La Vecina, Wednesday 1/20/16 #148

Pedro’s back.

There goes my good mood for the day. Maybe I can get all his nefarious dealings dealt with in one go and move on to happier things.

He comes home unexpectedly, interrupting Laura mid-call to Bruno and tells her to have some breakfast and be *retch* ready *retch* for him. He goes to meet with Anselmo and Elias and tells them about Nelson. He orders them to get a black truck identical to his.

It’s all tears and anxiety at CONATROL SG. Okay, okay…and my living room.

Antonio tells Uribe that his dad has taken a turn for the worse. But also, they’re ready in SG to get the operativo going.

When Anselmo and Elias have the truck ready, Pedro starts to tell them his plan, but all we hear is that Laura will be with him…noooooooooo!

Sara and Marina are suspicious about Sebas being locked in his office with a cop all afternoon. When Nelson emerges from the office, they start asking questions. Fidel and a couple of other guys are watching from the back of a van and Fidel explains that they don’t actually know anything about the op, Marina is just suspicious. He’s sure Nelson’s lie will be convincing enough (that it wasn’t a cop, but an engineer from the DF–I’m certainly not convinced she’ll be convinced!). They get word that Pedro is leaving his house.

Pedro takes Laura out, with Anselmo driving, to have dinner and buy her a new dress. She’s suspicious and tries to turn it down, but he mocks her, saying there are literally 0 women in the world who don’t like going shopping. Talk about a great insight into Pedro’s psyche right there. We’re individuals, you jackass!

Do we have liftoff?

Simon is waiting with Padre V and Juancho for the committee’s decision when Edwina arrives. She gets to wish him luck before he goes back in, and Serena gives in to Padre V and allows him and Juancho in to hear the verdict. Simon invites Edwina in, too.

Profe Cariego tells him the decision is…YES!


Team Simon parties at El Molcajete, but Edwina excuses herself after Merce gives her a hard time about her “boyfriend.” She doesn’t want Simon getting mixed up with someone who can’t be honest with herself.

Simon wants to launch in 2 weeks, if weather conditions are right, but Padre V won’t give HIS approval until he’s sure Simon is in peak physical condition. And if Simon tries to go without his permission, he might have a word with the man upstairs and keep that rocket from ever coming back. Nervous laughter all around.

Other people who suck, who aren’t Pedro

Arce tries to stir up trouble by going to Quintin and telling him the launch is unsafe and the rocket is nothing more than a big bomb. He seriously calls it a cohete “casero” (homemade). He points out that the committee’s approval doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Quintin gets Fidel to agree to investigate, but not right now–they’ve got to worry about the op to catch Pedro.

Eduardo gets transferred back to the ICU and Ema is convinced he’s going to die. Antonio calls Sara to tell her he can’t make it this weekend…and he’s not sure she should come visit him, either, since he’s surrounded by harpies. Isa and her clompy shoes show up with her lawyer to tell Antonio that they’re going to press charges against his dad. (Why did she have to be wearing a shirt the exact same color of the shirt I was planning to wear tonight? Now I feel weird about wearing it.) Eduardo could get 3-12 years in jail. Isa gloats that his dad committed a crime and he’ll have to pay. This is just justice. She tells the lawyer to get started tomorrow.

Antonio doesn’t tell Mariana about the charges, but ominously says Eduardo has to get home to recover. There’s something he has to do. Please let it not be…I can’t even say it….

Natalia is packed and ready to move out. I let out an outraged exclamation of some vowel sound in the “o” family when Isabel says she doesn’t have to move out, she just has to keep her mouth shut. And still Natalia thanks her for letting her move in and the friendship they had while it lasted. Because Natalia is a class act. Isa is perfectly happy to see the back of her. Because she is not.

The night of the op

There’s a car following Pedro, and the cop driving tells Fidel that Pedro stopped at the “centro comercial” (mall). Pedro sends Laura inside while he goes back to the truck for, er, something he forgot. We see that Anselmo took up two parking spaces with the truck. Talk about a sign of EVIL! They’re convinced they’re going to put one over on Nelson and his “friends.”

Nelson’s waiting in the dark on a dirt road, all wired for sound and picture and holding rolled up plans. Fidel reminds him not to get into the truck.

Sara is trying to hang out with Sebas and talk about Antonio, but he’s distracted, checking his phone constantly. Sara leaves, Rafa walks in, and they wonder if nothing has happened because Pedro is on to them.

