La Vecina, Tuesday 1/19/16 #147

Today I understood things a little better. It probably helped that it felt like real action, not stalling conversations. I'm not saying today's action made me happy. Frankly, I am quite angry with a couple of people and very worried about others. As usual, this is condensed, combined and slightly out-of-order M.L.A style.
Nelson, You’re a Hero in My Book

Nelson psychs himself up to go over to Pedro’s house. Pepe sees him leaving Conatrol and their goodbye smacks of pre-death. They hug. Ramon makes a dick comment.

The plan is for Nelson to tell Pedro all about the new sensors. Pedro, who is still annoyingly alive, is not in San Gaspar. Nelson leaves a message with Elias. Elias tries to call Pedro and gets his voicemail. Nelson also keeps trying Pedro’s cell with no success.

Ric is trying to get in touch with Pedro, too. Unable to get in touch with him, Ric puts incriminating evidence on David’s computer.

Ric gets to Pedro first and warns him about the plan. Pedro decides not to get rid of Nelson immediately since that would look suspicious. Pedro will play along and right when they think they have him, he’ll have a surprise ready.

Pedro returns Nelson’s call and they arrange to meet so Nelson can give him the fake maps.

This Plan is Starting to Sound Dangerous

Fidel meets with Sebas and explains what’s going to happen. Here’s the spot where Nelson will meet with Pedro. We’ll observe from here. The francotirador (sniper) will be here.

Excuse me…did you just say sniper?

Yes. In case gets out of control.

This better not be foreshadowing.

Their meeting is interrupted by Marina. Christina Aguilera (cracks me up every time) is there to see Sebas.

Isa Gets Down to Business, But Forgot to Bring Her Self-Respect

Isa’s accounting guy lets her know that they’ve completed the audit and with the information they have they could send Eduardo to jail for 10 years. Isa tells him to hold off until she can get someone to “see reason”.

Isabel calls Antonio and invites him over to “see reason”. She’ll see him at 8.

He arrives. She bought his favorite wine. She asks Anto if he can help her deal with some of her father’s business. Anto has the good sense to refuse since, you know, he and Isa are not together and he works for Conatrol. Ick. She keeps pawing at him and saying suggestive things and throwing herself at him. Antonio rejects her. Did she trade her dignity for those shoes?  That’s got to be it.

She’s apparently very serious about getting back with Antonio. He just wants to hear what proposal she had to make. She kisses him. He knows BS when he smells it. He knows she’s obsessed with him and that she feels like he’s just an object to be won. She begs him to come back to her. He refuses to pay his father’s debt by selling himself and leaves. She swears to herself that he will end up paying that debt!

She drowns her sorrows in a bottle of wine. Ema calls. Eduardo has gotten worse. Isa hangs up and grouses. If Eduardo dies, she won’t have anything to pressure Antonio with. Oh this bitch needs to die.

She’s nice and drunk when Nat comes home.

Fight, Eduardo!! Don’t Let Isa Win!

Eduardo has an infection and his kidneys aren’t functioning properly. They are administering antibiotics, but the infection doesn’t seem to be abating. If they give him anything stronger, it might damage his kidneys further.

A Picture is Worth 3500 Pesos

Titina brings the ultrasound pictures to Sebas. He coos and squees. She points out the head and little arms. She says hearing the heartbeat was so exciting! Too bad Sebas missed it. Titina starts setting up her con. Is Sebas going to be responsible for the baby? He’ll buy what it needs? Of course he will. Sebas also wants her to keep seeing the doctor. He wants her bank account number so he can make deposits to her account. Oh, she doesn’t have an account. Can he just give her cash? She’ll just come to him when she needs something. The ultrasound was 3500 pesos and the doctor suggests she get it done every month. Sebas doesn’t have the cash on him, so they go to an ATM.

Gentlemen, Why Don’t You Ask Edwina?

Simon, Profe, Serena and Merce are at El Molcajete. The Cranky Committee Guy shows up and sits at another table. Merce is getting annoyed at how long they are taking to make their decision about the fate of Simon’s Rocket.

Quintin asks Edwina out to eat. They end up at El Molcajete. Simon calls Edwina over so he can introduce the profe. Things are going nicely. Serena and Juancho encourage Edwina to collaborate with Simon again. She accepts. Quintin makes a jealous ass of himself not wanting Edwina to rejoin the team. Simon starts to get angry and tells Quintin not to make decisions about Edwina. If she wants to rejoin the team, let her. It’s the 21st century!! Quintin and Simon almost come to blows. Edwina convinces Quintin to leave. Poor Edwina! She’s so easily embarrassed and Quintin just made a spectacle.

Outside, Quintin declares his love to Edwina again (Am I the only one thinking it’s a little to soon for “te amo”?) They share a chaste kiss and of course, Simon sees it. He decides to go get a drink.

