La Vecina, Thursday 1/21/16 #149

From bad to worse

OK, Antonio, what’s it going to be? Mostly he’s still shocked that Isa’s STILL trying to marry him just to get one over on Sara. “You’re going to lose the last bit of respect I had for you.” You still had any? She shows him the door and says it’s on his head now. But he closes the door, staying inside, and agrees.


She says they’ll be married in a week. And then she eats his face.

Aftermath of the op

Nelson waits in the back of the police car while Fidel calls Sebas to ask where David is. Sara suspects nothing when Sebas calls to find out.

Nacho gets the call about Nelson and decides he might as well tell Simon. Simon goes ahead and tells him he knows Pedro’s the one they were trying to catch. Then he fills him in on the Bruno-Laura relationship.

Isa has poured champagne, to “celebrate” and Antonio is not drinking it when Sebas calls him. He’s frustrated and tells Isa he’s going to leave, but she grounds him and takes away his phone. He reminds her he agreed to marry her, not to drink, not to celebrate, and certainly not to love her. “This is what you wanted. Welcome to hell.”

Fidel gives his guys orders to grab David and bring him back for questioning. Then he calls Pepe to come with him to break the news to Nelson’s family.

Pedro tells Elias and Anselmo that he has info on EVERYONE and if he goes down, they’re all going down with him. He sends Elias to stash a folder full of info at the warehouse and tells Anselmo he wants Nelson killed.

Laura calls Bruno. Pedro’s behavior is weirding her out. They move on to lovey talk before they’re interrupted by Pedro, angry about the locked bedroom door. He insists she undress in front of him. UGH!

Will you still loathe me tomorrow?

Antonio spent the night in Isa’s bed. Did he sleep? He certainly didn’t have sex with Isa. She thinks she can pull a Pedro and force him. She warns him he’d better be ready tonight, because she can kill this deal and have his father arrested at any time.

Antonio buys a ticket to San Gaspar and remembers joking with Sara about getting married as soon as he gets off the plane. He doesn’t know how he’s going to explain the change of plans.

Nothing good ever happens to David

David is out at a community when Quintin and a couple of other guys show up to arrest him. I’m thinking doing that in front of the community members is NOT a good idea for CONATROL PR. Nor is saying right in front of them that it’s on suspicion of helping the saqueadores.

Sities gossips with that other guy about David being arrested.

Uribe calls Sebastian to inform him the company lawyers are on their way and they’ve decided to prosecute David at the federal level. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds bad.

Fidel’s not having a great day, either. He has to release the guy driving the copycat truck. On top of that, David is denying everything and the CONATROL lawyers are already there. As soon as David arrives, he’ll be transferred into federal custody.

Everybody hates Pedro

Pepe and Rafa mourn Nelson’s arrest and worry about his family. All they can hope for now is that Pedro screws up somehow and gets busted that way.

Nelson is already in prisonwear and cursing Pedro’s name.

Stupid suck-up board member executive guy goes to tell Ric the operativo failed. Ric’s surprise is SO VERY FAKE. The big jerk (I mean the board member, not Ric) gloats about David getting arrested. Ric at least has the good grace not to gloat, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still have the urge to adjust his tie for him. Looks a little loose to me.

Ric calls Pedro to update him. Pedro asks for info on David’s personal life so he has leverage to use–they plan to force him to say that he really was working with the saqueadores. Pedro specifically wants to threaten David’s mother. Because he’s that kind of creep.

Pedro tries to tempt Laura with a vacation, but it just makes her suspicious.

Pedro gets word that Nelson has completely disappeared…just before Fidel shows up at his house. He tells Pedro that he’s been implicated in the gasoline thefts. Luckily, he has Laura to verify that they were out together last night, and the receipt from the restaurant to back that up. Fidel says he’s not accusing Pedro of anything, but they shouldn’t leave town. Once he’s gone, Pedro grins at Laura saying this won’t affect their vacation plans and she remembers the mystery phone call from last night. She plays along and says she’ll call the travel agency.

All of Conatrol SG mourns

Sara hands over the plans for next weeks’ site visits to Marina and they talk about wedding dress shopping. Sebas breezes through, on his cell phone and mentions David getting arrested.

Sara checks with Sebas and finds out that he really did mean the “David” she’s been working with. He asks her not to say anything.

Sara sees Rafa in the hallway and tells him what happened. He also has to talk her down, saying there’s nothing they can do–there’s evidence and it’s just their word that he’s innocent.

Marina is looking for Nelson, since he hasn’t paid up for the tanda yet. Sad Pepe breaks the news to her about both the arrest and Nelson being the mole.

Marina and Sara talk and trade info…so now they both know about David and Nelson. As much as I’ve been annoyed with the guys for complaining that Sara talks too much, I’m likewise annoyed that she’s proving them right. She and Marina both say “They told me not to say anything.” *facepalm* Marina’s feeling extra-distrustful, since she knew Nelson for so long and Pepe actually confirmed that he was the mole. “You can’t trust anybody!” They agree to just get back to work, as usual. Not that Sara has a “usual.”

