La Vecina, Friday 1/29/16 #155

Manten la calma y sigue adelante

Profe Cariego counsels everyone to stay calm. Sure, there’s a possibility the part will fail, but it’s not a certainty. Simon has detached the second stage of the rocket. Juancho isn’t responding to Simon because everyone in the control room is freaking out…and he’s noticed that he can’t track Simon’s position anymore. He tells everyone to be quiet! If he’s going to tell Simon what’s going on, he’s got to do it calmly. (So mature!) Simon says it sounds like there’s some interference, but Edwina explains it’s just all of them in the control room, thinking of him. He’s thrilled to hear her voice–but how can she be down there, when he brought her heart with him? She goes running back to Fidel’s arms. Simon doesn’t hear her crying and asks if everyone is as happy as he is…”We did it!” Juancho tells him there’s a problem.

Bruno sees Antonio outside the warehouse and goes to confront him–he’s not going to let Antonio take advantage of Sara! Sebas calms him down and then asks Antonio if they can go now. Antonio stubbornly insists that he lives here and he’s not going to hide.

Bruno goes into the control room just in time to hear Juancho explain to Simon that the GPS failed. Simon tells everyone to stay calm and Bruno begs him to promise he’ll make it back. “Of course I’m coming back!”

Laura, walking down the path, gets a call from Maria about Pedro’s call. Lucita is worried and feeling guilty. When she sees Laura, she asks for an update on what happened with the GPS…she’s babbling about Simon dying and it being her fault and not knowing what the part was. Quintin has to explain to Laura what she means and Laura suggests to Lucita that they pray.

Simon starts giving instructions. He tells them to get the letter and see what it says. He asks Profe Cariego to get his hands on the replacement part and see if he can figure out what kind of repairs Simon would need to make. In the meantime, they will stick to the plan and he’ll proceed to the next phase according to the clock and the bitácora (flight book, flight plan). Bruno runs off to find Lucita.

Forget staying calm…find that part!

Antonio sees him run past, and then sees Sara and asks her what happened. She tells him if he wants to do something for her, then get out of there. As soon as he turns away she already looks like she’s regretting it. Padre Vicente comes outside and Sara tells him she left so Simon wouldn’t hear her crying. He tells her to have faith. They’ll figure out what they can do when Bruno comes back with the part. He leads her back inside.

Lucita is still upset when Bruno comes up to tell her they need to go to her house to get the part. He tells Laura to go home, but she insists she’ll stay there to wait for him. Sure enough, she’s stayed too long and Pedro sees them hugging. She explains about Simon, and Lucita explains that it’s her fault (again), but Pedro is still angry that this is the second time he’s seen Bruno so close to Laura. Bruno insists there’s nothing going on between them. I note that Quintin has been standing right behind Pedro the whole time and hears him threaten Bruno that if he finds out there’s something going on…. He also hears Pedro order Anselmo to take Laura home, and sees Anselmo take her arm to lead her to the truck.

Fidel comforts Edwina, telling her they’ll find a way to fix this, just have faith and trust in God. Padre V is surprised to hear Fidel talking about God. Fidel says even though he’s an atheist, he believes there’s a God and He hasn’t had his say yet (so he’s probably more of an agnostic than an atheist). Anything can happen. He tells Edwina to dry her tears–Simon needs her, and so does Juancho. Edwina goes over to give Juancho a hug and the two of them sniffle together as she asks Simon to talk to them about what he’s seeing. Simon tells them how beautiful Earth looks, and how sad that human beings have such a capacity for destroying it.

Antonio and Sebas get back to the apartment. Sebas scolds Antonio for not anticipating this reception from Sara and her entire family. He begs again for Antonio to tell them the truth…and if he won’t then he just needs to suck it up. Antonio asks him to go back and tell him what’s going on. “They wanted me gone, not you.” Sebas agrees. ‘Cause he loves his friend.

At Lucita’s, they can find the GPS, but not the letter explaining the problem. Sara calls and checks with Profe Cariego to see if they really need it. He doesn’t say they don’t, but he tells them to hurry. Lucita finally remembers she threw it in the trash, and the trash has already been collected. All they can do now is get back to the warehouse. Bruno tells her to try to remember what the letter said on the drive back. She tries some memory trick she heard about, vocalizing an “aaaaah!” It’s going to be a long drive back.

The rocket has completed the final phase and should be in the orbit they calculated. Simon turns off the propulsion engines and asks Profe Cariego to help him calculate possible re-entry points. Just in case they can’t fix the GPS. Behind the Profe and Juancho, Selena explains to Merce and Edwina what he’s doing.

Lucita’s trick has paid off. She remembers something about a circuito resonador (resonating circuit?).

