yee) good

iyi değil (ee-yee  deel) not good *değil is NOT

 -- iyi misiniz? (ee-yee mee-see-neez) are you ok? do you feel ok?

 -- iyiyim (ee-yee-yeem) I'm fine

güle güle (gyoo-leh  gyoo-leh) bye bye

 -- hoşçakal (hosh-cha-kal) good bye

görüşürüz (gurr-rue-shue-ruez) see you later    *so tough to write its pronounciation. It's best to hear it, and it's said a lot during shows. Once you hear it, it will stick 🙂 

günaydın (gyoo-nigh-dehn) good morning

tünaydın (tyoo-nigh-dehn) good afternoon

iyi geceler (ee-yee  ghe-je-lehr) good night *r's are always with a slight roll, but words with r's at the end of the word sound a bit like a soft "sh" (ghe-je-lersh) that one can sometimes notice.. for some reason I hear it a lot with this word especially

hoş geldin (short o; hosh gehl-dihn) welcome!

hoş bulduk (hosh  bool-dook) we found it well  *usually said immediately as a response to hoş geldin

teşekkür ederim (teh-sheh-keur eh-deh-rihm) thank you

   -- teşekkürler (teh-sheh-keur-lehr) (suffix -ler is plural) many thanks

   -- çok teşekkürler (çok 'chok' = very/much) much thanks, thank you very much

   -- sağ ol (sah ol) thanks                     *spoken as if it was one word, "saol" or "saowl"

   -- eyvallah (ay-vah-llah) thanks

rica ederim (ree-ja  eh-deh-rihm) you're welcome

kolay gelsin (koh-lai  ghel-sihn) take it easy

afiyet olsun (ah-fi-eht ol-soon) enjoy your meal!

  -- ekmek (ehk-mehk) bread

  -- çay (chai) tea

  -- kahve (kah-veh) coffee

özür dilerim (urr-zyoor  dee-leh-rihm) my apologies, I'm sorry

pardon (par-dohn) I'm sorry


evet (eh-vet) yes

  -- var (var) there is, there are

hayır (hah-yur) no

  -- yok (yok) there isn't, there are none, no

tamam (tah-mahm) ok, sure

   -- tamam mı? (tah-mahm muh) is that ok? *the makes it a question? in some way I'm not entirely sure. Anyone with more info please let us know!

tamam o zaman (tah-mahm oh zah-mahm) okay then

peki (pek-ee) ok, very well, alright

olur (o-loor) ok


bu (boo) this

ne (ne) what 

  -- bu ne? (boo ne) what is this/it?

  -- ne olur? (ne o-loor) what does it matter?

  -- ne oldu? (ne ol-doo) what happened? what's the matter? what's wrong?

  -- ne var?  -- ne var ne yok?  what's up?

nereye (ne-re-ye) where to?

nerede (ne-re-de) at where?  *literally -what-place-at

burada (boo-ra-da) here  *literally -this-place-at

neden (neh-den) why is that?

gidiyorum (ghee-dee-yo-room) I'm going

geliyorum (ghe-lee-yo-room) I'm coming

   -- geldim (ghel-dihm) I came

   -- gel come

dinliyorum (deen-lee-yo-room) I'm listening

mahvoldum (mahv-ol-doom) I'm ruined


anladın mı? (ahn-lah-duhn  muh) Did you understand? 

anladım (ahn-lah-duhm) I understood, I got it, I see what you mean

anlamadın (ahn-lah-mah-duhn) You did not understand

anlamadım (ahn-lah-mah-duhm) I did not understand


bir dakika, bir dakika! (beer dahka, beer dahka) a minute, a minute! *this is said so fast that it sounds like they drop the middle part -ki of dakika. Do they?

bırak! (buh-rak) stop it!   

yapma! (yahp-mah) cut it out!, stop it!

hadi (ha-dee) come on! let's go

git! (gheet) go away!

gitme! (gheet-meh) don't go!

dur! (dooor) stop!, hold on!

sus! (soos) hush!, shut up!

lütfen (lewt-fehn) please

bitti! (bee-tee) it's over! done!

öyle mı? (oil-eh meh) is that so?, really?

