Betty en NY Monday 6/24/19 #95

Previously on Betty: Roberto’s angry and he knows Armando should be in jail for the things he did. Julia told Betty she read her diary. Julia thinks Joaquin has a thing for Betty. Armando showed everyone the letter of culpability, but Nico thinks he has an ulterior motive. Roberto asked Pati to be Nicolas’ secretary. Smith informed the employees that Nicolas would be restructuring the company. Daniel’s textile factory in India burned down. Marcela spreads the chisme that Betty and her parents are on the run and she’s trying to keep V&M. Armando hired a PI to find Betty. Naomi’s making a play for Armando now that she knows he’s single. Roberto suspects that there’s more to this Armando-Betty-V&M-BAR situation that he doesn’t know about yet. Read More