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Diseñando tu amor on Univision  


Weeknights at 8pm

Characters (from the first 3-4 episodes)

Valentina - protagonista
Nora - Valentina's sister
Ricardo - the boss' son, Valentina's boyfriend, not Armando's biological son
Armando - Ricardo's father
Claudio - Helena's lawyer and friend
Helena - fashion designer, loaned Armando money
Juan - ranch foreman, Valentina and Nora's father
Patricia - Armando's daughter, Ricardo's sister
Leonardo - has a crush on Helena, Camila's brother
Camila - aspiring fashion model
Alfonso - Helena's brother, Patricia's husband
Enrique - the guy Patricia wanted to marry
Guillermo - Alfonso and Helena's father, Armando owes him money, the biological father of either Valentina or Nora
Horacio- Claudio's dad, landlord, Valentina and Nora's uncle
Consuelo - mom to Camila, Leonardo's, and Hector sewist
Hector - taxista, Mina's dad
Mina - Hector's daughter, Consuelo's granddaughter
Adelaida - Guillermo's sister
Majo - Helena's assistant (?), crushing on Leonardo
Enrique - Guillermo's lawyer, Alfonso's BFF
María Amparo - the biological mother of either Valentina or Nora, Juan's sister

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