La Vecina, Friday 1/22/16 #150

The breaking of various hearts occupies most of the episode

Antonio admits he’s breaking up with Sara to marry Isa…but he still doesn’t tell the truth about why. He’s vague about having been honest when he told Sara he loved her…but then stuff got [mumble mumble] and he handled it. I can’t even give you the details on this. All the tears are more powerful than the words anyway.

Antonio stops on his way out and punishes himself further by telling Merce that he broke up with Sara because they’re too “different.” As she runs off to comfort Sara, Antonio now has to face Laura, who isn’t any happier with him than anyone else on the planet right now.

Merce gets the news about him marrying Isa in a week, but I’m not sure it makes her hate him any more than she already did.

Antonio does all the explaining he should have done in the boutique in the car, alone.

Natalia’s still bummed about Isa, but at least she found another roomie to live with. She’s certainly not planning to live with Marcelo–as she informs him. Not even when they get married so he won’t break his contract. Marcelo and his sparkly jacket keep it together.

Edwina goes to tell Quintin that she’s helping with the rocket. Stuff your “NO,” Quintin! He blames Arce, and Edwina has to explain to him that Arce’s a tool who’s jealous. Quintin then proceeds to mansplain that “the rocket is like a boiler…” and I’m thinking my head’s about to launch into space because are you freaking kidding me? She’s been working on that thing for months–I think?–and reading about aeronautics and he’s going to give her the Rockets For Dummies version of what he THINKS is going on based on what ARCE told him?! ¡No, señor! He vows to keep the rocket from launching, for the good of the town. “And you, stay away from that rocket, or else….” She intuits his “or else” and pre-emptively breaks up with him.

In the board room, the gang hears that one of the actresses was fired for canoodling with the director. As the gossip program before the actual show continues, Sebas pokes his head in and hears that Natalia was (allegedly) sighted with suitcases entering Marcelo’s building.

He tries to call her, but she’s left her phone at the table…with Marcelo! Who answers the phone. The conversation is predictable until Sebas stupidly gives him too much information…”I even faked being gay to get Titina to leave me alone!” Aw, crap. Natalia returns to the table and Marcelo tells her about the call, but not the details.

David signs what I assume is his fake confession. Quintin is to take him to get a medical evaluation before he’s handed over to the Federales. Fidel sighs, not-entirely-resignedly, and calls Sebas to inform him the transfer is in progress. Sebas wants to talk to David before he leaves.

Eduardo is still getting worse and the antibiotics aren’t helping. They’ll try something more aggressive this time. Isa shows up just after the doctor delivers the news to Ema and Mariana. Mariana calls to find out where Antonio is, but his phone is off. Ligia says he hasn’t gone in to the office. Ema is furious that he disappeared again. Mariana assumes he went to see Sara. Isa just stews.

The lady at the dress shop is understanding about the dress and reassures Sara that it’s only tears, and the dry cleaner will get them right out. Sara hands her engagement ring to Merce and says she’s calling in sick to work for the afternoon.

Rafael and Sebas confront David outside the police station…”How could you?!” “I had to.” Elias calls Pedro to give him the news–David admitted he did it.

Actually, according to Fidel, he didn’t–he just waived his right to give his statement in San Gaspar and give it to the Federales in the DF instead. He figures David was buying time.

Rafa and Sebas are frustrated that they’re back to having no proof against Pedro. Sebas is worried that without David or Nelson, Pedro will find someone else to bribe for information. And that Sities will try to shut down the plant. He decides to go home instead of going back to the office.

Sara comes home with Merce and Laura and dissolves into tears when Bruno asks her what happened. Laura explains while Merce takes Sara into her room.

Sara searches frantically for the picture of Antonio and Isa in the newspaper. She swears she’s going to hang it by her bed so she never forgets, so she’s reminded that everyone was right–Antonio would never give up the life he had for her. Merce rips up the picture and says it’s Antonio who isn’t good enough for her.

Bruno vows revenge against Antonio. And then he says Cheo was right. Ugh! Laura tells him not to worry about Antonio, just be there for Sara.

