Ruta 35, Monday 1/18/16 #5

Things are getting complicated. The various plot lines are starting to cross. And pretty much everybody had a bad day this episode, so it was a bit of a downer.
In Mexico

Domingo gets tipped off as to where he can find one of Rogelio’s guys – Chivo. Chivo takes a while, but he eventually tells Domingo who killed his mom and his son. And that would be Chivo and Tequilazo. They get delivered to Rogelio in coffins. Which is probably not as considerate as it sounds.

Salomon flies down to Mexico to try to convince Rebeca, in person, to go in halfsies on turning over Domingo to ICE. She wants to speak to Dylan, personally, to make sure all of Salomon’s promises (relocation, legal status, money) aren’t just a load of hot air.

Dylan isn’t in a hurry to get down there because Diane lost the baby. Then she heads into a depression and Dylan deals with it by leaving the country. Yeah, yeah, it’s for work, but still….

While Salomon’s waiting for Dylan to show up, he keeps an eye on Rebeca’s house and finds out that Domingo and Gavilán are staying there. He probably wouldn’t have seen them leaving if two of Domingo’s (stupid) guys hadn’t gone rogue and violated the “leave the women and children out of it” instructions. The dumbasses went after Sofia and Federico and got caught during one of Sofia’s teary cell phone messages to Domingo. He and Gavilán go out there, kill the two dumbasses, and then have Sofia run interference for them when Federico wants to kill Domingo himself. Rogelio shows up as Domingo and Gavilán are running out the back door, basically. He relocates Sofia and Federico to another house.

This whole incident made Federico suspicious and he starts asking Sofia how long she’s been sleeping with Domingo and why Domingo knows so much about him. Sofia denies everything, but Federico goes to one of his dad’s, uh, employees? and asks the guy to tail his mom. For all Sofia’s efforts, they’re not starting to call Federico “patroncito” (little boss man) for nothing.

Salomon, Dylan, and some weirdly acrobatic ICE dudes (seriously, did you see the one guy doing a tumble into the yard?) go to raid Rebeca’s house, not knowing that Domingo and Gavilán had left. That’s what they get for not calling ahead. Rebeca might even have been willing to help them, now that she knows Salomon was telling the truth, but too bad–she doesn’t know where Domingo is now.

In Miami

Conchita finally succumbs to dehydration and exhaustion and collapses. Manuel begs Don Hugo’s guys to help her, Don Hugo wants her killed, but one thoughtful thug says he’ll kill whoever Don Hugo wants him to, but not the old lady! They drop her off at the same hospital where Dylan and Diane were, giving Tomás a chance to show just how big an asshole he can be.

  • First, when the Padre went down to DEA headquarters looking for Conchita (the grandsons were worried) and they called Tomás, he was mid-coital with Marina and was more than happy to delay looking for Conchita. It was Marina who had to tell him to go do his frickin’ job.
  • Then, when he talked to the Padre, both he and Michael played the “It’s not our fault. She’s the one who got herself into trouble,” game.
  • When he found out where she was, he had every intention of going to the hospital alone, until the Padre all but told him to take the grandsons.
  • Then, when he shows up at the hospital and Dylan tells him about the baby, his “Oh. Sorry.” could not have been less apathetic.
  • Finally, he gets in to see Conchita and he doesn’t care what she’s been through, he just wants to know where the warehouse is, how much cocaine was there, is there another shipment coming in, what’s the name of Manuel’s boss….

In contrast, Manuel was freaking out over what happened to Conchita and keeps telling her not to worry about anything, just recover, he’s going to do what he can to get Don Hugo off their backs. Unfortunately, the grandsons see him and call the cops. They arrive right after Conchita confessed to Manuel that she’s a DEA informant, so he feels betrayed and possibly blames her for getting arrested. Conchita puts the screws to Tomás and insists he get her in to see Manuel or she won’t work for him again. She basically dares him to just turn her over and let her get prosecuted, but Tomás gives in. Sadly, Manuel won’t see her. She brought him a cheeseburger and everything. Yeah, that sucks.

And as for our favorite person, Mercurio. He’s stuck in strip club hell with his fútbol teammates, pretending to drink and bored out of his mind because he’s a decent guy with a wife and kid at home. The team owner/drug dealer tries to insist he get frisky with the ladies, ’cause he expects his boys to have fun in the way he decrees when he’s paying for it. Mercurio saunters outside, pretending to be getting chewed out by Julia, so he can watch Taborda (owner) and Calixto (captain) transfer product. He gets a ride home with Calixto and reports the whole incident (uh, maybe not the strip club part?) to Marina, who gives him a camera to plant in Calixto’s car. So he does some…stuff…to the car, forcing Calixto to bring it in to the garage for repairs so Mercurio has time to hassle him about the alleged lack of routine maintenance and plant the camera in one of the dashboard air vents.

We’re still liking Mercurio. And sorry for Diane. And Domingo is still a better guy than most of the cops. And we don’t hate Sofia. But most of the rest of them can take a flying leap.

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