La Vecina, Wednesday 1/27/16 #153

A tiny pin-prick of joy today. Seriously tiny. In fact, I'm now wondering if it was just my imagination. We all know the drill. Lazy, combined, half-assed and some straight up skipped scenes.

Sara hands the phone over to Sebas. Anto is dense. Sebas has to explain why Sara would be upset. If just a phone call is going to upset Sara like that, imagine what it will be like when Anto comes back. Anto launches into some sort of blabbity blah about business.

Sara is outside crying to Marina. His tone was so…casual. Like there was nothing wrong. Marina encourages her to stay strong!

Countdown to Launch

Simon, Vicente and Juancho hang posters around town publicizing the launch. The whole town is excited. At El Molcajete, Rosa asks how the rocket is going to get out of the barn and Simon kindly explains. He manages to make an innocent salt shaker look kinda dirty.

My hopes rise

Antonio goes to see the notary. Anto explains that his dad had a business arrangement with the now deceased Guillermo Cisneros. He further explains that Eduardo is in bad health. Antonio wants to his father to cede the business he had with Cisneros. Anto would then be in charge. As long as Eduardo is mentally fit and can sign his name, there shouldn’t be a problem. They can even go to the hospital to get all the paperwork completed. It should take about 5 days to get everything filed and official. Unfortunately, it won’t take effect until after Friday, but that doesn’t matter to Antonio. He and the notary go to the hospital.

Please help me launch my rocket

Simon drops off a poster at Edwina’s. She feigns illness so she doesn’t have to see him face to face. They talk through the door. Simon really wants her there on Saturday she can’t fail him. All Edwina can focus on is his use of “fallar” (fail). It echoes in her head. He leaves the poster outside her door. She takes one look at it and runs after him. She begs him to please not launch his rocket. Maybe she’s a silly and superstitious person, but she just has a bad feeling about the launch. She’s been avoiding him so as not to contaminate him with her nerves. She’s on the verge of proclaiming her love when Simon interrupts. Well, she should have told him about her nerves earlier. He could have allayed her fears with all kind of scientific explanations. She thinks to herself that she’s being silly. In his own thoughts, Simon thinks about his promise to wait until he returns from space to tell Edwina how he feels. Out loud, he promises her he will come back. He as a very strong reason to.

Los Ramirez

The Conatrol gang is gathered in the break room to watch the latest episode of the hit telenovela Los Ramirez, starring Marcelo (What’s his last name?) There’s a new character…Sebastian Morales. And he’s gay.

There are several scenes today in which Sebastian (the real life one) fields calls from friends and family who are asking about his sexual orientation. He calls Nat in frustration and tells her what Marcelo did. Nat scolds Marcelo while I am fascinated by his latest coat with shiny, dragonfly green accents. Isa calls during this scene and invites Nat to the wedding. I didn’t get the impression Nat accepted.

We’ll need a witness

Antonio and the notary arrive at the hospital. Antonio explains to his sister that he is going to take over Eduardo’s business dealings. Mariana is happy to be the witness.

Antonio gently explains to his father what is happening. Eduardo manages to get out that he didn’t take the amount they are saying he took. I’m not sure it even registered with anyone. Antonio promises he’s going to take care of things for his dad. The papers get signed.

As they leave, Antonio asks his sister if she realizes what this all means. If Antonio is the one in charge of Eduardo’s partnership, that means he also takes the fall. He will be the one to go to jail, NOT Eduardo. What’s that I hear? A choir of angels? Nope…not yet. They are just warming up for now. Since the paperwork won’t be official for five days, Antonio still has to marry the shrew. But at least she won’t have any leverage. He doesn’t think Isa will send him to jail, but he doesn’t even know who the hell she is any more.

I need to get out of Dodge

Antonio calls Uribe and asks if he can come talk to him about returning to San Gaspar. Eduardo is feeling better.

The next day, Uribe, Sities and Antonio meet to discuss his plans. Sities is glad that Antonio is going to go back to take over the plant. Sebas is doing a fine job, but he’s no Anto. Sitias also wants Anto to be careful. The saqueadores will have him in their sights. Anto will have them in his sights as well.

Anto wants to return to San Gasp on Monday. Did I hear that right? Oh, I hope I heard that right.

I will call her mine!

Merce doesn’t approve of Simon’s relationship with Edwina. I’m drawing a blank. Why? Anyway. Simon tells Merce that things with Edwina have been cleared up. As soon as he gets back from space, he’s going to formalize his relationship with her and ask Edwina to be his girlfriend. Merce just throws up her hands and walks away.

Sara asks Simon if he can take her memories of Anto into space with him.

In the words of the immortal Spice Girls

My love…you’re never gonna get it.

While Sara thinks about Antonio’s marriage proposal, Isa makes an indecent proposal. Anto just gets out of bed and walks away. Isa throws a pillow in frustration.

A sad montage

Pedro comes home and violently kisses Laura.
Fidel looks at the launch posters.
Titina looks for apartments.
Mariana watches over her dad.
Ema and Isa look over menus.

