Ruta 35, Wednesday 1/20/16 #7


Conchita and her co-pilot (who did end up taking a turn behind the wheel) got caught speeding and only narrowly escaped due to her previous quick thinking. Since she knew she might not be able to talk to (that ass) Tomás she left a detailed message with the Padre to give to him when he finally showed up at the office. The DEA got the two highway patrolmen to let her go so they could follow the van to the warehouse. Once the drop-off was made, they headed for a hotel to get some rest before driving back to Miami.

The next morning, Co-Pilot decided he needed to do some sightseeing, since it was his first trip to New York. Tomás showed up to surprise Conchita and order her to stick to her Co-Pilot and report all their movements to him. This is how she ended up on the ferry, taking a post-drug-trafficking selfie with Co-Pilot while Lady Liberty photobombed them. Co-Pilot dragged her around all day before they finally went back to the hotel for another night. She pretended to be asleep while he took a call from Don Hugo asking him to deal with another shipment at some warehouse. Co-Pilot reported that Conchita was a “vieja brava” (tough old broad) but he planned to send her back to Miami alone.

The Mexico Crowd

Turns out the military checkpoint was actually the General that Domingo bought previously. He and Gavilán took the truck, leaving a very disgruntled Salomon behind, and stuffed each brick into a condom, probably not because they knew about the transmitters inside, but why take chances. This meant that ICE wasn’t able to track the drugs, or as people kept describing it throughout the episode… “You lost 500 kilos of cocaine.” Salomon was instructed to go back to Miami and wait for a call to let him know the drugs had arrived.

Back in Miami, he finally figured out that his elder daughter was totally lying to him about mom being courted by some hot Spanish guy. You’d think he would have been prouder that she clearly got his talent for lying.

Rogelio was still seething of the loss of his 300 kilos and rounded up everyone from the warehouse to try to find the snitch. Two people cracked–Vero, who we know was in communication with Domingo, and some other guy. Rogelio shot Vero himself, but Federico shot the other guy. Sofia eventually got the entire story and decided she would take Domingo up on his offer to just let her stay at his place permanently.

Dylan went home after the initial screw-up and Diane seems to be doing a little better, though she was unhappy that he was headed back for Mexico almost immediately. She was sympathetic about the loss of the cocaine, but not so much about his informant troubles and criticized him for “encouraging people to commit crimes,” which is definitely an argument they’ve had before.

Dylan had to convince Rebeca to keep working with him, even though there was no way he could give her a deal in writing, especially since he lost 500 kilos of coke. She agreed to put a GPS transmitter on Gavilán’s clothes so they could track him back to Domingo’s ranch. When Gavilán left Rebeca’s place, it was to pick up Sofia and take her to see Domingo. She still had a tail, and for once the guy was paying attention and followed her out to the ranch along with the entire ICE team. He got taken out during the raid. Domingo wasn’t initially going to let himself be arrested and Sofia was willing to die with him, but he put down his weapon after all and snogged Sofia goodbye multiple times. Naw, we’re sure those ICE guys didn’t think that was awkward at all. Dylan planned to take Domingo back to the US immediately, leaving Sofia to walk home alone in her Chanel hoodie.

Gavilán escaped the raid and made it back to Rebeca’s house where he cried a lot, vowed revenge, and waved his gun around in a troubling manner. After she gets him to bed (still with the gun) she puts the transmitter down the sink drain.

Federico saw the news report about the raid and saw the body of his spy. He immediately went looking for Sofia, who was definitely not in the house. By the time he went to ask the guards outside where she was, Sofia had made it back into the house, gotten into her customary satin short robe, scrubbed off all her makeup, and wandered outside asking what the fuss was about. Federico knew she wasn’t there when he looked, but he really had no way of proving that. When he confronted her with his “evidence” that she was with Domingo, they got into a shouting match and she finally slapped him for being disrespectful and cried over…well, who the hell knows exactly, because she’s got plenty of options: Domingo got arrested; her son killed someone in cold blood; and she’s stuck with Rogelio.

The missing 500 kilos of coke (on the wall, 500 kilos of coke…take one down, pass it around…) finally reach their destination and are de-condomed. The tech is able to track them again and they manage to retrieve 800 kilos, though they think there should have been 1000. 200 stayed on the plane. But, hey, the good news is, the original 500 that belonged to the DEA have been recovered, so Dylan’s job is safe.

Mercurio and Julia

Mercurio gets his own little packet of $5000 of counterfeit money to exchange for the real thing. He owes Taborda $3000 and the rest is for him. He takes it to Marina and she does the same thing she did the last time he got counterfeit bills into her hands. She confiscated it and sent him home empty-handed, not really seeming to care much about how he was supposed to pacify his new boss.

Taborda, feeling like he wasn’t going to get a return on his investment, had Julia kidnapped and brought to him to make sure Mercurio paid back his money. Mercurio claimed he’d given it to some guy who he totally trusted to come through, but hey if Taborda didn’t want to wait, Mercurio could always take another $5000 and exchange it. He floundered through his afternoon, getting at least one bill destroyed by a clerk who was actually paying attention; considered either gambling to increase his authentic stash or try to trade in some fakes at the casino; and made a trip back to the grocery store where he knew there was one clerk who was part of the organization. Finally, he made it back to Taborda’s with all the money he owed…and he asked for more. Seriously, why?

Back at the apartment, Mercurio told Julia his plan was to give Marina a little bit of the fake money, but use the rest to stay in Taborda’s good graces. Marina, having seen the surveillance footage of him at the grocery store, comes over to confront him, only to be confronted herself by Julia. Sure, she got permission from her bosses to give Mercurio $3000, but by that time, Julia was already spending the afternoon in Taborda’s basement while Mercurio went out to get the money he owed. Marina has the audacity to look shocked. Did it really not occur to her that Taborda might do something like that? Julia’s tired of hearing about how Marina can’t help them if Mercurio doesn’t play by her rules–it’s not like she’s helped them much as it is. She throws Marina out of the apartment.

Grading our law enforcement characters:
Diane – A+ screw informants, she’s not letting skeevy dudes sell drugs to kids for any reason! Also, bonus points for self-care after the loss of the baby.
Dylan – F he got Domingo back and he got the 500 kilos back, but he still got Domingo’s family killed
Tomás – F —– basically, he’s a total jerk; he missed a ton of important phone calls; he confiscated Conchita’s tip money and used it to buy basketball tickets; and he’s really only done two good things–got Conchita in to see Manuel and got highway patrol to let the van go; there is just no grade low enough for him
Marina – F—- she’s the one who got her informant in trouble in the first place; she’s sent him back to the money launderers/counterfeiters she’s trying to bust TWICE with no money; her delay in replacing the confiscated money got Julia kidnapped; she does get credit for helping when the baby was born and getting the $3K for Mercurio, although that was too late; really she’s just arbitrarily getting graded higher than Tomás because he’s a way bigger jerk

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