La Vecina, Tuesday 1/26/16 #152


Antonio is still committed to finishing the job in San Gaspar, but he’s surprised to hear that they found evidence of David being the DF mole.

Antonio calls to tell Sebas that he’s coming back to San Gaspar. “Duuuuuude! No. Bad timing.” He tells Antonio about Sara’s new job as head of the community relations department. And about Isabel answering his cell phone. “If you have any respect or compassion for Sara, don’t come back.” But Antonio’s determined. Sebas grouchily accepts his decision, and his “cretino” has never sounded more apt. Titina calls and he agrees to meet her at Nacho’s place.

Titina wanted to talk to Sebas about her room redecorating plans. He proposes to put her up in an apartment, which is music to her ears. And he’ll pay rent and keep giving her a monthly allowance. This earns him a “You’re my favorite gay!” from Titina, which earns her a baleful glare from me.

Rafa laughs at Sara and passes on a message from Marina, “Who else goes in to quit and comes out with a promotion?!” Sara sadly explains she just couldn’t say “no” to Uribe. Rafa doesn’t think Antonio will come back and he asks Sara to consider staying.

Ric is summoned to Uribe’s office to give his recommendations for David’s job…not the one in San Gaspar, but for the job he used to do in the DF. Uribe willingly, but unhappily, shares the information about the evidence Ric planted they found on his computer.

Ric goes to Antonio’s office to pretend to care about how he’s doing. When he leaves, Isa calls–talk about adding insult to injury. She insists on him meeting her for lunch, where she claims she’ll give back his cell phone.


Laura calls Bruno and tells him that Pedro went off to Chiapas and he asked her to keep an eye on Sara. She’s a little suspicious, but Bruno figures he’s just concerned about his tenant.

Pedro’s guys are at Don Nabor’s ranch getting ready to install the irrigation system.

Someone is following Pedro’s truck. I’m distracted by the crack in the dashboard. Doesn’t Pedro seem like the kind of guy who would get that fixed? Pedro isn’t worried–he has plenty of legitimate business activity to cover up his less-than-legal dealings.

Cop drama

Quintin’s arrest is over, even if the 48 hours aren’t up yet. Fidel’s still upset at him. Quintin is more philosophical–he realizes Edwina never really had a thing for him. But at least he has the memory of their kisses. “Get out of my sight or I’ll lock you up for another week!”

Fidel tells Magda about the promise he got from Simon not to tell Edwina how he feels unless he survives his trip into space. Magda begs him to just stay out of it. Vladimir wants to know if, when Simon gets back, he can call Simon “Tío” and Fidel agrees.

Quintin reports that Pedro went to Tuxtla Gutierrez to an agriculture fair. As for David, Fidel only knows about the information they found on his computer because Rafa told him. Quintin is upset that the Federales are now going to take the credit after they did all the work, but Fidel doesn’t care about that. He just wants to get rid of the saqueadores.

The Federales, meanwhile, haven’t been able to get any good info out of David. He doesn’t even know Pedro, he just saw him at Antonio’s engagement party. The one with the beard thinks it’s suspicious that the local mafia don would be partying with the director of the plant. Oh, good, they can go take Antonio in for questioning and not return him until after Friday!

Of rockets and ro–yeah, just rockets

Juancho is working on the computer and Padre Vicente is frustrated that Juancho won’t explain what he’s doing. Edwina shows up and Padre V hassles her about how she and Simon are acting stupid.

Doña Lucita gets a delivery from Rocket Industries, but gets distracted by a call from her friend Gertrudis.

Simon gets back to the warehouse and sees Edwina and Juancho working in the cabin of the rocket. They make awkward small talk. He completely tunes out Juancho giving him an update while he grins and stares at her.

Simon and Edwina work together on something for the rocket and tease each other about the way they’re talking and smiling at each other and getting closer and–see I was going to let Juancho live, but he interrupted a perfectly good near-smooching that’s the best thing we’ve had happen on this show in what feels like a week. No offense to Fidel’s legs.

The launch is scheduled for Saturday. Wait, WHAT?! SATURDAY?! There’s a truck showing up soon to take the rocket to the launch site.

