La Vecina, Thursday 1/14/16 #144

Baby, come back!

Marina has been working a crappy job as a “secretary,” but they’re really treating her as more of an errand girl. Rafa pulls up in his truck as she’s walking home and she pretends her new job is, like, waaaaay better than CONATROL. “It’s not the same without you!” “You should have thought about that before!” Rafa explains the big party was for her (Marina) not Sara. They let Sara think that because she’d just had a fight with Sebas. This is all Marina needs to throw her new job over and come back home. She says she’ll sleep on it, but come on, we all know she’s coming back.


During dinner at Bruno and Simon’s, Laura texts Bruno to meet her at Las Margaritas, aka Tryst Central of San Gaspar. The rest of the family sees Antonio on TV at Guillermo’s funeral. Merce calls Sara for an update and Sara explains what happened and then asks for her mom’s recipe for something involving cold pasta. Later, Sara has dinner all ready, and she’s glad the pasta is cold. Yeah, that’s a smart move when you don’t know what time someone’s going to arrive.

Adios, Guillermo

At the funeral, Sebas and Uribe find a moment to talk shop and Sebas tells him they’re suspecting David of being the DF mole. Nat and Marcelo arrive, and Isa shows no reaction to Natalia asking what happened–she’s already crying so much it might not have made any difference. Marcelo runs interference between Nat and Sebas and they start arguing…dudes! It’s a funeral! Nat follows it up by telling Sebas to leave her alone…duuudes! It’s a funeral! Nat isn’t crying so much we can’t see that she doesn’t believe a word of what she said to Sebas.

Antonio feels obligated to stay at the funeral because Isa is alone. I don’t doubt that she’s upset…ok, never mind, I DO doubt…and she’s taking advantage of any opportunity she can to play up the neediness and remind him about how she’s soooooo alone and has absolutely no one. In the funeral director’s office, she begs him to stay with her and then offers him a sedative. Damnit, Antonio! Why are you taking that! You just said you were tired!

What happens at Las Margaritas…

Laura can’t wait to get Bruno into a cabaña. She’s nervous and he tells her he loves her like he’s never loved anyone, but she stops him before he “swears” anything and tells him to make love to her. You go, Laura! Afterwards, she wishes this moment could last forever, but…she asks him not to go after _ and he agrees. Unfortunately, they can’t spend the night together because she has no idea when _ will be back.

OK, sorry, that scene was just too warm and loving to allow That Rat Bastard’s name to sully it.

Bruno drops Laura off at what looks like the beginning of the long driveway to her house. They kiss goodbye…a lot…and I see a car pass by, but it’s gone when they go back to the wide shot and Laura walking home.

 Ay, Antonio!

Ema and Mariana are ready to go home, but Isa wants to stay at the funeral home. Mariana tries to get Antonio to leave with her, but he says he’ll stay a while.

Sara wakes up at 4am and panics, but she reminds herself that she can’t be an Isa. She’s got to stay calm.

In her thoughts, Isa cries that she didn’t mean to kill her dad. But don’t worry, she feels bad about that and she’s still holding it against Antonio. He slept all night on the couch at the funeral home. He sees the time and Isa doesn’t quite contain her gloating as she hugs him. Natalia stayed all night, presumably of her own free will. Um, I just saw Isa’s shoes and they are…not to my taste. Antonio calls and leaves Sara a message explaining what happened.

Isa, Nat, and (grrrrr!) Antonio arrive at Isa’s apartment. He tries to leave and she makes a play for him. Antonio sticks to his guns and says he’s sorry, but there’s nothing more for him to do there. He’s leaving. For a minute there I thought she was going to club him over the head with something, tie him up, and stuff him in her painting studio.

Antonio gets back to his apartment, where dinner is still waiting, but Sara…is not. She left him a note explaining she thinks it’s best she go home so she’s not in his way. He’s angry at himself for falling asleep, and even more upset when he calls and it goes to voicemail.

Life goes on in the SG

Simon and Juancho pick Serena and the Committee up at the airport. Simon’s happy to see his old professor, who came along with them.