Nelson’s fate

Rafa and Sebas discuss Nelson. They both hope the plan goes off without anything going wrong. (Seriously, I’m getting nervous.) They hate that Nelson will be going to jail. Sebas hopes the judge will at least take into account how much Nelson helped and reduce the sentence.

Nat, You Need a New Friend

(But I admire her loyalty.) Ema calls Isa again, Nat takes a message. As she hangs up she sees the portfolio containing the demanda against Eduardo. The next day, Nat tells Isa about the call. Isa hopes he doesn’t die without paying her. She said this out loud!! Nat, get out of there. Your friend is cray cray. Nat suggests that maybe (just maybe…you have to be kind of delicate with nuts like Isa) Isa is harboring a little too much anger. Isa disagrees, but Nat pulls out the portfolio. Nat thinks sending Eduardo to jail just because Antonio won’t marry Isa is a little harsh. Isa tries to brush it off as just one of the possibilities her lawyers have advised. Nat doesn’t believe her. She also thinks Isa is a little obsessed. Isa is tired of her advice.

Simon Loses His Temper

Merce and Padre tell Sara about the fight. They all agree that Simon is in love with Edwina and denying it.

Serena shows up looking for Simon. The Cranky Committee guy plans to use the scene in the restaurant against Simon. He doesn’t want to give Simon permission to launch his rocket. Merce calls Simon, who is at the bar with Bruno.

Cranky Committee is worried about Simon’s emotional stability. Simon loses his sh!t He doesn’t look emotionally stable at all.

Luckily, he seems to have calmed down the next day at the meeting, even after learning they are not going to approve the project. Simon says he problem in the restaurant had nothing to do with the rocket. It was personal. To the committee, it feels like too much of Simon’s personal feelings are wrapped up in the rocket. Simon delivers an impassioned speech. He started the whole project with passion. His passion for the rocket and the memory of his dead wife kept him going. After all these years, they are going to deny him because he had the gall to have feelings and to show them? What would this world be without passion? With the memory of his wife, his passion for aeronautics and the support of his family he built a rocket. And now they are going to to him no, you can’t go to space…because blood runs through his veins?

The profe asks Simon to leave while they make their final decision.

Other Stuff
  • Sara gets to see the ultrasound pictures, too. I kept hoping she would reveal some great knowledge of ultrasounds and call out that they were fake.
  • Pedro talks to the other saqueador. Eyes.glazed.over.
  • Sebas fills Anto in on how the plan is going. Anto fills Sebas in on Isa’s insanity.
  • Uribe and Sities have the same conversation as always-plan, deal with the informant and is Anto going back to San Gaspar? (He plans to, but Eduardo is still sick.)
  • Eduardo is really bad off and delirious. He wants to know when Anto got back. So I guess he forgot seeing Anto earlier.
  • Mariana worries about her dad. Antonio promises to figure out how to solve all the problems.
  • Edwina calls Bruno to ask how the rocket committee is going. She wants news as soon as they have it.
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5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! Thank you for finding the funny in this downer of an episode…”Did she trade her dignity for those shoes?” Yes, I think she did, and it wasn’t worth it!
Ema’s color-block dress caught my eye today. She’s worn a lot of really beautiful clothes. She’s just so damn ugly all the time that it usually distracts me from her wardrobe.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

And she’s been wearing them for what feels like a week and a half now…so I keep seeing them from new and unflattering angles.

5 years ago

And in the realm of actual plot stuff…I’m scared for Nelson and his family. He did so well on the phone, playing it cool. If only those jackasses at HQ hadn’t screwed it all up! I hope they all feel really stupid when they realize it was Ric all along and how much he played them.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Grrrrrr. Right there with you. I was so looking forward to seeing Nelson and the gang get the best of Pedro. Now all we can look forward to is sheer terror it seems to me.

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise

I’m with you on “sheer terror.” He’s killed people for less 🙁

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Sort of yes and sort of no…there’s
1. Busting Pedro
2. Busting Ric
3. Clearing Eduardo’s name
4. Launching the rocket
5. Exposing Titina’s lies
6. All the pairing up and associated weddings
I think I’m missing stuff. If they don’t rush the process then four weeks feels like it’s not long enough…but if things just suddenly fall into place, then four weeks is plenty.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Why not both? Her obsession is unhealthy, but I don’t think she’s so far gone she doesn’t realize what she’s doing is wrong. She knows it’s wrong, but she just doesn’t care. I don’t even think I could say that she knows it’s wrong, but she can’t stop herself. Just locking her up won’t help–she’s got the money for lawyers to get her out.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment?

I mean for the other prisoners.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Ok I keep making mental notes to notice Isa’s shoes, and then I forget to. I’ll take your word they’re ugly since I don’t have time to go back and check:)
Thanks so much for the last couple of days’ recaps

Nelson playing with his little girl – so cute but it made me worry more for him