Simon can’t figure out why Edwina doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the launch. Juancho thinks that’s maybe because of Simon’s attitude toward her lately. Simon explains about the promise he made to Fidel and Juancho cracks up laughing…”So we have two countdowns now! The countdown to the launch and the countdown to when you throw yourself at Edwina!” “Hey, that’s ‘Tía Edwina’!” Much laughter ensues. Maybe I’ll let Juancho live after all.

Edwina goes to see Padre Vicente, in tears. She’s so worried about the launch on Saturday (“Saturday?! He didn’t tell me!”) she can hardly breathe. She has the terrible feeling she’ll never see him again. Padre Vicente reminds her a lot of those “feelings” lead to nothing and the anxiety passes. But she could try asking God to make sure Simon comes back to her. And have some faith in Simon, too–he’s got a talent, and he’s careful. God won’t let it turn into a disaster. Just think positive…forget about ignition, the vibration, the extreme temperatures, the potential re-entry disasters…no, none of that will happen. Nice try, Padre.

El Molcajete

Sara goes back to El Molcajete to explain to Merce how she went in to quit and ended up with a promotion. She swears she’ll quit as soon as Sebastian finds a replacement. The only good thing is her big raise will help her pay back Pedro. Laura shows up and Sara tells the whole story over again.

Laura sees Isa’s selfie (#ultimatebridezilla), and tells Sara to erase the damn thing…and then she just goes right ahead and does it for her. Bruno shows up to flirt with Laura. Priorities, kids. Sara’s ok with it, she just wants them to not be so public. He did just kiss her right there at the table. And doesn’t everybody in town know Pedro? Anyway…it sounds like they’re headed out to Las Margaritas.

The El Molcajete crew review the books and it turns out they are neither over- nor under-supplied. Sara does a little more number crunching and they’re gaining ground, but their profits haven’t recovered to pre-explosion levels yet.

Las Margaritas and the morning after

Laura has decided to risk spending the night with Bruno this time, but she can’t help worrying. What if Pedro comes back early? Or what if he never really left? Laura can’t wait until they’re really together and it’s a 24/7 smoochfest. And nookiefest. She totally plans to wear him out. The specter of Pedro is raised yet again, or at least the specter of his money. Laura isn’t happy Bruno would even wonder, but she reassures him she’d want to be with him even if they were broke.

Simon has noticed that Bruno is missing and Sara pretends she doesn’t know. Until he insists…then she admits he’s with Laura, she just doesn’t know where. Simon tries Bruno’s cell phone, but he’s…busy.

Laura’s maid catches her coming back home in the morning. She doesn’t want an explanation. She just wants her to be careful.

Simon is waiting for Bruno when he comes home. Like Laura’s maid, he also wants Bruno to be careful. He reminds Bruno that even if Laura doesn’t know what kind of man she’s married to, Bruno does. Juancho calls and tells Simon that Edwina is sick, so he needs Simon to come to the warehouse and help him with launch prep. (And can you believe how much our little Juancho has grown up? I just have to stop and marvel at that sometimes!) Bruno mocks Simon for not going to the warehouse just so he could stay home and scold him.

What do you want me to do? Applaud you? You’re like a son to me. If anything happened to you, I couldn’t take it. I’m never going to stop worrying about you. I know it won’t do any good to ask you to stay away from Laura because you won’t do it. The only thing I’m asking is that you wait until the authorities get the proof to be able to lock him up. And then, sure, give your love free rein.

La Farsa

Antonio gets to the restaurant before Isabel and gets attacked by her mouth for his trouble. She gives back his cell phone and they order lunch. Isa informs him the wedding will be on Friday. She tries to badger Antonio into smiling, but he says he’ll save that for the wedding photos. I think he’s probably good for a non-frown. Possibly one slight smile if his dad’s out of the hospital.

Eduardo is getting better, according to Ema. She was hoping he’d be well enough for the wedding, but oh well, whatevs. She and Isa start making plans for the farce of a civil wedding where only their very closest family and friends will be invited, and agree they’ll do it up right for the church wedding we all hope never happens.