  -- can be replied with just öyle , sort of like, "yeah it's so!"

bak! look!

bana bak! look at me!

yeter! (yeh-tehr) enough!

tabii ki! (tah-beee  kee) of course! go ahead!

allah allah (ah-lah huh-lah) gosh!, geez!, my goodness!

vay be! (vai bay) wow! gee!                     *like saying "vaya!" in spanish

inşhallah! (een-shah-llah)  God willing, hopefully

maşallah! (mah-sha-llah) wonderful!


şey (shay) thing

bir şey (beer shay) something, anything

her şey (hehr shay) everything

hiç (hitch) not at all

   -- hiçbir şey nothing at all

asla (ah-slah) never

   -- olmaz (ol-mahz) no way, impossible

   -- artik (ar-tihk) no longer, no more

aslında (ah-sluhn-dah) actually, in fact

gerçekten (gher-chek-tehn) really, truly

ama (ah-mah) but, yet, however

eğer (eh-er) if  *almost as if one syllable "er"

o kadar so, that

yani (yah-nee) so

ya bence (ya  behn-je) in my opinion

çünkü (chyoon-kyoo) because

maalesef (maah-leh-sef) unfortunately

önce (urrn-je) before

sonra (sohn-rah) after, later

şimdi (shim-dee) now

sadece (sah-deh-jeh) only, solely


aşk (a sounds like ah; ashk) love

   -- aşkım (ash-kuhm) my love

   -- sevgilim (sehv-ghee-lihm) my darling

aşık (ah-shuk) in love

seni seviyorum (seh-nee  seh-vee-yo-room) I love you

ben de (behn-deh) me too                             *I have trouble with ben/sen because it sounds like they say "ban/san", but that's not what the pronounciation rules say unless I'm missing something lol

sen de (sehn-deh) you too

sen ve ben (sehn ve behn) you and me

çok güzel (chok  geu-zel) very good, very pretty

kalbim (kahl-beem) my heart

sonsuza kadar (sohn-soo-zah  kah-dar) to forever

mutlu (moot-loo) happy

 -- mutluluk (moot-loo-look) happiness

evlenmek (eh-vlehn-mehk) get married


konuş (koh-noosh) talk

   -- konuşmak (koh-noosh-mahk) to talk

anlat (ahn-laht) tell

dedi (deh-dee) said

  -- dedim (deh-dihm) I said

  -- duydun (dui-doon) you heard


.....istiyorum (ee-stee-yo-room) I want.... 

istemiyorum (ee-steh-mee-yo-room) I do NOT want  

biliyorum (bee-lee-yo-room) I know

bilmiyorum (beel-mee-yo-room), bilmem (beel-mehm) I do NOT know

------ Miscellaneous words/phrases

telefon (teh-leh-fohn) telephone

   -- telefon kapalı (teh-leh-fohn  kah-pah-luh) phone is turned off

şirket (sheer-keht) company

   -- şirkette (sheer-keht-teh) in the company

resim (reh-sihm) painting, drawing

atöyle (ah-toey-leh) workshop

ev (ehv) home

  -- evde at home

para (pah-rah) money

yanliş (yahn-lish) wrong, incorrect, false

doğru (doh-roo) right, correct, true

tövbe, tövbe! (turv-beh, turv-beh) repent, repent! *I read online somewhere that people say this after they heard something they disapprove, "what a bad/stupid thing to say/do!" Almost like telling you to repent your words because they don't wanna hear that!



Posted : January 29, 2019 9:07 pm

This is like...an article. Lemme know if it's OK to put it on the blog as its own post so it'll be easier to find later.

Posted : January 29, 2019 9:11 pm
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I agree! This would be a great article! 

Posted : January 30, 2019 3:02 am

Hi everyone!  😀 

I'm not sure if you were asking me for permission but if you are, sure, no problem! Please feel free to post it anywhere you'd like. Also, is there a way to keep adding words/phrases we collect along the way to that post? 

P.S. Sorry it looks a little chunky - I was writing it on my phone so I was worried about the formatting. 

Posted : January 30, 2019 12:24 pm
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Posted by: Natalia

Also, is there a way to keep adding words/phrases we collect along the way to that post? 

P.S. Sorry it looks a little chunky - I was writing it on my phone so I was worried about the formatting. 

It's great, it really is. I'm going to think about how to have it up where you could add to it. I like that idea.

Posted : January 30, 2019 12:50 pm