Marina goes in to her new job and tells her boss and his giant stack of paperwork to shove off. But she signed a contract and there was a penalty for breach of contract! Rafa and the boys have planned another big welcome for Marina, but she calls with the bad news. Rafa is going to check with HR CONATROL SG and see if it’s even legal. The guys are all bummed (I say start passing the hat, boys…).

Bruno may have kissed, but he’s not telling Javi. Not with details. He asks Javi to put on his uniform and deliver something to Laura for him.

Rocket haters gonna hate

Simon’s Prof is so proud of his old student! The committee members opted to stay at the hotel. Juancho and I are both confused–didn’t they come all this way to see the rocket? Everybody wants to see the rocket! I mean…it’s a rocket! (I suddenly wondered how the hell they’re going to get it out of there…ok, sorry, readjusting my beanie.) Prof’s not worried about it. It’s best they’re not there so they don’t hear what he has to say to Simon. He saw Serena’s report and, “Por mi, no hay ningun problema de que este cohete despegue.” (As far as I’m concerned there is no problem with getting this rocket to launch.) There’s a “but,” though…something else will be the focus of the review. Ing. Arce will be reviewing the logistics and he’s not convinced of the safety of the launch…he thinks the rocket could turn into nothing more than a dangerous long-range missile.

Café, café, coffee table, cell (hey, they all start with “c”s)

Serena runs into Edwina and Quintin…she’s surprised Edwina didn’t come with Simon to greet them at the airport. Edwina says she’s not working with Simon anymore and introduces Quintin. “We’ll miss you at the committee meetings.” “I don’t think so. No one is indispensible.”

Antonio and Sebastian meet in the hospital café. They both agree that Antonio was stupid. He says he has no excuse, but things did get a little complicated! And now, on top of everything else, he’s going to have to settle his dad’s debt with Isa instead of her dad.

Can you believe the nerve of that woman! She’s sitting there, with her father’s ashes right there on the coffee table, telling his lawyer she wants to take possession of her inheritance as soon as possible! She angry-gloats that Antonio will have to deal with her now.

Javi brings a little box to Laura…it turns out to be a phone, I’m assuming a prepaid one. Which would make it a very appropriate gift. By the time Javi makes it back down the drive, Laura is already calling Bruno so they can flirt with each other. They videocall and Javi, uh…videocallbombs them? They talk about how much they love each other and I’m just wishing _ is dead in a ditch somewhere because his driver swerved to avoid a wild animal in the road.

El Molcajete

Sara explains to her mom that she felt like she was just in the way in the DF, so she came home. She’s not going to call and bother him, either. Merce feeds her because, as we all know, “las penas con pan son menos” (“troubles, with bread, are lessened”; your troubles are easier to deal with when you’re not hungry). Sara has some lunch and tries really hard to make it all sound like it’s ok for her mom…Antonio at least tried to give her her place and she understands how difficult this is for him. Padre V arrives to deliver some divine hugs just before Sara’s phone rings.

Antonio apologizes for not coming home last night. Sara goes on and on about not making trouble and how he’s got other priorities right now and yeah, she’s hurt but it’ll pass. She just doesn’t want to be a problem for him. Antonio says as soon as his dad is better and he deals with Isabel, he’ll go to San Gaspar. He sort of fudges the “dealing with” Isabel and explains it as his dad and her dad were business partners and now that her dad is dead and his dad is sick, he needs to take care of his dad’s responsibilities. Sara says he doesn’t have to explain. She trusts him; she loves him.

Sad Sara goes back to join Padre V and Merce, who counsel her to be patient, ’cause stuff is just…complicated. Vicente says if they love each other, they’ll get through it.


Prof thinks Arce is just making excuses because he’s jealous. He was even at NASA for a while and never did manage to launch an experimental satellite. Juancho is steamed at how unfair that is for the guy to be *cough* rocket blocking *cough* Simon just because he’s jealous! Simon gets it, though…here are all these people with tons of resources and he’s about to show them up. The Prof believes that Simon’s got it all under control and can’t wait to see the inside of the cabin! Once he does, he has nothing but congratulations for Simon. “Merlina would be proud of you.” They tell him the name of the rocket M(erlina). B(runo). J(uancho). S(imon).-E(dwina). Profe is intrigued by the mention of “Edwina.”

