La Vecina, Monday 1/25/16 #151

Is it just me? Or was there a bit of filler? Just me? Ok. Moving on. I've tried to at least keep things in order by story, not necessarily scene by scene. I hope it's not too confusing.
No, it’s not a missile. It’s just my rocket

Quintin comes to arrest Simon. According to Arce, the rocket could explode. That makes it a missile and a threat to public safety. Quintin attempts to grab Simon. Padre V starts to argue with Quintin, but Simon plays it classy. Quintin is just there carrying out the judges orders. There’s no point in talking to the “segundones”(lit. second-class citizens.)

Edwina is busy telling Magda she broke up with Quintin. He was just too jealous. Magda sees through this. Edwina is just looking for excuses. Edwina swears she isn’t. What’s wrong with participating in something she’s so passionate about. More like someONE she’s passionate about, Magda quips. Then Magda reminds her that Simon doesn’t return those feelings. This doesn’t bother Edwina in the least. Big Brother Fidel interrupts. He’s not happy about Edwina helping Simon. Edwina ignores her brother and flounces out. Fidel turns to Magda. How can his sister be helping Simon and going out with Quintin? Magda tells him that Edwina broke up with Quintin.

Tears on my pillow

Sebas tells Rafa that Sara and Antonio have broken up and aren’t getting married. Rafa is just as shocked as we are.
Sara sobs and thinks of Antonio’s promises. I HATE YOU ANTONIO (she’s the one saying it…I’m right there with her.)
At the airport, Antonio wonders how he’s going to live without her. He calls his sister. Their father is still in bad shape. The antibiotics aren’t working. The doctor is going to try a more aggressive treatment, but there isn’t much hope.

Tell it to the judge!

Edwina goes to see Simon and learns that Quintin has dragged him to see the judge and treated him like a delinquent. She calls Fidel. She doesn’t give a fig that he’s napping. She tells Magda to wake him up. She lets him have it. They’ll let Simon out. Edwina wants Fidel to take charge of getting Simon out of trouble. If he doesn’t, he can forget he has a sister! She heads right over to the judge’s office.

Simon and Quintin are already there. Simon is being a hothead. The judge swears he just wants to ask some questions and can’t believe Quintin treated Simon like a criminal. Quintin tries to explain that Juancho and Vicente were starting to argue AND Simon called him a segundón. That’s disrespect of authority! Simon accuses him of abusing his power. The judge shuts them both up. Simon swears his rocket is a rocket and not a missile. He’s an aeronautic engineer! Not a terrorist! Quintin reports to the judge what Arce said about a possible explosion. Simon counter argues that Arce couldn’t technically disapprove the project…so he took advantage of the naivety of and idiot (Quintin.) Padre V arrives about this time to defend Simon.

Simon explains to the judge that the rocket does not pose a threat to the community. Simon gets technical. Heeey! The judge’s eye’s glaze over too! El Sr. Juez asks Simon to explain it “en Cristiano”. Ah! This would be Vicente’s area of expertise. Vicente explains it again in a more simplified manner. My eyes still glaze over.

Simon still insists that everything Quintin is saying is pure nonsense put in his head by Arce. Arce is just trying to stop Simon. Arce is just jealous because he can’t get *his* rocket up (ba-dum-ba….I’m here all week, folks!) The committee has already given Simon a piece of paper approving the despegue. The judge would like to see it. Edwina comes running in. She declares Simon is innocent. She’s about to get on a roll when her brother comes in. He sends her home and gives Quintin 48 hours of arrest. Case solved.

They made me do it!

Poor David is vigorously questioned by the federales. He thinks about the threatening note that arrived with his sammich in the San Gaspar jail. David tries to answer the questions as if he were guilty, but the federales aren’t buying it. Why did he promise to assist the investigation then? David spills it. He was being threatened! His family was in danger. He had to accept. They want proof. He explains about the sammich note. He doesn’t know who sent it and he destroyed like he was told to do in the letter. The police aren’t convinced. There’s no proof so they will continue the investigation.

At Conatrol DF, Ric asks Ligia about the police searching David’s office. They are taking all of David’s files and computers to see if they can find evidence against him. Ligia still cannot believe that David was in league with the saqueadores and is shocked to hear that Ric seems to believe he was. If questioned, she plans to tell them that there is no way David is guilty.

You’ve got the job!

Cheo brings Roque to meet Pedro (who is still breathing.) Pedro explains the job and the pay scale. Roque asks about signing the contract. Silly Roque. There is not contract. Okaaay. Not sketchy in the least bit.

