Ruta 35, Wednesday 1/13/16 #2

So, basically, the premise of this show is that the various law enforcement agencies in the US are incompetent and have a total lack of inter-agency communication or cooperation. Instead they're engaged in an endless series of pissing contests. Meanwhile minor criminals (or non-criminals) get completely screwed by the whole "We'll let you off the hook if you become an informant" deal.

Tonight’s new screw-ee is Salomon. He works at a bank, launders money, and informs on people to the DEA and ICE, depending on who asks him to do a job. When we first meet him, he’s the buyer in an undercover operation, there on behalf the DEA and–big shock–the seller is also undercover, working with ICE. Fortunately, no one dies, but some poor restaurant got trashed.

Salomon has an ex-wife and two kids who show up unexpectedly to live with him on a semi-permanent basis. He has a pretty hard time juggling his actual job (at which he may sort of suck, it’s hard to tell because he doesn’t really apply himself), his money laundering job, his undercover job, and the re-establishing of a family life. I would also mention his love life, but I think his girlfriend, the bank secretary, kind of dumped him when he kicked her out of his house because his ex-wife was on the way over with the kids.

He does make an effort to win the kids and his ex over, but it means spending more time with them and turning down requests for ops. Towards the end of the episode he makes friends with the drug dealer at his daughters’ school–but is he buying on his own behalf or is he working undercover? He probably doesn’t even know.


She’s still being harassed by the DEA and they’re not even bothering to sic her on a target this time–they just tell her to go out there and find them a narco to bust.

She asks the parish priest for help. Makes sense. He does know who’s sinning and how. But then there’s that whole pesky “seal of the confessional” thing to deal with.

Next she tries buying from a prostitute, but can you believe that spandex-corseted tart stole $100 from a sweet old broad just trying to score some cocaine. What is this world coming to, when you can’t even rely on the integrity of someone who practices the world’s oldest profession?

In desperation, she asks her grandsons about the drug trade in the neighborhood and somehow manages to casually elicit the name of the nearest pot dealer. Finally, she scores–getting a healthy supply of, ahem, medicinal herbs, from an earnest young man who’s a little concerned about her rate of consumption. She tries to get him to hook her up with his supplier so she can buy in bulk, but that’s a no-go. In the meantime, she just keeps hiding a stash in her house, under the increasingly suspicious eyes of her grandsons.


The snitch who almost bought it last episode survives through a good deal of this episode by telling Domingo that his cousins are planning to rat him out. Domingo doesn’t believe it. Domingo’s dad (who got caught at Rafael’s birthday party, and turned down a deal from ICE) doesn’t believe it. But eventually, he hears it with his own surveillance recording and not only rats out Rafael (giving Dylan the bust he so desperately wanted) but he keeps the snitch alive long enough to be killed by Rafael, thus adding to years he’ll potentially spend in prison.

Domingo is going to spend some time in prison as well, and he thoughtfully runs all this by Sofia and make sure she’s ok waiting 4 or 5 years for him. When ICE comes a-callin’, they easily scoop up Rafael (so may be he’s not really the big fish after all), but they don’t get Rogelio. This leaves him free to beat Sofia for refusing to go on the run with him. For some reason, Domingo is still running around, rather than being in jail, and Sofia has to talk him out of killing Rogelio. (Or, at least, out of killing Rogelio in her house.)


Poor Mercurio. He spends the whole episode working for Marina, trying to get close to a drug dealer by joining his soccer team. This should be a foolproof plan, because Mercurio is an ex-soccer player. But the other guys on the team don’t like him much and the owner is suspicious of this guy hanging around the bleachers every practice. This gets Mercurio kidnapped at gunpoint and shoved in the trunk of a car so the team owner can interrogate him.

Are you with the Federales?

No, I told you, I haven’t found a team to play with since I moved from Mexico.

Marina is thrilled about the kidnapping and sees it as a good sign. Run, Mercurio! Run!

The team captain brings his car to the garage where Mercurio is now working with Don Gonzalo. Maybe now, after proving himself as a mechanic, they’ll all become BFFs and braid each others’ hair after practices. (And again, we say “Run, Mercurio! Run!”)

Will we continue with this? Well…it’s a little repetitive. The theme is fairly obvious, and we’re not sure who we’re supposed to be rooting for. Most of these people–narcos and law enforcement–are pretty awful. So who do we give a crap about?

  • Sofia and Domingo are ok. They’re a pretty solid couple, despite her being married to Rogelio. And he’s a pretty considerate boyfriend, for a narco.
  • Mercurio and his sweet wife and their future-soccer-player baby.
  • Um, we hope Salomon’s kids don’t die.

That’s pretty much it. We’ll take a look at Thursday’s episode…sometime….

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Autora/ Author

I still haven’t watched episodes 1 and 2, but I’ve got Wednesday-Thursday recorded and waiting. I want to watch at least 1 episode. Thanks for these summaries. I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll get around to the first two.