Shut up, Ema.

At the café, Sebas thinks that Antonio should have told Sara the truth, but he’s embarrassed. He heads off to the waiting room to see how his dad’s doing. Ema’s there and as she starts in about Isa, I tune her out. OK, I lied, I did hear that she practically equates the two of them making a “cute” couple with why they should be together. Wow, seriously? I had no idea THAT was the true basis of a lasting relationship. Antonio reminds her about the debt…she says if he married Isa it would be different. A nurse arrives to announce that Eduardo is being moved from Intensive Care to the Cardiac unit. Ema hopes he doesn’t take the news of Guillermo’s death too hard, but Antonio and I BOTH say “Don’t tell him!”

When Ric starts making sense….

Ric comes by Isa’s apartment to offer his condolences. He presses her for the reason for the heart attack and she tells him the truth. Well, I’m shocked. Ric says it’s not her fault–he must have had a problem that even he didn’t know about. He taunts her that Antonio is out of her reach now…how much farther is she going to go? “Ya enterraste a tu padre…y ahora, ¿que sigue?” Once again…when Ric is right about your revenge plans going too far, that’s not a good sign. Isa screams at him to shut up, which brings Natalia into the living room wondering what is going on. Ric says it’s no big deal…Isa’s just tense. It’s understandable. After all, she’s losing control. He leaves and Nat asks what he’s talking about. She can’t understand why she lets Ric keep coming around when he just upsets her. And she expects a lot of losers will be coming around now that they know Isa’s going to inherit all her dad’s wealth (unless Big Daddy G changed his will before he left the office? Shhh…just let me dream). “But Antonio is the only one I love.” Ugh, we’ve all had it with that tired old tune. Isa ends up yelling at Nat to shut up.

And finally,

Eduardo wakes up and sees Antonio. He immediately starts explaining that he didn’t take that money and something is wrong. Antonio tells him not to worry about it and just get better.

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5 years ago

Another winner, 5ft! Thank you. I’m going to come back and pull out favorite lines later, but I have to go ahead and tell you how much I laughed at “*cough* rocket blocking *cough*”.

Mr. Me was surprised that there actually was a rocket. He didn’t believe me when I said Simon built a rocket. How much clearer could I have been?

5 years ago

Ooops, I’m back. Bruno and Laura are scaring the hell out of me. My word they are taking a lot of risks.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Aaaaaargh! Why did you have to mention that? Now I’m going to worry.

Although, this has been a babydrama-free TN.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Well when Pedro is really dead I will be the first one to hope for a baby 🙂

5 years ago

Bringing the comment bombs. Is anyone else worried about Eduardo? Like Vivi, I’m wondering if they will kill both fathers. Unfortunately he doesn’t necessarily have to be alive for his innocence to be proven (the accountant and Santiago could testify… As could Ric), but he needs to be alive for Isa’s plan to work (which doesn’t make me feel better either.)

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I’ve been thinking waay too much about the death of Guillermo. How is the truth going to come out now? I know it will, but did he have to die? Couldn’t he have just gone into a coma?

Although his dying may be the beginning of Isa’s punishment. I’m half hoping for a haunting, too!

5 years ago

Diva- I too loved rocket blocking. I’m surprised Simon doesn’t have an inferiority complex about his rocket by now.

Not liking where things are going with Isa getting control of her dad’s company and Sara going back to SG and not knowing the whole truth about what’s happening with Tonio.

I’ll catch up on these episodes this weekend, but they sound so painful, I’m tempted to skip them.

5 years ago
Reply to  Vivi

These were some pretty hard to watch episodes.

5 years ago

Thanks, 5ft. I can’t believe how bad I feel about losing Guillermo. He was the one person who could put the brakes on Isabel.
Love your titles too.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Diva great recap thanks (I swear I’m gonna catch up)
Absolutely right, when Ric starts making sense you’re in trouble
This epi was so frustrating, but the recap somehow made it better.
Maybe knowing I wasn’t alone?

or maybe it was the rocket blocking line 🙂