More on David’s incredibly bad day

Both Fidel and Quintin are annoyed that the Federales have moved in to take custody of David and they’re being treated like they’re inept. Obviously, the Federales don’t watch this show or they’d know that Fidel is the best cop in all of Mexico. And Quintin’s ok.

Uribe “gives” Ric “the news” about David, personally. Ric immediately defends David, but Uribe lays out the case against David. He’s asking for everyone’s cooperation.

A cop who I hope gets fired later hands David a sack lunch with the note that tells him to admit to everything…or else…with a picture of his parents’ house (I’m guessing) and their names and address so he’ll know they’re serious.

Launch prep continues

Simon has analyzed the weather and the next two weeks are good for a launch. There’s still a lot of work to do–as Juancho points out–but Edwina’s got that charming new boyfriend and all.

There are a LOT of decals to apply to what’s suddenly looking like a too-small rocket. Juancho really…really…really wants help! But Simon vetoes the suggestions of Edwina, Bruno, and Nacho. Vicente obligingly arrives at just the right moment.

I can’t even watch

Sara heads to El Molcajete for lunch where Pedro and Laura are having lunch, too. Pedro invites her to sit down so he can try to get info from her, but Sara just says things at CONATROL are fine and she’s in no way neglecting the restaurant. Merce brings up their shopping trip and Pedro foists Laura off on them. How am I supposed to enjoy wedding dress shopping now, knowing what I know? Thanks a lot, show! Once Pedro is gone conversation turns to…Bruno. Damnit! Missed opportunity.

Antonio gets to the office and Marina really wants to process all the goings-on, but Antonio just keeps asking where Sara is. He asks her to tell Sebas that he’s taking the company car.

Isa. Still with the shoes. Are they symbolic of something? I don’t understand. She tells the lawyer not to press charges, but hold on to the paperwork.

Sebas hears that everyone’s gathering in the board room to watch Los Ramirez. He’s sure not going to join them. He thought he heard Antonio’s voice, so he finds out his lovah didn’t even bother to say “hi” to him, AND he took the car. The nerve!

Antonio gets to El Molcajete and chats briefly with Rosa about his dad and Sara’s shopping trip. She tries to stop him from going because it’s bad luck. If only she knew.

Boutique. Dresses. Sara’s leaning more towards the one with all the beading than the one with all the ruffles. I don’t think either of them really looks right. Sara goes off to try some on and Merce gets teary, remembering when she married Sara’s dad. Laura doesn’t, because she married Pedro. Por lo civil, at that. I hope it’s not a sign that Pedro won’t be dead when this is all over. Merce changes the subject and says they should find more dresses.

Sara shows them the first dress. And of course she’s gorgeous. And of course, Antonio, coming up the stairs and getting a look, thinks so. Everybody freaks out about “bad luck,” but Sara runs to hug him. He says they have to talk. Merce wonders if his dad died. Off around the corner, they make a pretty picture, except that Antonio looks like hell and won’t take her hands. He tells her that he’s done a lot of thinking in the DF…

“Everyone was right about us. We’re too different. I’m sure you’ve thought about it too.” Um, no, actually. She’s been thinking about how much she loves him and she’s never loved anyone the way she loves him. He finally says he doesn’t love her and he can’t marry her.

Really, show?  You’re going to close with “Perdóname”?  ¡Pues, no te perdono!

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5 years ago

Thank you… Sad Kat? This show is making me sad too.
“Laura doesn’t, because she married Pedro. Por lo civil, at that. I hope it’s not a sign that Pedro won’t be dead when this is all over.”

I had the EXACT same thought.

If I were anywhere near a keyboard, I would have so much more to say. Damn I wish my text speed was as fast as my think speed.

Why the hell did he stay the night? I think that was my biggest question.

Yeah. No forgiveness for this show right now.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

It is like the most frustrating thing ever to watch characters give in to blackmailers.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina


stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

I just saw this and I noticed the gladiator boots, it was like she knew I hadn’t seen them and wanted to draw attention to them so they were front and center. Yeah they’re ugly

5 years ago

Oddly enough, I would be fine with them if I saw some high fashion model wearing them on a Paris or New York runway… but for normal every day wear they just look awful.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Ok now I finally got to read this, and it is awesome 😀 I was thinking this exact thing too “doing that in front of the community members is NOT a good idea for CONATROL PR. Nor is saying right in front of them that it’s on suspicion of helping the saqueadores.” sounds like we should work for Conatrol we’re right on top of the PR situation I wasn’t thinking this though “have the urge to adjust his tie for him. Looks a little loose to me.” but reading it made me a bit happier :b “How am I supposed… Read more »

5 years ago

I wish I could vote up comments more than once because this one deserves it.

*sob* this show! Has become like a mantra to me. Kat hit the nail on the head when she said it. I’ve been saying it ever since as well.