Ruta 35, Thursday 1/14/16 #3

This was a pretty messed up episode and it's hard to know where to begin. They're definitely beating us over the head with the idea that, as Domingo said at one point, law enforcement is "worse" than the narcos. Once again, chaos, confusion, and incompetence reigned.
Sofia & Domingo

Domingo tries to shoot Rogelio outside Sofia’s house, but he misses and sets off a gunfight. Sofia has to keep her son from running out to protect his dad instead of her.

Dylan triggers most of the chaos of the episode by being a total dumbass and talking on his cell phone in the lobby of his office, bragging about how Domingo turned in Rafael, IN FRONT OF RAFAEL’S LAWYER.

The news spreads from the lawyer to Rafael to Rogelio, and Domingo’s mother and his son end up getting killed. Domingo and Sofia narrowly escape an attempt by Rogelio.

DEA Tomás is jealous that Dylan got Rafael and decides he has to have Domingo. Because they’re like baseball cards. Tomás uses the fact that Domingo didn’t give Dylan a full list of his crimes (and therefore they weren’t included in his “deal”) to go down to Mexico and arrest him…

AT HIS MOTHER AND SON’S FUNERAL! Who does that? He at least lets them finish up with the burial first, but he can’t get Domingo to rat out the rest of the organization like he was hoping. Because Domingo, you see, is not a rat. Oh, he’ll gladly turn over Rogelio and the other guys who killed his mom and his son, but he’s not going to give up the rest of his compadres. So he ends up being extradited to the US to face charges for endangering the health and safety of US citizens or something like that. Sounds kind of bogus to me…I mean, couldn’t we charge Justin Bieber with that?

Hm, that was really mostly about Domingo. Sofia spent the episode standing by her man (or her other man, depending on how you look at it) and looking hot and wearing really bold jewelry and having a perfect manicure.

And through all of this, Dylan somehow never has a clue that it was him and his stupid mouth that started this mess.


Salomon is trying to help ICE get Jimmy’s supplier. Jimmy being the guy who sells drugs outside his daughters’ school. Jimmy is on probation and his PO is none other than Diane, aka, Mrs. Dylan. She also happens to be pregnant and there seems to have been some tragedy with their previous child.

Salomon doesn’t know this, he just knows that she’s on the verge of screwing up their op, so he calls Dylan to complain about the annoying grumpy bitch who’s getting in the way. Dylan says he’ll, um, deal with the problem. Yeah, I recommend not repeating what Salomon said.


Dear, sweet Conchita gets invited to share a little weed with her dealer, Manuel, and has no way to refuse gracefully. He was just being nice ’cause she brought him some dinner leftovers or something. Weed brings Conchita closer to God…she’s loving life and smelling the flowers and marveling at the beauty of creation, all of which alarms the Padre.

Meanwhile, her grandsons found her stash, as expected. When the Padre brings her home, they have an intervention. Conchita tries to claim it’s just for this remedy that her friend told her about, yeah, where you crush up the pot and add it to some alcohol and rub it on your legs and she just had to buy so much so she wouldn’t have to keep going back to the dealer’s house, that’s all. Padre and the grandsons are not buying a word of this.

The grandsons go over to Manuel’s and try to return the pot and get Conchita’s money back, but when that doesn’t work, they make a call to the cops. Pro tip: it’s probably not the best idea to park the cop car out in front of the house with the lights going unless you know the occupant is home. Manuel sees them as he’s on his way home from the store and starts to make a run for it when…

Conchita to the rescue! She drives up in her delivery van and takes him home, where he shares his sad tale about needing to support a family back in Colombia, and honest wages never really being enough for that. And now he’s out of a job again–no drugs, no money, no contact info. What’s a dealer to do? Go into business with Conchita, of course! They can start a delivery service.

This goes well, and they make a nice, tidy sum. Conchita tries to hand over her earnings and all the notes she took about their clients to the DEA, but they’re not interested in busting people who collectively bought less than half a kilo of drugs. They want big fish. At least they let her keep the money–this time. She probably should have gotten that in writing.


Finally, Mercurio is trusted enough to be invited onto the field, where he takes several hard fouls and gets knocked ass over teakettle. His new buds tell him to get up and walk it off. Then he scores a decent goal against a really stupid defense. And yet, he’s STILL not invited to be a member of the team.

At least, not until they have an opening. The opening, however, comes about because Marina’s OTHER informant on the team gets caught and killed. Mercurio sees the news in the paper and between that and Julia’s worries, he decides to skip town, taking advantage of the fact that he and Marina had cut off communication because he was being followed around by the team owner’s guys.

They make it as far as Tallahassee, where Julia goes into early labor and delivers a healthy baby boy. So at least that’s something good. But he ended up calling Marina in a panic when Julia’s water broke and he didn’t know what to do, so she shows up in Tallahassee to convince him to come back to Miami (where it’s possible his cover is blown, since she spent all day looking for him–so if the team owner’s guys were watching his house and the garage, they’ve now seen her).

Our three main cops have now been dubbed Stupid (Dylan), Asshole (Tomás), and Incompetent (Marina).

Here’s a link to the official synopsis for the show (in English) from Cisneros Media. We have no idea what show the person who wrote this was watching, but it’s definitely not the show we’re watching. Or maybe they called up Manuel and had Conchita make a delivery, who knows.

We’re at least in for Friday’s episode, and hopefully we’ll have that up before the end of the weekend. Until then, don’t get into any trouble. And if you do, don’t make any deals!  (And get a lawyer!)

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Thanks, 5ft! Granny gettin’ high cracked me up, but I didn’t watch much past that.