Ruta 35, Friday 1/22/16 #9

Conchita was so busy last episode that all we saw today was a convo with the Padre about being out of work and what to do about her grandsons. He thinks she should tell them the truth already.


Salomon explains away the phone call Jimena heard and she agrees to give him another chance. Again. But this time for realz. So realz the kids bust them macking on the couch. It was a real heartwarming family moment.

Alejandra isn’t as happy as she expected to be and threatens Salomon that if she finds out he’s cheating on her mom, she’ll make sure they all move to Spain and he never sees them again.

Dylan and Sofia

Diane is looking better. She’s out of bed, at least, and wearing something other than pajamas. She’s not happy about being left alone while Dylan goes back to Mexico to deal with Rogelio, but she doesn’t want to go with him, either.

Rogelio shows up to the arranged meeting with a bunch of guys. Then he insists on going inside the restaurant. Then one of his guys gets jumpy and there goes the “meeting.” Sofia gets hauled into the big blue Hummer, but she manages to use her CELL PHONE to alert Dylan that they can tell he’s following them.

They make plans to try again, this time the following day at the coke warehouse. Sofia’s job is to make sure Federico isn’t there. She’s mostly worried about making sure her brother doesn’t get busted, so she begs him to meet her for coffee. He flakes, on account of Rogelio ordering him to hurry up and pack 500 kilos of coke for a shipment, and ends up getting taken in along with Rogelio and all the rest of the guys. Rogelio is, unfortunately, shot in the gut. “Unfortunately” only because he didn’t die immediately.

Federico is still angry and throwing out the accusation that Sofia is the one who ratted out his dad. Rogelio expects her to get him out of jail before they transfer him to the US.


After the attempt on Domingo’s life, he tries to offer Dylan $40 Million to get him out of prison, or at least let him see his dad. Dylan’s willing to take the money as evidence, but he can’t do anything else for Domingo. His partner sets up the meeting between Domingo and Felipe and they swap info about who the various players are in here, who’s trustworthy, who can be bought, and so on.

Domingo plots with Otelo, who his dad assigned to keep an eye on him, to find someone with no hope of getting out and family on the outside in need of money. That poor schmo attempts to garrote Rafael while he’s in his cell playing cards with his brother. Rafael’s brother stabs the guy and Rafael just ends up with a nice big mark on his neck.

Felipe decides they need to make peace or they’re all going to end up killing each other. He gets the blonde guy, “Barbie,” to set up a meeting in the laundry room. Rafael is perfectly willing to make peace with Domingo and his dad…but he wants Felipe to get on his knees and ask him. It’s a tense moment, but Felipe complies. As they’re shaking hands, Felipe grabs Rafael and slams his face into one of the machines, screaming that he doesn’t kneel for anybody. He ends up strangling Rafael before Barbie can get back in to check on them.


Mercurio meets Magnolia, the cashier, and the wired house and starts to talk her through how she’s supposed to exchange such large sums of fake cash. Marina comes in and busts them, then puts pressure on Magnolia to turn over the rest of the people exchanging money at the grocery store. She’s able to use that information to go back to the manager/security person at the store and get video evidence of at least one other cashier.

Mercurio is annoyed…more annoyed…even more annoyed…he has reached a new height of annoyance, ok?…with Marina for what she did to Magnolia. He’s deliberately obnoxious when he calls Taborda to tell him he’s got more money for him. He gets roughed up by Calixto and another guy when he goes to hand it over, throws a tantrum, and refuses to work for him anymore. But Taborda, apparently, likes it when his employees play hard to get. He shows up at the garage to taunt Mercurio into coming back to work for him and gives him a cash bonus.

Julia is nervous about having so much cash in the house and suggests they open a checking account. What luck! Mercurio just happened to make a new friend in the men’s room the other night! The go to Salomon’s office and make some really transparent excuses about the large pile of cash they’d like to deposit. Salomon uses his CELL PHONE to record their conversation while he leaves the room to count the money and make the deposit. Julia and Mercurio are surprised when he returns with paperwork and debit cards and tells them they’re all set.

Marina is concerned that Mercurio isn’t going to be the kind of asset she needs. She insists she STILL doesn’t have enough on Taborda. Tomás suggests she just toss him in jail already and get another informant. She seems vaguely horrified at the thought and says he would never do something like that, right? What about that sweet old lady who’s been informing for him, he’d never throw her in jail, would he? (Yes, yes he would.) He makes another suggestion–what about getting a mentor for Mercurio? He thinks he knows just the guy!

Just the guy takes his recorded cell phone conversation to Dylan’s partner to try to get him interested in this new “case.” All he has is Julia saying “he’s never going to believe you made all this money working at the garage.” Dylan’s partner brushes him off.

He ends up talking to Marina and confirming that the guy Tomás told her about, Salomon, is good. Really good. Dude’s a pro. But he’s also a loose cannon and thinks he’s a way better cop than all the agents in the entire building combined.

Marina meets with him and they do a bunch of verbal sparring, figure out that they’re both Colombianos, and bond over that. Marina warns him that if she tells him about the case she’s working, then he has to agree to work with her.

We don’t have a lot of final thoughts on this episode’s law enforcement ineptitude. They’re usually way more incompetent, so this was a rather lackluster episode.

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