La Vecina, Monday 1/11/16 #141

Get your hankies out

Antonio proposed, Sara accepted, and now it’s time for some emotional speechifying.


I wish you happiness. I hope that love you’ve fought so hard for is eternal. Antonio, you’re marrying Sara, but really–you’re getting the whole family!

Merce speaks for herself and Sara’s dad:

I can’t help thinking of Adalberto. He always used to say that the man who married Sara would have to meet 3 conditions:

That he loved her.
That he respected her.
Most important–that he be able to handle her!

I know Sara’s dad is blessing you, just as I am. I always knew you were a great guy, Antonio, and I like you even more now that you’re not as stuffy as you were when I met you. You’re the best guy Sara could have found and I’m happy to have you as another son.

Vicente: (Who couldn’t speak at first and had to ask Simon and Merce to get the ball rolling.)

Antonio, we give you our daughter…because that’s what she’s been to Simon and I. Hey, we did the best we could but, you know…she’s kind of atrabancada… destornillada… atolondrada… desbaratada… but she’s got such a big heart, and she let you in. Honor her and don’t ever fail her. And make her very happy.

atrabancada = always getting into scrapes
destornillada = kinda nutty
atolondrada = flighty
desbaratada = she throws things into confusion

Sebastian gets snuck into the party in his foolproof disguise of sunglasses and a headband. As the party goes on and Sara and Antonio get mushy, Sebastian looks on sadly and tells Rafa that Natalia is definitely going to marry Marcelo. Laura approaches Bruno to find out why he never responded when she told him she couldn’t live without him, but before he can give her his real answer, Pedro bursts in.

Quintin is out of uniform

That’s unprecedented. He gives Edwina a book of love poetry, and while she loves the poem he bookmarked:

Quisiera ser el fuego que avivara tus cenizas
Quisiera ser la llama que prendiera tu corazon
Quisiera ser el dueño de tu alma y tu la dueña de mi amor

she doesn’t return his feelings.

Out on the street, Quintin runs into Fidel, who tells him he shouldn’t have GIVEN her the poems, he should have RECITED one for her. Fidel demonstrates with something about a kid named Paquito telling his mom he’s not going to misbehave. It’s very…dramatic. He swears that’s how he got Magda. Oh, honey, no, that was your biceps!

We hate Pedro

He really shows his ass by interrupting the party and screaming at Laura. He’s almost accusatory when he asks what this party’s about. I think he scared the crap out of everybody, and I’m glad they got a look at the real Pedro.

When they get home, he screams some more and spouts some BS about how she’s going to make him forget he loves her. Laura tells him this isn’t love.

Bruno admits his love for Laura to Simon and Simon is concerned because he knows what kind of guy Pedro is, even though he doesn’t know the full extent of Pedro’s evil.

Pedro calls Ric (who finds the whole thing amusing) to scream at him about not informing Pedro of Antonio’s return. Then he calls Nelson to scream at him.

The next morning, Laura’s face shows further evidence of Pedro’s rage. She calls in “sick” to El Molcajete because she has a “migraine.” Rosa definitely knows what that really means and I think even Merce suspects something.

The irrigation scheme

Cheo gives his pitch to the Ag Association members and hands out brochures. He reports to Pedro later that they were very interested and he even made some sales. Bruno is even checking with Simon to see if they might be able to afford one. Pedro suggests he give them a big discount.

Why can’t you two kids work this out?

Edwina goes by the warehouse to tell Simon she thinks she can’t work with him anymore. Simon assumes this is about Quintin and coldly tells her no one’s irreplaceable. If she wants to quit, fine. There’s nothing more to say.

Quintin comes by Edwina’s later (in uniform this time) and she tells him what happened with Simon. “Let him go. If he comes back to you, he’s yours. If he doesn’t, he never was.” Edwina cries on his shoulder and Quintin holds her, gladly. Not that I don’t like Quintin, but he’d better not get used to that.


Antonio has gone back to the DF and Sara is subbing for Marina until she comes “back” (no idea when that will be). She accidentally overhears something about a soplon (whistleblower) and the guys have to cover that it’s someone who’s ratting people out for being late to work.

David’s innocent questions are making him look guilty to Rafa, Pepe, and Nelson. Rafa really doesn’t want to believe it, but Nelson reminds them they didn’t believe it was him, either.