Sebas makes it back to the apartment and Antonio tells him the whole story. Sebas insists Antonio can’t let himself be blackmailed. As far as Antonio’s concerned he’s trading the love of his life for his father’s life. Sebas insists they have to just find $6M so he can throw it in Isa’s face. He insists one of the two of them needs to tell Sara the truth, but Antonio insists if she knows, she’ll think there’s still hope and he’d rather she move on and be happy. He makes Sebas swear he won’t tell Sara the truth. (As gossipy as people are on this show, I’m just going to note that he didn’t make Sebas swear he wouldn’t tell anyone ELSE the truth.) Antonio says he’s going back to the DF to get married in a week. But he swears he’ll make her regret the day she met him. He has no other option.

Sara cries to Bruno as he insists she has to forget Antonio.

Not sad stuff, but not necessarily good stuff either

Padre Vicente arrives and Juancho hands over the plans for where each decal goes and then retreats into the cabin with Simon. It’s all fun and games until it’s time to place the Artilleros’ decal…upside down. They all have a good laugh over that.

Marcelo goes to the showrunner or the writer and tells her Los Ramirez needs “more gay.” There is much muting. She asks if he’s ever considered writing instead of acting. Naw, acting’s really his thing. Oh. Darn.

Quintin tries to convince a judge to ground the rocket, but the most the judge will do is summon Simon to ask him about it.

Pedro assumes Laura must still be out dress shopping with Sara, because “like a good woman” she’s probably taking forever to decide. He yells at Laura when he calls and hears that she’s at Simon’s house.

A part on the rocket isn’t working. Juancho gets on the computer to look for a replacement while Padre V helps Simon fixing something else.

And finally,

Laura and Bruno manage to get some post-comforting flirting in. Laura wants to leave before Pedro comes all the way up to the apartment to pick her up. Bruno reassures Merce that Sara will be ok. She asks him “as a man” why Antonio did this. Bruno thinks he either had a very good reason or he’s [insert erroneous and overused TN diagnosis here that is rarely what the writers think it means] and Sara will be glad later that he called it off. Merce agrees.

Outside, Pedro starts screaming at Laura, but he’s instantly interested when he hears that Antonio isn’t going to marry Sara. Even Pedro appears outraged at this. He calls Antonio an idiot for leaving Sara for that worthless Isa. Uhhhh…not that he knows anything about her, he can just tell that she’s nefasta (terrible), engreida (vain), pedante (pretentious). He thinks Antonio’s making a huge mistake. He actually asks Laura’s opinion about whether she thinks he’ll come back as director of the plant. “He’d be a total jerk if he did!” Pedro gets a call from Cheo and angrily agrees to meet him back at the house. He asks Laura again if Antonio will be back and agrees that it would be unfair of him to come back and parade his new wife around in front of Sara. (Raise your hand if you feel kind of gross because you just agreed with Pedro for the last few minutes.)

Juancho finds a store with the part, but before they can leave, Quintin shows up to drag Simon before the judge to answer questions about the rocket.

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5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I love your titles like “Will you still loathe me tomorrow?” from Thursday’s episode.
Today’s episode was torture to watch. We need something to be happy about here.

5 years ago

Wow. I haven’t see the show all week. Fabulous recap, Diva. So good that I feel no need to watch all this horribleness and pain. We must be in ultimas.

5 years ago

Thank you so much, Kat! I always feel bad for recappers when they get these kinds of episodes. Esmeralda is hands down the most heartbreaking crier, whether it’s a single tear or the gut wrenching wails of this episode. “Antonio now has to face Laura, who isn’t any happier with him than anyone else on the planet right now.” Yes. Please explain to me how I’m supposed to forgive him AND why I’m supposed to buy it when Sara eventually does. They’ve got their work cut out for them. Since I’m not going to copy and paste the whole paragraph… Read more »

5 years ago

Tks 5ft, we miss you at Caray
Pedro saw Isa out with Ric one time when they were going hot & heavy., so he knows what she is like

5 years ago
Reply to  Variopinta

Thank you so much, Variopinta!! For the life of me I could NOT remember how Pedro knew about Isa.