Pedro then calls Ric. Sara and Antonio aren’t getting married anymore and Pedro wants Ric to find out if that means Antonio will no longer be over the San Gaspar plant. Ric immediately figures out that Isa must have had something to do with the broken engagement.

Demonic duo

Ric calls Isa and tells her about Antonio’s trip to San Gaspar. Isa is about to lose it, when he tells her that Anto was only there to break up with Sara. Isa couldn’t be happier. She’s won! Ric wonders if Antonio will be returning to San Gaspar. This gets a resounding “Hell no” from Isa.

Surely it would be justifiable homicide?

Merce informs Vicente, Simon and Juancho that Antonio has broken the engagement. He showed up just as Sara was trying on wedding dresses. He didn’t even give her a chance to change out of the dress before he broke the news. I know I wouldn’t blame anyone for beating Antonio to a pulp. Just sayin’.

Sara enters the living room and they all ask about her. She tells them that her heart is broken in pieces, but she will get past it. She will also quit the job at Conatrol. She’s breaking all ties.

My brother is an idiot

Anto makes it to the hospital and asks about Eduardo. He’s still in danger and they aren’t allowing visitors.

Isa pulls Anto aside and tells him that now is a perfect time to tell the family that they are getting married. Anto doesn’t think it’s a good time at all, but since when has Isa listened to him or thought about his needs? (Or anyone’s needs, really.) She drags him back to the waiting room and makes the blood-curdling announcement. Ema is thrilled. Mariana is the blonde embodiment of stink-eye. She asks about Sara. Isa answers for Antonio. Sara was just a mistake and he sees that now. He just stands there and looks like he’s sucking on lemons and dog poo. I kind of want to punch him. Ema just tells Mariana to stop asking about Sara. Sara never should have been in Antonio’s life to begin with.

I quit!

Sara goes over to Sebastian’s apartment. She realizes he knew, but it sounded like she misunderstood and thought he knew PRIOR to Anto breaking up with her. She felt Sebas should have warned her. (Help me out, I must be remembering things incorrectly.)

Mariana calls Sara. Mariana cannot understand what is up with her brother. She knows Anto loves Sara. Sara asks about Eduardo and tells Mariana to have faith. Eduardo is strong. Mariana still wants to talk about Antonio. He can’t possibly be breaking up with Sara. Anto walks into the hallway where she’s talking and asks what business she has telling Sara about him. Mariana and Sara hang up.

Sara gathers herself and tells Sebas she is resigning from her position at Conatrol. She will turn in her written resignation at the office tomorrow.

Sister’s intuition

Mariana grills Antonio. How could he be doing this? She rightly guesses it has something to do with Eduardo’s debt. He’s selling himself and he knows damn well that if Eduardo were well, he would not approve of Antonio sacrificing happiness to save his dad. The decision has been made and he asks Mariana not to talk to Sara. Selling himself is better than their father ending up in jail. Mariana is shocked Isa is thinking of sending Eduardo to jail.

In the waiting room, Ema gushes and says that as soon as Eduardo is better, Isa and Anto can get married. Isa bursts that bubble. They are getting married next week (before Eduardo can die…I think that’s what Isa thought bubbles.) Ema balks at first, but gives in. When she mentions it to Antonio, all he can muster it a mumbled “Isa decided.”

You’ve just had your heart broken. What are you going to do next?

Sara and family discuss her plans. Juancho asks about the agreement El Molcajete had with Conatrol. Sara plans to find other businesses to work with.

I was framed!

David sits in jail and frets. He assures himself that they will find no proof. He remembers a conversation in which Anto mentioned serious suspicion that Ric was an informant. David tries to talk himself out of that line of thinking. Ric just wanted the vice presidency.

Won’t she burst into flames?

Isa tries to get Antonio to make wedding plans. He doesn’t give a rat’s patoot and tells her she can do whatever she wants. She wants to have the party in his parents garden and set up a little chapel so the priest can marry them. Antonio finally puts his foot down about something. She gets huffy. He’s not in a position to make any kind of conditions. He’ll marry her in a civil ceremony, but he is not swearing before God that he loves Isa.

Law and Order San Gaspar

Evidence. Computer. Disk. Sensores. Planes. Maps. The other guy will check David’s bank accounts. Eyes. Glazing. Over.

The police also call Sebas. They are sending the files over to him via email. Rafa and he chit-chat while waiting. Sebas looks at the email.