Antonio thinks Eduardo looks the same. He’s horrified Ema was even thinking of Eduardo attending the wedding. He tells her she and Isa can make whatever plans they want to. He doesn’t care.

It’s another morning at Isa’s and once again, Antonio has not fulfilled his duties. I can’t even believe the words “I want you to make love to me” come out of her mouth. Even Pedro hasn’t had the poor taste to call it “making love.” Antonio reminds her this is all a farce, and that’s what she’s going to have to live with. She thought bubbles about making him love her.

Antonio calls Sebas, who tries to talk him into not getting married. Antonio has an idea, though, and he’s on his way to visit a notario his dad introduced him to once.

Mariana calls Antonio to tell him that Eduardo is actually getting better now and regaining consciousness. Ema and Isa are out wedding planning. She begs him not to get married and he tells her that he has to do it to keep Eduardo out of jail.

Ema. Isa. Table arrangements. Menus. Place settings.

A random gross interlude

Ric talks to Pedro and picks his nose with that one long pinky nail. Pedro wants Ric to hurry up and get himself named director of CONATROL SG. And find out where Nelson is. He crows about how easy it is to get info out of Sara–and without paying for it either. He wonders again about why Antonio broke up with Sara and Ric explains everything about Isa’s blackmail scheme. Pedro doesn’t look particularly impressed.

Launch plans continue

Padre Vicente spends some quality time with the Jaibolera. Simon calls to ask him to help with the rocket and he figures Edwina must still be anxious.

Edwina tries to focus on a prayer to the Virgen, but that’s not working. She turns on the TV and hears about a plane that lost contact with the tower. She changes the channel and they’re talking about the 1986 Challenger disaster. She begs God to tell her–if this isn’t a sign, then what is it?!

Nacho’s. Hanging a sign announcing the launch. Too many opinions. People start stopping to read the sign and Padre Vicente introduces Simon as the guy who built the rocket.

You call that a cliffhanger?

Sara comes to Sebas’ office to show him the revised plan for community visits. Marina asks Sebas about some paperwork from when she was out of the office and he goes out to her desk to help her look for it. This leaves Sara alone in the office when Antonio calls…and she picks up the phone.

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5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I’m headed off to bed, but I just had to shout out one of your early lines:

“…and his “cretino” has never sounded more apt.”

All kinds of “WORD” to this. Anto is a straight up idiot.

I’ll be back in the morning for more.

5 years ago

Your smartassery is sublime. “… see I was going to let Juancho live, but he interrupted a perfectly good near-smooching that’s the best thing we’ve had happen on this show in what feels like a week. No offense to Fidel’s legs.” Funny, yet sad as well. This show has been a downer lately. “She has the terrible feeling she’ll never see him again.” Please no! Ay the maid! I feel bad for her, too! “And can you believe how much our little Juancho has grown up? I just have to stop and marvel at that sometimes!” It’s wonderful! Especially when… Read more »

5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I’ll watch this episode a bit later. I’m glad we’re getting our Simon-Edwina romance back on track, with assist from Juancho. Bruno and Laura just make me nervous. If the point of keeping the truth from Sara and ripping out her heart was to allow her to move on, just how the heck does Tonio think she’ll be able to do that with him living in her small town, living next door, and working in the same office?! He might as well tell her the truth. It wouldn’t make the pain completely go away, but it will lessen… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Diva thanks – great recap stuff that caught my eye ” his “cretino” has never sounded more apt.” yaazzz, this was the first time I thought yep when Sebas said that. “asked her to keep an eye on Sara. She’s a little suspicious,” because she knows who he is, she may not know he’s a saqueador but she knows he doesn’t care about other people ” Oh, good, they can go take Antonio in for questioning and not return him until after Friday!” Hey I didn’t think of that I was just thinking uh oh Tonio’s in trouble. Way to… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

He’s not a macho – that’s what I meant, but I was afraid to sound snarky and insulting. I think its a good thing
And I like that Sara isn’t relying on him to save her, and he encourages her to stand on her own feet

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

ooh I love the Sara and Laura get Pedro plan – can we include Marina too?

5 years ago

That would be perfect! Yes! Please let Marina be in on capturing Pedro.