La Vecina, Thursday 1/28/16 #154

Best honeymoon ever!

Antonio informs Isa that not only does she no longer have the threat of throwing his dad in jail to hold over his head, and not only is he not going to spend the night on his “wedding” night, but on top of all that he’s going home to pack for San Gaspar.

Antonio calls Sebastian to angry-gloat about the look on Isa’s face when he told her about his legal maneuvering. Sebas keeps pushing for Antonio to tell Sara the truth. He thinks it will make it easier, what with the having to work with her and practically living on top of each other, but Antonio is still resisting.

Isa’s lawyer just doesn’t get it. See, he acts like he thought this was a legitimate legal dispute. Why else would he tell Isa that if she wants to “do” something, then she should press charges on Antonio now, instead of his father. She drunks in his general direction that she can’t DO that because he’s her HUSBAND and there would be a SCANDAL because she’s a CISNEROS. Poor Isa. Nobody understands her. And I don’t just mean because she sounds like there was way too much champagne flowing at the wedding and not enough people to drink it.

Mariana’s happy to hear that Antonio finally got one over on Isabel, though she thinks it sucks that he’s married to her now. She’s also worried about him putting himself in danger again in San Gaspar. He promises to be careful and stay in touch.

Time to launch

It’s launch time and the whole town has turned out to greet Simon at the warehouse and take selfies with him. (Buncha rocket-doubters! They’re not true fans! We were fans before it was cool!)

Vladimir tells his parents to hurry up and finish breakfast so they can watch the launch. He wants to get a good spot. Edwina calls and tells him they need crowd control! Fidel sends Quintin and then tells the family they’d better get going.

Sebastian runs into Padre V in the hallway and there’s an awkward moment before Sebas reminds him he’s not the boss of Antonio. Padre V stands down and then asks if he’s going to the launch. Sebas says he’ll try.

Inside the apartment, Merce and Sara have made a bunch of sandwiches for the spectators. I hope they’re planning to sell them, ’cause those are a LOT of sandwiches! Padre V asks for a couple to go–he’s got something to do before the launch. He gets a call from someone panicky because there’s a titipuchal (buttload!) of people out there.

It’s a good thing Fidel and his guys show up…Simon’s got a crowd worthy of a rock star. He’s alarmed to hear that Edwina is inside with Simon, ALONE, but Magda puts her foot down–he’s there for crowd control, not sister control! Shows who really wears the biceps in this family. (I love how their outfits are color-coordinated today. She looks great in blue!)

Ema starts in on Mariana at the breakfast table for not being at Antonio’s wedding. Whatevs. It was all fake anyway–just because Isa married him doesn’t mean she’s going to be his wife. She takes off for the hospital. Ema calls Isa’s and thinks getting voicemail is a good sign–they must be too busy to answer. There’s a logic here that’s…not.

Antonio arrives at the airport and tells Sebas he doesn’t think Isa will try anything against him–she’d be too embarrassed to have people find out her husband is in *gasp* jail. And in the meantime, he wants to keep investigating this fraud thing. Something just doesn’t add up. His dad keeps saying he didn’t take the money–but if he did, then where did it go? He wants to get down to the launch site. To see the launch. Because the launch is important. He’ll just, uh, try to avoid Sara. Sebas looks exasperated. It’s no fun being the sensible one in the relationship.

Or maybe not?

Simon and Edwina are still inside the warehouse. She opts for a goodbye selfie instead of a kiss. And he apologizes for being so cranky. There’s almost a kiss, but once again Juancho interrupts. He also looks fetching in his blue flight suit. He announces that Fidel’s got the crowd under control

Doña Lucita…is not dead. But she seems to have forgotten about the rocket and Simon and that she told her son to wake her up so she could see the launch. When he tells her about the money, she remembers Simon, and playing cards with Edwina. But not that she lost, and that she had to buy a part for the rocket…. Suddenly it all comes back to her and she says the have to stop the launch! Uh, as soon as she puts her face on. Because she always wears makeup on Saturdays. Oh dear.

