La Vecina, Monday 1/18/16 #146

Apparently I no longer understand Spanish. Or maybe it's because I have been watching Gran Hotel all day and my brain is tired. Anyway, I didn't catch a lot today. There was lots of boring conversing today. I guess it was plot-moving, but it was mainly saqueador stuff and since it didn't involve Pedro dying, I didn't feel compelled to really try and figure things out. I've combined and condensed in accordance with MLA (My Lazy Ass) style guidelines.

Plot movement score (on a subjective scale of 1-10): 4
Simon was MIA after the meeting. He was at Nachito’s talking to the Profe about his relationship with Edwina. His eyes sure are sparkling! Profe thinks Simon likes Edwina. Simon is still lying to himself about how he feels about her. Or maybe it’s more like he’s being deliberately dense about how she feels about him.

The Prodigal Son Returns

Plot movement score: 1 (and that’s being generous.)
Magda frets about Vladimir. He comes home escorted by his father. Magda sends him to his room. He’s being punished.

Antonio Pays the Bills

Plot movement score: 7
Antonio meets with the financial guy. He advises Antonio to dissolve his father’s partnership with the Cisneros and declare bankruptcy. Antonio’s dad would end up with no business and no funds.

He calls Sara on his way to the hospital. He needs to hear her voice. She makes him laugh by reminding him of the lovely weekend they spent in episodes 1-6ish.

But Isa of the hideous shoes could save them all. Ema is soooo grateful to Isa for being sooo kind and understanding. Antonio’s mom is keen to pimp him out when he gets to the hospital. Ema mentions to Antonio how Isa wants to help. Anto cries BS. Just that morning Isa told him she wasn’t ready to start thinking about the issue. Ema thinks maybe if Anto was being an ass, that might explain why Isa wasn’t willing to help. Anto tells his mother his plans to get them out of this mess: mortgages, loans, savings ets. Ema insists the solution is right in front of him. If Antonio would marry Isa, they would all be out of this mess. Mariana calls her mother on her BS, too. Antonio is not in love with Isa and Ema is simply selling him to save her hide.

Eduardo is still in serious condition. Any time he regains consciousness all he does is say “it wasn’t me!”

The Conatrol Gang

Plot movement score: 7.75 (it would probably be higher if I took the time to actually understand things.)
First let me say that they are kind of stupid to think that Marina and Sara won’t find it odd that Pepe and Nelson are included in a meeting with the bosses and Fidel.

Anyhooo. Everyone is in the break room watching Marcelo’s life-imitating telenovela “Los Ramirez” (is that the name?) Sebas interrupts, yells at them for watching the show, then calls the gang in to his office for a meeting about the saqueadores. It’s decided that Nelson will record Pedro and try to get him to say something incriminating. Fidel notes that that might not hold up in a court. It’s decided that they will come up with a list of questions planned to elicit what they need. They’ll have one of Fidel’s men around with a hidden recording device to validate the evidence. Nelson will ask the questions. Antonio is told of the plan.

Antonio tells Uribe. They skype the Conatrol crew so they can explain it to Uribe. Uribe asks Nelson to really think about what he’s doing and not expose himself more. Nelson is going to tell Pedro there are new sensores and make a date with Pedro to tell him about them.

Pedro still isn’t dead

Plot movement score: 5.
Cheo is still selling the irrigation systems. Pedro will take care of the installation.

Baby Daddy

Plot movement score: 6
Sebas calls Titna and asks about the ultrasound. Uups! She already had it done. The baby is fine. He wants to see the picture. Uuups! Titina calls her friend Silvia. Halp!

Silvia and Titina look over ultrasound pictures. Titina plans to get some cash out of “Chebi” then claim she lost the baby. She doesn’t feel guilty at all. She was deceived! Silvia asks if Titina ever noticed that he was gay. According to Titina, he looked as gay as she looks like a nun.

Dream a little dream of me

Plot movement score: 2
Quintin declares his love to Edwina. He wants to dedicate himself to making her happy if she would just say yes. He’s never loved anyone like her. They were born to be together. Like the sea and tsunamis. Like fire and firemen. Like rain and umbrellas. Like the sun and sunscreen. Edwina kind of shrugs. “ok.” I’ll be your girlfriend.

When we come back from a commercial break, we see Simon midstream of the same speech. It’s Edwina’s dream. She realizes she’s in love with Simon. Why oh why did she say yes to Quintin?

She talks it over with Magda later. This scene is important only because Magda admits to having dreams about Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Fernando Colunga.

BFF (That’s Bitchy Friend Forever)

Plot movement score: 1
Natalia suggests that perhaps Isa’s visits to the hospital are a little odd. Isa asks when the hell she’s getting married. Does Isa want her to leave? Why not just say so and stop being so bitchily passive aggressive. Isa says she would ask Nat to leave, except she knows Nat has no place to live. (Can she and Pedro somehow die together?)

The Plan Redux

Plot movement score: 6 (yeah. Lower this time because I felt even less like paying attention.)
Uribe tells other board member dude about the plan to catch the saqueadores. Board member then goes and mentions it to that guy that works with Ric. Ric then wonders if he should warn Pedro or not.

Meanwhile, the Conatrol gang starts trying to get in touch with Pedro to put the plan in motion. Nelson realizes when it’s all over he’s going to jail. (I hope they can avoid him going to jail.)

Other stuff

Combined Plot movement socre: 1

  • Marcelo gives Natalia a hard time about the kiss that was captured on camera. Blah blah blah. She won’t do it again.
  • Bruno and Laura face time.
  • Serena tells Simon that the committee is going to focus on his lift-off. She mentions seeing Edwina with Quintin.
  • Sorry. Simon’s rocket meeting is going here. Launch, unstable liquid hydrogen. blah blah blah.
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5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! There were so many lines that I loved, but I have to start off with “MLA Style”…is there a handbook for that? I’m glad we saw the same show. I agree there was a lot of stalling and a LOT of talking and some of it went right over my head. All the technical rocket talk…mostly all I got was that Arce is a jerk and Simon is totally on top of things, but when he started getting into the details, my eyes glazed over. I hope Nelson doesn’t get thrown in jail, either, but I guess we’ll… Read more »

5 years ago

Thanks, Sara!
I love your titles. Especially “Pedro still isn’t dead.” Ha ha.
I just realized why Sebas speaks “Gay” when speaking with Titina – because that is his supposed reason for not marrying her. Duh. Okay, you guys probably already knew that.
Who is blabby-er that Uribe? That Sitias guy is who. Nelson puts his life on the line, and these guys turn this info into a water cooler topic of conversation. Sheesh.
[I love this novela soooo much. I haven’t been this hooked in years.] Good to get that off my chest.

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise

When he used to flirt with Antonio, he never pitched his voice higher…or am I misremembering? I guess he thinks “subtle” doesn’t work on Titina. Let’s be real, though–NOTHING works on Titina!

5 years ago

Diva – I just love the whole look of El Cohete

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Thank you! I’m so glad 😀