Nelson is freaking out, looking nervous, and Fidel has to tell him to calm down or Pedro will know something is up. Someone comes walking down the dirt road and Nelson starts praying. It’s just a random guy asking for directions.

The other black SUV comes rolling through the parking garage and Anselmo alerts Pedro, who is inside torturing Laura with his fake-nice behavior at dinner. He calls Cheo to talk to him about hiring Roque.

Pepe fills Nacho in on what’s supposed to be going down right now.

What actually is going down is a bunch of nervous pacing. And then Nelson’s wife calls because the pilot light is out and the entire team of cops listen to him trying to hold back tears as he tells his wife she can’t depend on him all the time and anything she wants to fix him for dinner will be fine. Fidel finally shuts off the audio and tells Quintin to keep them informed if he sees any movement.

Uribe and Sities Skype with Sebastian from the comfort of Uribe’s office.

Merce is finishing up with the night’s receipts. A worried Sara shows up and sits with her and Rosa. She tells them about Antonio’s dad and the cancellation of the weekend plans. Merce suggests they go wedding dress shopping, which cheers Sara up a little bit. Okay, okay…and me too!

Padre Vicente and Simon go by Nacho’s, where Simon mentions his diet. Padre V is going to get him into fighting trim. Rodobaldo comes running up to tell Padre Vicente he’s needed to give last rites. “For Lucita? Nah, I’ll have my pan and cappuccino first!” But no, it’s for Don Timoteo. Padre V goes off with Rodobaldo.

Finally the truck comes rumbling down the road and everyone is on high alert. Nelson gets into the back and sees that it’s not Don Pedro. He starts shouting “It’s not Don Pedro!” and cop cars roll up with lights and sirens going. Elias watches from behind a tree and grins. Laura isn’t at the table when he calls Pedro to tell him the good news. Laura stops behind his chair on her way back to hear him say they won’t rest, but they have no way to catch him–they’ll have to come up with something better. When she sits down she asks who he was talking to, but of course he doesn’t answer.

The guy driving the SUV is all grins, asking what he’s being accused of as they haul him off. Fidel is furious. He has to call and tell Sebas what happened.

Lucita finds some mail shoved under her door about the GPS system she bought for Simon being recalled due to a fault at high temperatures. She seems to have forgotten all about buying it.

Sities reacts predictably and blames Nelson for warning Pedro. Uribe brings up the possibility of David being a spy and Sebas outlines their evidence. Sities is upset again and wants Nelson and David turned in ASAP. He’s sending a team of lawyers to take care of it.

Fidel turns and starts reading Nelson his rights.

And the cliffhanger

Antonio shows up to try to talk Isa out of pressing charges. She tells him begging won’t be enough. If he wants to save his dad, he has to marry her.

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5 years ago

Thank you, 5ft! This sounds like it was awful. I\’m depressed just reading about. Just damn. The plan did not work. I guess I\’m supposed to be glad Nelson is ok….for now but the line about the cops having to \”…listen to him trying to hold back tears as he tells his wife she can’t depend on him all the time and anything she wants to fix him for dinner will be fine.\” Sure feels like they are hinting. And what\’s with the GPS system being recalled? So help me, Simon cannot go all Major Tom on us! I might… Read more »

5 years ago

Thanks Diva!
I especially loved your description of Natalia as a class act and Isa as not one. So well put.
What a tender scene with Nelson trying to prepare his wife for her life without him.
Strangle-worthy: that Sitias guy blaming Nelson for spoiling the “operativo,” when HE’s the blabbermouth who couldn’t be trusted.
I think we all know what ProSara’s next disillusionment is going to be.

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Word. Sitias is a super blabbermouth. Sheesh. Don’t tell him any corporate secrets!

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Ugh. I hope she doesn’t go to Marcelo. I kind of fast forward through their scenes.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

whoo hoo goin to space! But 2 wks? that seems soon.
Thanks for the recap, so much. I had a brain malfunction and forgot to record.
“Anselmo took up two parking spaces with the truck. Talk about a sign of EVIL!” yep

Hey, even if Antonio has no reason to doubt the audit results he should still have another audit done, especially when his dad is so insistent that he didn’t take the $$ come on dude!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Hey, Tonio’s new phone is gigantic
That, I noticed
And thanks guys for replying and explaining how Ric found out about Nelson working w/the police, I was all whaa?? about that and yeah grumpy bearded boardmember guy should butt the hell out.

5 years ago

Omigosh! That phone!! I’ve been mesmerized by the size of thing! Simon’s rocket has competition!