The Big Day

It’s Friday in La Vecinaville. Marina knows Sara must be feeling down, so she invites her to the movies. Sara appreciates her friend trying to keep her distracted. Sebas arrives for work and seems a little grumpy. Sara and Marina are both shocked he’s not in the DF to attend Antonio’s wedding. Sara is going to go find out what’s up.

Meanwhile Anto dresses for his funeral wedding. He takes a break from dressing to call the notary. He would like a copy of the documents ceding the business, even though they are not official.

Sebas tries to explain to Sara that he can support Antonio, but he doesn’t agree with him. Sebas knows that Anto doesn’t love Isa. At this point Sara (protagonista) gets frustrated and says that it’s not like Isa had a gun to Antonio’s head. Sara (recapper) gets frustrated that Sebas doesn’t tell her what’s going on. He just says something vague like “maybe she did.” Pppht. Sara doesn’t think that’s the case at all. Antonio told her plainly that Isa was his reality now. Sara tells Sebas that she appreciates his friendship. It is the one sweet thing she has left from Antonio.

Dammit Juancho

Edwina and Simon arrive at rocket central. Juancho reports that everything is good to go. Simon and Edwina are then left alone.

Simon declares that all the systems are in perfect condition. Simon is excited. Tomorrow is the big day. After 15 years, he will finally go to space. He notes that Edwina looks nervous. He wants to know if there’s anything he can do to help her feel better. They both seem to be moving in for a kiss…when Juancho interrupts them.

For the love of God, do NOT get me to the church on time

The wedding guests are arriving at Antonio’s house. Uribe is surprised at how quickly Isa and Antonio decided to get married. Antonio didn’t even mention it at their meeting yesterday! Well, you know…kids today.

Isa calls Anto, but he’s not picking up. Natalia, Mariana and Sebastian also aren’t there. Ha! This pleases me to no end. Apparently, all of Mexico’s top social set are there though. But really, who cares?

Ema calls Mariana at the hospital. Mariana refuses to come to the wedding. She will not be a witness to that farce. Ema tells her daughter how offended Isa will be. Mariana doesn’t give a hoot.

Anto finally shows up. He dressed almost entirely in black. Isa says he looks like a mafioso. Isa drags him over to the sacrificial altar.

In San Gaspar, Sara cries on Merce’s shoulder.

The judge makes a long speech and if I translated it we could all be “oh! the irony!”, but I’m lazy so…trust me, it was all about marriage blah blah moral foundations of family blah blah. After much pause, Anto signs his death warrant. He looks nice and miserable. Do none of the guests pick up on this?

Let’s get this party started

Sara is not in a party mood. She’s outside staring at what was once Antonio’s balcony. She cries. Bruno comes out to comfort her, but at some point he says something about Antonio didn’t really love her. I don’t know how that’s at all comforting. She tells him that Antonio swore over and over how much he loved her.

They finally go in to the party. There are astronaut jokes and dancing. Perhaps if I had a better understanding of the word “colmo” I would get the jokes. Vicente decides they need to wrap it up so Simon can get to bed early. Simon thanks them all for their support. Edwina gives him a tender kiss on the cheek and leaves. He’ll pick her up early in the morning.

He’s a little wedding gift

Isa is drunk. Anto does not carry her across the threshold. Isa slurs complaints about Nat and Sebas not showing up. She attacks Anto’s face. She wants him to fulfill his marital duties. He pushes her away. Aren’t I enough of a woman for you? His answer: No. Isa says she will call the lawyer right now to have Eduardo thrown in jail. Anto gives her the paper showing that Eduardo has ceded the partnership to his son. Antonio explains she’ll have to throw HIM in jail. Tee hee. *giggle* Yeah, be-yatch. You ain’t got nothin’.

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5 years ago

Coolness! Thank you, Sara. I’m going to grab on to that little spark of hope. I don’t completely understand how/why Antonio would be on the hook for something that allegedly happened before he had responsibility for the company, but I’m just going to roll with it. “For the love of God, do NOT get me to the church on time” cracked me up! That was the most pathetic “society” wedding ever. That’s some consolation. At least Isa came off looking like a total loser. Uribe had this “What the hell am I watching?” look on his face the whole time.… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Yeah, those pictures are NOT going to look good in the society pages. Heh!

5 years ago

I’m skeeved. I assume we’re having the launch today? And it’s January 28th. I know they didn’t do this on purpose, because Chapo’s capture messed with the schedule, but they’ve even referenced Challenger and now here we are.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Sorry to be a downer! As if that wedding wasn’t bad enough 🙁 I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous. It feels like they’ve been toying with us about this.

5 years ago

Gracias, Sara!

5 years ago

Thanks, Sara. Love your profile description!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Sara thanks for this recap, funny how they never seem lazy 🙂

I noticed how when Sebas complained about Chelo to Ligia she said no he seems so nice, couldn’t be him. Seems like Ligia has a thing for Chelo, maybe Sebas can introduce them

Tonio, how many times has he said he didn’t do it, now, hire an auditor already arrrgh