Ruta 35, Tuesday 1/19/16 #6

Six episodes in and we're still not sure how this ended up getting billed as Dylan being at the center of everything and this being "his" network of informants. He's at least managing the people he works with better than Tomás does, the unfortunate deaths of Domingo's family notwithstanding.
Tomás and Conchita

Conchita gets ballsy and goes back to Don Hugo to talk to him about either getting a job or wiping Manuel’s debt. Hugo gives her an electronic tether and sends her on her way. He spends most of the episode telling her “Be at the warehouse in half an hour,” and it’s never a convenient time. When he loads up the van for her first big shipment, she forgets to call Tomás. Then, when she does, he’s too busy to talk to her because he’s going into a meeting. When she shows up at the office he loses his temper and insists she’s supposed to call him immediately when Hugo contacts her (for all the good that would have done).

His big meeting was about the latest drug dealer they’re all salivating after, “Bernardo Tellez.” Gotta catch Bernardo. For no apparent reason, Tomás finishes up his grouching session with Conchita by showing her a bunch of mug shots. And guess what? “Bernardo Tellez” is none other than “Don Hugo!” So of course, Tomás is always going to take Conchita’s calls immediately from now on, right? And he’s going to respect her as an informant? And let her keep her tips? That’s a big “No” to all three.

Hugo pulls her out of church for another shipment, where Conchita scores a nice big tip, but forgets to call Tomás. He’s furious when he finds out and confiscates her tip. It comes in handy later when he’s offered tickets to a basketball game. Yeah, you read that right. And while he’s busy hanging out with Marina at the game…and in her bed later…and in the shower the next morning…Conchita is having to drive yet another shipment TO NEW YORK. Don’t bother looking it up–it’s about a 17 hour drive. She’s making this drive with one of Hugo/Bernardo’s henchmen, who is completely useless and doesn’t even bother to take driving shifts. Plus he takes his shoes off in the car and his feet probably stink. Just guessing. Conchita stops as many times as she can to try to call Tomas, but every single time, he’s busy with something else. She ends up calling the Padre for help.

Rebeca, Salomon, Dylan, Domingo, and Sofia

Rebeca is running out of the cash Domingo gave her and that offer from Salomon and Dylan is sounding very attractive. Blood is not thicker than Prada? Hell, she probably wasn’t even buying name-brand. Anyway…she still has no idea where Domingo is, but she started something with Gavilán so she’ll just wait for him to call and get the information out of him. It takes her a while to find her groove, but once she ditches the wire and slips into something a little more comfortable she at least gets rid of the awkward vibe.

She still doesn’t know where Domingo is hiding out, but she now knows that he’s trying to get back into the “business” and compete with Rogelio. Salomon cooks up the idea of having her introduce him to Domingo as a new business partner. He arrives at Rebeca’s after her next date with Gavilán and plies Gavilán with mescal and that incessant chatter thing that he does so well. Seriously, that guy never shuts up! Gavilán sets up the meeting and Salomon and Domingo agree to start off with a shipment of 500 kilos of coke…

That Dylan has no idea how to get by the following day. (Side note: When Diane said she wanted to be alone, she didn’t actually mean for Dylan to leave the country. Now she’s talking about a vacation and he wants to go with her, but he’s also committed to nabbing Domingo again before he leaves Mexico, so that’s probably not going to work out.) While he’s working out a plan, Domingo (informed by the same loyal woman who gave up Chivo) calls to tell him that Rogelio is going to move 300 kilos tonight. Dylan can’t get Domingo to come in and make the report officially and maybe get himself out of legal trouble, so he has to settle for busting Rogelio. This earns him permission to borrow 500 kilos for Salomon to use to help bust Domingo.

Before the big shipment happens, Domingo finally caves and calls Sofia. She’s still being watched by the dude Federico hired, but he fell asleep in his truck and didn’t see her leaving. Too bad she didn’t know that or she might have succumbed to Domingo’s pleas to stay with him. Since Federico already suspects, he thinks she’ll be safer not living with him when he finds out for sure. But Sofia won’t leave her baby and keeps insisting she’s not going to let him become a narco. Domingo’s take: “What else was he going to be, growing up with the dad he did? It happens. It’s not like he was going to decide to become a lawyer.” Sofia is not convinced. She sneaks back to the house, where her watcher has finally woken up and sees her sneak back in. Federico tries to check her cell phone, but Sofia has erased her entire call history. She notices the moved cell phone and hides around a corner to see Federico sneaking out of her room. There was a lot of sneaking in this paragraph. It happens.

Salomon has the 500 kilos of borrowed coke all loaded in a truck and drives it over to Domingo’s. He’s surprised to find himself sandwiched between Gavilan and Domingo in the cab of the truck. He thought he’d get to drive. The other two are completely impassive, even in the face of Salomon’s relentless chirpy banter. They drive right up to a road block set up by Mexican officials and simultaneously pull their guns on Salomon, asking if he’s the snitch.

Mercurio, Julia, the baby, and Marina

Mercurio finally had his day in court on the charges of transporting counterfeited money. The judge sentences him to 8 years, but after an awkward, stumbling statement by Marina (in which she at no time mentions that IT WAS HER FAULT HE WAS IN THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE) she suspends the sentence for 30 days. According to Marina, this gives them time to finish the bust on Taborda and go back before the judge where everything will suddenly be different. Show of hands–who trusts her on this? No takers in this house.

Mercurio needs to get the camera out of Calixto’s car, but Calixto has already traded it in, so he has to break into the dealership to get it. That goes well and Marina and her crew figure out that Calixto is spending counterfeit money at a chain of grocery stores.

Mercurio hassles Calixto into going out for lunch, not realizing Calixto took him to his own restaurant. This gives Mercurio an opportunity to whine about how he knows Calixto must be making money some way other than fútbol–what with the restaurant and the new car. He begs to be let in on the “business.” Calixto takes him to meet with Taborda and after more whining (look, we’re fond of Mercurio, but he really did whine a lot) Taborda agrees to let Calixto train him. Calixto is not happy about this, but orders are orders.

Back at his apartment, he shares the “good” news with Julia and Marina. Marina is happy, but Julia isn’t so much. She does ask later if she could maybe help, so he gets more money exchanged faster, the bust goes down faster, and they can get back home to Mexico. Mercurio pulls a bunch of macho BS about her job being to take care of the baby (whose job is to lie in his bassinet all day looking cute–and he does it very well).

Tomás wins the award today for worst mismanagement of an asset. Fatigue is setting in.  Where is any of this heading?

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