Fidel tells Quintin, Roque, Magda, and Rodobaldo what’s going on. Even Vladimir knows, but he’s sure that even if they can’t fix the problem, Simon will know what to do. Fidel has to get back to the station, but Magda stays to keep Edwina company. As they walk off, Quintin halfheartedly jokes about how it would be convenient for him if Simon got lost out there. Fidel is about to chew him out when he changes the subject. Pedro was there, he argued with Bruno, and then he took Laura with him. Antonio was there, too. And Pedro showed up after he did. This is the first time he’s had a chance to tell Fidel, since Fidel had been in the warehouse until just now.

Lucita repeats her trick and tells Profe Cariego about the circuito resonador. He says the GPS has several of them, so what they need to know is which one is faulty. Not that Lucita can remember, but it isn’t something that can be fixed. They’ll have to find another solution. He asks Juancho what tools Simon has with him. Juancho says he’s got the basics, and a multimetro (multimeter, it measures various things, hence “multi,” like voltage, current, and resistance). He tells Juancho to bring him all the same tools Simon has so he knows how to walk him through a solution.

Edwina explains to Simon that as soon as Profe Cariego figures out a solution, he’ll tell him what to do. Meanwhile, Simon is going to look at the GPS module he has and see if he can find the malfunctioning circuit. Lucita takes over the comm and while I love her dearly, the hand-wringing is starting to get on my nerves. I get that she feels guilty, but right now, it’s not about her! He asks them to say who’s in the room while he starts removing the module.

Pedro (boo, hiss!)

Maria is in trouble. Pedro is accusing her of lying to cover for Laura. She swears she didn’t hear Laura get out of the shower and leave the house. Pedro fires her and refuses to pay her severance. He orders Anselmo to throw her out, then turns on Laura. He warns her not to go near Bruno again if she doesn’t want him to end up in a ditch.

Anselmo has thrown out Maria and asks Pedro what to do with Bruno. Pedro says they can’t do anything now–there are too many eyes on him. Later, they’ll get rid of Bruno. He tells Anselmo off for asking if Laura is going to get punished. None of your damn business, Anselmo! Pedro mutters to himself that Laura is taking advantage of the fact that she knows he can’t live without her. Die, Pedro, die!

Laura lies in bed, crying and remembering Pedro’s threat to Bruno. She remembers what happened to Carlos, the booze distributor, and how Pedro was asking if they had something going on. And then Pedro at the restaurant on the phone. “Who am I married to?” She starts to call Bruno, but then thinks he’s probably focused on Simon. She prays that Simon makes it back alive.

At least one person is glad Antonio is back

Fidel sees Sebas outside the apartment building. He says he was surprised to see Antonio back. He’s got to get the security guards back in place. Sebas is headed for the warehouse.

Ric gets home from somewhere and finds his phone on his coffee table where he accidentally left it. He’s got a ton of missed calls from Pedro and makes the mistake of returning them. Pedro barks in his ear about why he wasn’t informed that Antonio is back, whaddayamean you took his wife’s word for it–she’s a lousy informant! He orders him to find out what happened NOW!

Yes, Fidel wants to talk security with Antonio. You know, it didn’t occur to me until now to be annoyed with him for not letting Fidel know he was coming so his bodyguards could meet him at the airport. Sure, no one else knew he was going to be there, so it’s not like anyone could plan to take him out, but what if one of Pedro’s guys had seen him and just decided to take a shot? And he promised Mariana he would be careful! Anyway…. Fidel is happy to have him back. He’s worried that it seems like Pedro followed him out to the warehouse, or maybe it was just a coincidence. Fidel thinks now is the time to catch Pedro, when he’s got no informants at the plant.

Isa. Drinking. From a glass. Wearing yoga pants instead of her wedding dress. Ric arrives. Isa goes for the bottle as she explains she’s enjoying her honeymoon. Antonio took off, and he hasn’t even called! She explains about Eduardo signing over the company to Antonio and how she won’t send her husband to jail, because scandal. She’s going to San Gaspar tomorrow to demand her “rights.” She whines that she was foolish to think he would stay…uh, yeah, I’d say so. And then she says she’s not going to be his wife in name only. OK, then, Pedro Jr. Ric tells her she’s pathetic. “What does la vecina have that I don’t have?” she smarms. “Dignity.” Oof! Oh, but now she’s angry and she wants an angry shag. Gross! Did we have to do this again?! I’m averting my eyes. And then…she calls him “Antonio” and Ric is NOT into that. He leaves her with her bottle.

“It seems to run on some form of electricity.”*

I’m going to bow out of translating the repair work. Simon’s having a grand time watching the screws float before he sticks ’em in his mouth and starts doing technical things in the scary box will all the parts.