Quique comes by looking for Rafa, but the security guard won’t let him in. Hothead Ramon wanders by and finds out from the chatty security guy that they’ve got heightened security since the wedding fiasco. He says that it turns out Sebas is gay and David is his partner. Ramon looks pensive. That’s never good.

Rafa calls Fidel to tell him their suspicions about David, but Fidel says they don’t have proof. He’s going to have David followed by one of his men.

Titina comes looking for Sebas and Mr. Chatty Security Guy is NOT swayed by her pouting and eyelash-batting. He’ll pass on her pouty message about how she understands it’s over but they need to talk about the baby. And he does pass it on…to Sara! Along with his opinion that the baby shouldn’t have to suffer. And she passes it on to David…who thinks it would be a good idea if they talked. She jokes that he and Sebas make a cute couple and then calls Sebas.

The cabin of horrors

Isa and Natalia are freezing. So freezing, they’d rather cover up with some musty, dusty, cat-pee-smelling blankets than freeze. I feel sorry for Natalia, but I smirk in Isa’s direction. Even this cabin is waaaaay too close to “the great outdoors” for her.

Marcelo arrives, covered in muck, and announces that the creek is overflowing…and it washed his car away! He, Isa, and Nat are stuck hitching a ride back to town and Marcelo’s usual actor charms are failing him out in the country. Isa gets them a ride in a pig truck, but Natalia (by virtue of looking “skinny”) is allowed to ride up front. I feel sorry for the pigs, having to put up with Isa the whole way back to the DF.

When she makes it back to her apartment, she hears messages from the auditor and her dad and is mostly worried that her dad reading the report in the DF could screw up her plans.

I blame Isa

Guillermo gets the report from the auditor which shows that Eduardo stole 6 Million pesos from the company. He goes down to his office to confront him, and while Eduardo knew he had borrowed some money, he’s shocked to see that the report says it was 6 Million. He immediately has a heart attack and for all my suspicions about Guillermo, he behaves like a decent human being. He immediately calls for help and he apparently did CPR until the paramedics arrived. He gets the insurance information from Eduardo’s secretary and even rides to the hospital with him and calls Ema to tell her what happened.

She and Mariana rush over to the hospital. From there, Mariana calls Uribe with the news and tells him she can’t reach Antonio. He tries Ligia, but even she doesn’t know where he is. At the plant, one of the guys answers the phone, but only tells Marina that Antonio’s not there and to call the DF.

Antonio finally makes it back to his apartment, checks in with Ligia, calls Uribe, and gets the news. When he gets to the hospital, Ema says his dad is dying. Guillermo asks to speak to Antonio alone.

Guillermo tells Antonio he received the results of the audit (while he ignores his ringing cell phone–I’m guessing it’s Isa) and his dad defrauded the company of 6 Million pesos.

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5 years ago

Thanks, 5ft! I really like the formatting. So many hilarious lines. I’ll return later to single them out. It’s annoying having to do it on my phone.

Special thanks for the vocabulary. Those are great words. Perfect for Sara.

5 years ago

Thanks, Diva!
“I feel sorry for the pigs, having to put up with Isa the whole way back to the DF.” Ain’t it the truth!

5 years ago

“He swears that’s how he got Magda. Oh, honey, no, that was your biceps!” Yup. “He really shows his ass by interrupting the party and screaming at Laura.” Yup. Mr. Me was watching with me yesterday and his first comment when he realized Pedro and Laura were together was “No way. How did that happen?” So clearly the writers know what they are doing. That’s one of the first things Bruno said too. “Ramon looks pensive. That’s never good.” No. It never is. But he sure is pretty. “The cabin of horrors” Confession: I FF through all the Natalia and… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

No… Now it is making sense. She intercepts the report and tells Tonio “you come back to me and this all goes away.”

You’re right, now there will be more of an actual investigation.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

No problem 🙂

5 years ago

*waves madly at Denise*

HI!!!! Glad to see you.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Thanks for this, its full of giggles and heart, just like the epi. Sara seemed so ok with all the things Padre V was calling her, even nodding. I thought I better look them up and see what they meant, but your definitions make more sense than mine The Edwina/Simon scene just hurt to watch, just talk it out you guys. – “Not that I don’t like Quintin, but he’d better not get used to that.” with you there. Really enjoyed Fidel’s demonstration of how to recite a poem, but enjoyed more Quintin’s asking who is Paquito after, probably because… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

oh btw Pedro-he can drop dead any time now- (that’s his new name) his guero henchie is named Elias, I think

5 years ago

So true! DDP =drop dead, Pedro!