La familia gets to the launch site and Merce’s thinking there aren’t going to be enough sandwiches. I’m telling you, this would have been a good opportunity for some sales.

Speaking of launching

Vladimir tells Simon he wants to be an astronaut like him when he grows up. Fidel’s all “Uh, don’t encourage him.” Padre Vicente says it’s time to get going. Simon needs just a minute alone with Edwina to give her some “final instructions.” Really he wanted to be alone with her to tell her…something…so he has more motivation to come back…. This time the interruption is provided by Fidel. Twice. Simon keeps stumbling over the words, trying to tell her–she tells him to save it for when it he lands. They launch in 15 minutes and he still has to get to the actual launch site. He keeps telling her how punctuality is so important…. Simon gently stills her lips with his fingers. What he has to say will only take a few seconds:

I love you, Edwina. And don’t act like you don’t know because you feel the same way I do. Don’t deny it. I’ve been stupid! I should have told you a long time ago…and even though I told your brother I wouldn’t tell you until I came back from space, I just couldn’t keep it in anymore.

He sighs with relief and says he can go on his mission now. Edwina grabs him and there are no more interruptions. She plants a kiss on him that he’s going to be feeling long after the rocket exits Earth’s atmosphere.

No more stalling

Outside, everyone applauds as Simon gets into the back of Sara’s jeep and she drives him out to the launch site. At the site, Sara bids him a teary goodbye and Padre Vicente can’t help getting teary too. “You’d better come back, or I’ll come looking for you!” They agree to have a couple of glasses of wine when he gets back and Padre Vicente gives Simon his blessing.

Lucita and her son can’t find Simon’s orchard. And her son didn’t bring his cell phone so they could call Padre V and get directions.

Laura showed up at the warehouse, knowing Bruno would need support. Profe Cariego and Serena arrive. He’s not worried at all, because he knows Simon did a good job. Padre V’s just disappointed Arce’s not there so he can tell him a few things.

Pedro and Anselmo are heading back to town, I suppose, and they see Sebas and Antonio heading for the warehouse. Pedro decides to follow them.

Simon straps himself in and starts his instrument check. Communications are definitely working.

Lucita and her son finally find the way to the warehouse, but they’re stopped by Quintin. He thinks Lucita’s concerns are due to a lack of understanding, but she finally gets through to him that she’s not speculating about potential disaster, she knows there’s a faulty part!

Edwina and Juancho watch the clock count down and Juancho calls for a start to the launch sequence. Everyone watches from the warehouse, which seems to be miles away from the launch site. Quintin calls Fidel and tells him there’s a defective part on the rocket and they have to stop the launch.

Go time

The countdown is going and Edwina runs outside to see the launch. The CGI’s a little goofy, I will admit, but what the hell. Simon fires the rocket and a great cloud of smoke goes up from the base…we have liftoff! Juancho calls for a countdown to the next phase.

Sebas and Antonio haven’t made it to the warehouse yet, but they see the rocket from farther down on the path. As do Pedro and Anselmo. Pedro admires Simon’s agallas (guts, audacity, daring) and is not impressed by Anselmo saying he wouldn’t go up in that rocket even if he were strapped in. Pedro’s really confused about Antonio being there, after he’d just gotten married.

Quintin gets to the warehouse and tentatively questions Edwina about whether the trail of smoke is normal. She thinks he’s just being a jerk again, but he tells her about Lucita’s arrival. Edwina’s spooked, but at least she’s been at this long enough now that she’ll have a clue what Lucita’s talking about and how serious it is.

Juancho reports the acceleration is stable and tells Simon to go to phase 2 at the 9-minute mark.

Padre Vicente gives an interview to some reporters. He tells them they’re in communication with Simon and his nephew Juancho and Edwina are in charge of the control room. (And again–Juancho. Who’dathunkit?)

Profe Cariego jokes that he always knew Simon would go far…but not this far! He’s so proud.

How’s that honeymoon going?

