Ruta 35, Friday 1/15/16 #4

This episode moved a lot slower, and consequently felt much longer. They're starting to bring the various stories together. Still, it's fairly easy to split it up by "informant" (or potential informant), so here's the summary, in order from our least-favorite to our favorite people:
#4 Salomon

Dylan talked to Diane and finally got her to agree to leave Jimmy out for a few more days to let the DEA wrap up their op. But Diane has principles, and when she saw Jimmy selling outside the school, after a kid had just died of an overdose, she couldn’t leave him free in good conscience.

Salomon ended up saving the op by basically acting like an agent and cutting a deal with Jimmy, who was apparently too stupid to realize that Salomon had no authority to do that. Well, he sells drugs to kids, so…do we care if Jimmy ends up in jail?

Salomon is still trying to be the family man, and still failing frequently. Jimena (the ex) gets a job at the law firm where she would have interviewed when they first arrived, if he hadn’t been late picking up the girls. She’s anxious to start work and move out of his place, but he’d like them to stay. Alejandra (the older daughter) thinks she can get her dad to get his ass in gear and get her mom back if she tells him there’s another guy who’s both interested and basically perfect. I think this one inherited dad’s gene for lies and deception.

He gets offered another op with a $5M price tag, to help bring in a narco from Mexico. He happens to know someone who knows the narco in question. More on that later….

#3 Conchita

Conchita and Manuel’s delivery service is going great until she leaves the engine running and someone steals the van. They go talk to Manuel’s supplier, Don Hugo, who insists they pay back the money Manuel owes him. They start working it off by stuffing teddy bears with baggies of coke and sewing them shut. Manuel is never going to make it as a tailor.

#2 Mercurio & Julia

Julia gets released from the hospital and Mercurio finds out that “the government” paid the bill. Which is the least they could have done.

He and Julia go back “home” to their hotel in Miami and Mercurio gets back to fútbol practice with the narco club.

Taborda shows up at practice to tell the team they qualified for a tournament and they’re going to celebrate by going to a strip club.

This episode was light on Mercurio and Julia, which is probably a good sign…if they’re not on screen, they’re probably not going to die.

#1 Sofia & Domingo

Domingo bribed the Mexican general who was in charge of getting him and Tomás back to the US. Tomás finds out about this in the helicopter in midair. We laughed. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. He gets dropped off, barely the worse for wear and he and Dylan have to figure out how they’re going to explain this to their bosses.

Domingo is now running around free and out for blood. He warns Dylan that if Dylan doesn’t catch Rogelio, Domingo is going to kill him.

Rogelio, meanwhile, puts out a hit on Domingo, thinking he can take over the organization. Some ambitious young narco who recognizes Gavilán tries to get a group of his buds together to take out Domingo at his new safe house. They start the attack right after Sofia has prepared a big dinner and called Gavilán inside to join her and Domingo. Her pretty gold-plated gun finally gets some use. That’s what happens when you screw up a woman’s dinner party!

They escape, but Gavilan gets shot in the gut. They manage to flag down a random guy in a truck and get Gavilán to Domingo’s cousin Rebeca’s house. She has some kind of medical training, but it really shouldn’t be enough to save him, just like it really shouldn’t be enough for Domingo’s hastily-applied mouth-to-mouth to revive Gavilán. Rebeca pulls out the bullet and stitches up the wound, magically making it all better.

The next day, Rebeca gets a call from Salomon, asking if she might by any chance be interested in turning Domingo in for $2.5M. She seems both tempted and offended and doesn’t give him an answer. When she goes into her guest room to check up on Domingo and Gavilán, Gavilán is instantly smitten and wonders where Domingo has been stashing THIS cousin all these years. It seems like the attraction is mutual, though he does accuse her of trying to kill him with hot soup later.

Domingo is worried about Sofia, but also worried about killing Rogelio. Gavilán gives him the advice that he’s either got to fight for his love or go to war. Domingo opts to go to war and focus on getting rid of Rogelio and returning the cartel to its former glory, or something. He starts working his contacts to find out where Rogelio is hiding and gives his guys instructions to keep this fight between the men…no messing with wives, kids, or even dogs. Because Domingo is a gentleman narco, and he’s got a code, damnit!

Sofia, sad and beautiful in a hoodie with gold chain trim that Chanel might have designed, if she had ever designed a hoodie, comes looking for Domingo at Rebeca’s house, but she lies and says he left already, with Gavilán. Sofia leaves him a teary voicemail message.

That wraps up the first week of Ruta 35. We’ve finally found our one decent law enforcement officer in Diane, so we can’t keep saying they all suck. There will probably be a significant delay before we’re able to post another summary. It’s fairly easy to understand what’s going on, though, except for the legal stuff, which all sounds made up anyway.

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But did anyone wear a onesie? Loved the recap Kat, I wish I had more time to follow this one!