Repairs continue. Simon carefully tucks the screws into a pocket. Everyone hears some kind of noise…he says it’s a temperature warning and presses a button. More fiddling with the scary box. Sebas arrives and tells Padre Vicente that he and Antonio are really worried, and out of respect Antonio is staying away, but if there’s anything they can do…. Sebas has to take the scolding meant for Antonio, that you don’t get to do THAT much harm and then go around trying to be a hero. Antonio should leave SG forever! Sebas says Antonio had a reason for what he did, and Padre V has every right to be angry, but that doesn’t erase that Antonio is really worried for Simon. Padre V Is confused, but explains about the circuit and that it’s a serious problem, but they’re hopeful it can be fixed. Sebas excuses himself to go back outside as Padre V wonders what motives Antonio could have had.

More fiddling with the scary box…Simon finds the faulty circuit! Profe C tells him to mark it and then start making a puente (bypass). Serena isn’t convinced–she thinks he should check all the circuits to make sure it’s just the one that’s faulty. Simon says they’ll have to bet on this one being the only one. It will take him too long to check them all. And if he bypasses more than one circuit he’s going to increase the potential for error to a dangerous level.

Pedro again

Ric reports back to Pedro that, yes, Antonio is back in San Gaspar to run the plant. Pedro’s angry that HE’s the one who had to tell RIC that he saw him or Ric wouldn’t even have known. As he’s yelling at Ric, we see that the door to his office is open and Laura walks up just as he’s saying “He came back for ME! You should have warned me!” Ric tells him not to be paranoid. They have no proof. “Andrade is a pebble in my shoe! Don’t you realize they’re on our heels?!” Ric tells him to chill. Antonio will be distracted by the arrival of Isa–he’ll end up spending more time dealing with his personal life than running the plant. Laura wonders if Pedro is talking about Antonio and backs out of the doorway. She immediately knocks on the door and comes in, asking if Pedro’s going to have lunch. He screams “NO” at her.

Laura records a video message for Bruno, mentioning that she has something to tell him about Pedro. I’m worried she’s going to get caught, but not so far.

Isidro has arrived to talk to Pedro. He wants to know why Pedro didn’t tell him that the police were investigating him (Pedro) or that Antonio was back. He reminds Pedro that they’re an organization, and Pedro’s not the only one with spies. Aw, crap. Pedro says no one knew Antonio was coming back. And as for the cops, they have no proof or any way to find it. And Isidro shouldn’t have come over to the house if the cops are watching him. Isidro insists that’s not a problem–they have legit business dealings. “Exactly.” Pedro reminds him that everyone sees him as a respected businessman. Isidro reminds him that the organization doesn’t tolerate mistakes. Pedro pulls out a gun and lays it on the desk for Isidro. “If I’ve made one then you know what you have to do.” He’s now the one telling someone to chill. If Antonio is back, that means he’s confident he can continue with his plans, but it’s all going to backfire on him. Pedro is working on a way to take advantage of his return.

Are we good?

Simon. Rocket. Soldering iron? He’s got stuff floating around as he does sciencey things. He finally pulls the circuit out and then says he’s going to solder the place where it was.

Simon is done fixing the GPS module and starts closing up the box. He asks Juancho if he’s getting a reading. We’re all holding our breath until Juancho says there’s no response. And then I say something quite indecorous and unladylike. Simon, in frustration, sort of slow-mo mashes his fist down on the box and suddenly it’s all working again! Everybody cheers! So how well is it working? Juancho’s checking on that.

Profe Cariego reports that the difference between Simon’s calculated position and the readings from the GPS is <.02%, which is an acceptable margin of error. Simon tells them to get ready for the return. Profe C says they’ll see him at Llano Grande. Simon will take some pictures and do a few experiments in the meantime.

*Captain America's response when Iron Man asks him what it looks like inside the engine control panel of the Helicarrier in the first Avengers movie.
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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Diva thanks, this epi seemed to go by so fast (like a rocket?) when the end credits started I was going wait, already?
I liked your quote, and description of the repair scenes (scary box, yeah, I wouldn’t want to have to fiddle around in there. )
Also I didn’t know what a multimeter was, so thanks for that explanation
Laura’s poor maid:( we just got to know her and now she’s fired:(
Thanks again

5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! Not gonna lie… I’m glad I didn’t have to recap it. So much science and techy talk. But of course you covered it perfectly.

Even though the jargon makes my eyes glaze over, I think it’s awesome that we’ve got this rocket in actual space thing going. Surely it’s a telenovela first?

5 years ago

Thanks, Diva! Your recap is da bomb. I too have my heart in my throat every time Laura uses that phone that Bruno gave her. I hope she has it set to silent. And sticking it under her pillow? Jeepers.
Sara – Yeah, a rocket in a telenovela has got to be a first. It’s crazy, but they’re making it work.

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Aren’t they? When I first started telling my husband about Simon’s rocket he looked at me funny. He still doesn’t believe me when I tell him that as goofy as it sounds the whole rocket plot is working. Some of that has to go to the actors playing Simon and Edwina. They are selling it. And I like the rocket plot because it gives us a reason for Juancho to be around and NOT cause trouble.