Rafa later talks to Pepe and tells him that the dates on the plans seem to coincide with the dates Nelson said he talked to the informant.

I really didn’t pay attention to this stuff. I figure all I need to know is David is getting screwed.

Never leave your phone unattended

Sara arrives at Conatrol to turn in her resignation. We have to suffer through her telling Marina and Rafa about the break up.

She goes to Sebastian’s office to hand in her resignation. While she’s talking to Sebas, Uribe calls. He wants to be put on speaker phone. He wants Sara in charge of the community outreach program. Sebas thinks it’s a great idea. She’s put on the spot and sort of has to accept the job. After they hang up, Sebas asks why she didn’t turn it down. She didn’t think it would be very professional to turn down a job just because Anto broke up with her.

Sara wonders if this is something Anto set up. Sebas doesn’t think so. Sara calls Anto’s ginormous cell just to be sure. She gets Isa instead. Anto seriously has a problem keeping up with his phone. Isa is predictably a bitch. She calls Sara a slut. Sara fights back and says Isa is the slut. Then she tells Isa she can have Anto. Sara hangs up and leaves Sebas alone.

Sebas calls Anto’s phone looking for him. Isa invites him to the wedding. He not-so-politely declines.

Isa calls Carolina and tells her she needs something she’ll look fabulous in.

A phoneless Anto watches over his father and thinks about Mariana’s words: “you’re selling yourself and dad wouldn’t approve.” Ema tells him he made the right decision.

While Isa is trying on dresses, she takes a selfie with Anto’s phone and sends it to Sara with the following loosely translated from memory message: “How did you think I was going to leave you when I had someone like this?”

Butt out, Fidel

Fidel runs into Simon on the street. They talk about Edwina. He accepts Edwina’s relationship with Simon. Simon starts to sputter that he doesn’t need Fidel’s approval. All Fidel wants to know is if Simon feels the same way for Edwina as Edwina feels for Simon. Simon admits it…loudly. Fidel only asks that Simon wait until AFTER he comes back from space to tell her.

What? What does this mean?? I’m getting a little nervous about this trip to space. Recalled GPS systems, possible explosions….

Should I stay or should I go?

Anto goes to talk to Uribe. They talk about Eduardo for a bit, then Uribe tells Anto about the job he offered Sara. What Uribe most wants to know is…can he still count on Antonio to head up the plant in San Gaspar?

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5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! I see what you mean. It seemed like it was designed to be dragged out for the purpose of ending on that big question to Antonio. “Arce is just jealous because he can’t get *his* rocket up” Classic 😀 “She realizes he knew, but it sounded like she misunderstood and thought he knew PRIOR to Anto breaking up with her.” Is he trying to help Antonio sell his story, maybe? “Anto seriously has a problem keeping up with his phone.” Because it has its own zip code. And come on, that wedding dress was ugly, as was the… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Right, that’s not his style, but then neither is not being with her, so clearly all the old rules no longer apply.

5 years ago

Sara your recap is a treat.
Loved: “Won’t she burst into flames?”
“Surely it would be justifiable homicide?”
Yeah, there’s no way Sara can think that Antonio would send her a message like that, right?

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

For all his “I’m going to make her sorry!” it feels more like he’s given up. I wonder if he ever called off the guy who was going to file for bankruptcy or if that’s still going behind the scenes.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

I could see him having just forgotten all about it. I’m hoping for a call on The Big Phone before this farce with Isa goes too far.

5 years ago

Thanks, Sara! I just decided not to watch any of last week’s episodes, but I did watch yesterday’s episode. I ffwd through the sad Sara crying scenes, and the poor David crying scenes. I feel so bad fro these two.

Yeah, that picture was so obviously a selfie, but I wouldn’t blame Sara for thinking Tonio sent it after he tore out and stomped on her heart.

Best part of the episode was Fidel in his skivvies and police hat. Hubba, hubba! 😉

5 years ago
Reply to  Vivi

And no chicken legs on Fidel!

5 years ago

Your fabulous summaries make me wish I was watching all the summaries for the novelas you write about. 🙂

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

topperarnold “sputter and grumble” yep that pretty much sums up my reactions too
thanks for recapping anyway
Also, I think I’ve developed allergies or something, my eyes just start watering when I watch lately 😛

and thanks Diva for last friday’s recap
Whoa dude, I totally missed that the selfie was sent from Tonio’s phone and Sara thought he was sending it. Hunh

5 years ago

I think we’re all suffering from Isabelitis :p