Isa is still in her wedding dress, and it looks like she downed a bottle of wine. I can’t believe Ema came over there! Who does that?! Isa breaks it to her that Antonio didn’t spend the night and he’s gone to San Gaspar. She tells Ema that Antonio played her–Eduardo signed over his share of the company to Antonio and she can’t throw Antonio in jail. She doesn’t believe Ema didn’t know about it. Ema reminds her that she’s always supported her…”Right, because you were seeing the peso signs.” I’d say that’s rude, but it’s also true. Isa says she never believed in Ema’s good intentions, she’s just a hypocrite. She knew it when Ema kept quiet about the thing with Ric and then insisted on Antonio marrying her. Ema reminds her that “Entre gitanos, no nos leemos la suerte” (literally: among gypsies, we don’t read each other’s fortunes; let’s not pretend we don’t both know what’s going on here), she’s Isa’s only ally, so they’d better keep getting along. It’s not like she’s going to get divorced, right? Ema thinks they’ve finally gotten the upper hand on la vecina. She’s got standards. She’s not going to go after a married man. She warns Isa to play nice, because now that their major problem is resolved, she’s got no problem going over to Antonio’s side. Isa taunts her that she’s probably thinking about how to divest Isa of her hard-inherited pesos. After all, if Eduardo could do it…. Ema has had enough for now. She leaves. Isa admits to herself that she’s right about one thing–Antonio won’t have an easy time with Sara now. She calls to make a reservation for a flight to San Gaspar. I hope she gets airsick.

The panic sets in

Edwina talks to Lucita and explains that the GPS is an essential part of the navigation system. Without it, Simon could end up just floating aimlessly in space, or he could land in an unexpected place and they won’t be able to find him! She goes back to the control room to warn him.

Everyone’s still outside the warehouse. Profe Cariego, Serena, and Merce head inside and Sara starts to follow, but gets distracted at the sight of Antonio. She shakes it off and heads in. Sebas notices that she had the same effect on Antonio and he grouses about how this isn’t going to work with Antonio running into her all over the place.

Laura and Bruno are snogging. Uh, to relax him? She suggests they go outside and luckily they see Pedro before he sees them.

Pedro is trying to reach Ric to find out why Antonio is back. Anselmo thinks he sees Laura, but she’s gone before Pedro can see her. He calls the house and the maid tells him she’s in the shower. He scolds Anselmo.

Sebas suggests they leave now that there’s not really anything to see. If Antonio is just hanging around to run into Sara, then he might as well tell her the truth. Before Antonio can say anything, he gets a call from Ema. She “disapproves” of the way Antonio is treating his “wife.” Antonio refuses to discuss it with her. And as for discussing it with his “wife,” signing a piece of paper didn’t make her that and he knows perfectly well how to treat her. He hangs up on her.

Edwina is in tears as she approaches Fidel and cries on his shoulder.

Juancho shows off his mad control room skillz. Serena and the Profe explain that in 12 hours, Simon will orbit the earth 8 times. Juancho says they’ve got two minutes until the final phase. Simon’s velocity is increasing steadily. In 35 minutes he’ll be in position to orbit. Fidel comes in and Padre V notices his face. Edwina comes in and, well, if Fidel’s face looks bad…Edwina gives them the details and everyone is shocked. Juancho explains that it means Simon could end up lost in space.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Ok first things first – Thank you Diva great recap But I don’t understand how Simon can get lost, he doesn’t have enough fuel to get really far away from the earth so the way home is always going to be down. He might land on a different continent but the earth is pretty huge, it’d be hard to miss it (Oh I just had the thought maybe its about entry vectors or something like that. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that if you get that wrong you blow up. That would be bad) back to the recap “He… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

oh and especially Isa being foiled. That was good but I’m still mad that Tonio the tonto actually married her so that is a bitter victory

5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I’m just about to hit the sack, but I had to say what an exciting episode you got (and scary, too!)

“I love how their outfits are color-coordinated today. She looks great in blue!”
Magda looks fabulous in everything, but she did look extra awesome today. I love that you pointed it out.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I’m sure I’ve said it repeatedly (and perhaps annoyingly), but I’m so in love with Magda.

5 years ago

Ok, it was a little goofy… But I did like the rocket launch. I really didn’t think we’d actually see a launch!