Ruta 35, Monday 1/25/16 #10


Conchita still can’t find a job, so Tomás sends her to a retirement community to spy on a guy who makes frequent, short trips to Mexico. Conchita totally has it going on when it comes to guys close to the age of her grandsons. Younger guys love Conchita. She’s like their surrogate grandma, and that dotty old lady routine? They just eat it up.

But this older guy, Rick? She has no game with him, despite their shared love of Ronald Reagan. When making friends with him doesn’t work, she resorts to sneaking into his room to plant a camera and switching it out every 12 hours. Good thing Rick is so active. She eventually gets stuck in his closet and overhears a phone call. She shares the video with Tomás–a video that is mysteriously shot from a completely different angle and in a completely different room from the camera she planted. At least now they know they’re on the right track and he’s up to something shady.


Gavilan hears too much. He knows now that Rebeca’s the one who sold out Domingo, and his heart is broken. He drags her out of her house and takes her to a warehouse to kill her (and yeah, his heart is broken, but that’s no excuse for being so violent!), but changes his mind and instead tells her to hide from him. Rebeca calls Dylan, in a panic, and he pulls some strings and gets her into the US. She has no money and nowhere to stay, so he convinces Diane to let her stay at their house. Diane hates the whole “informant” thing, but she agrees and ends up being an incredibly gracious hostess.

Salomon and Mercurio

Marina introduces the two and Salomon is not inclined to take Mercurio under his wing. Mercurio convinces him–it was probably telling him they didn’t have to split the money that did it!–and they’re off to reel in Taborda.

Our show suddenly becomes Ruta 35: The Musical as Taborda messes with Salomon by playing banging on the keys of a strange aqua-colored piano. He proceeds to sing Salomon’s bio to him, which we hear is all the rage now.  Making direct threats of “I know where you live and I’ll kill your entire family if you mess with me” being so passé. Salomon busts out his expert dance moves and once again the King of Playing Hard to Get seals the deal. He won’t just help move the pittance of $50,000 Taborda wanted to start with, no señor, they’re going right for $500,000.


He’s still trying to work out some kind of deal for his dad, but the murder of Rafael is making that complicated. Dylan goes to the prison director to plead with him not to put Rodrigo and Camilo in the same unit as Domingo and save himself the headache. The prison director ignores him and instead, after their first encounter in the cafeteria, threatens them both with six months of solitary confinement if they get into any trouble, and a year if they do it again.

Sofia and Salomon

Sofia gets herself and Federico to the US after Federico tries to take over the cartel and gets his ass handed to him. Let’s all sing this one together, “I’m eighteeeeeeeeen! I’m a maaaaaaaaaaaaan!” He still won’t quit whining about his alleged manhood after they get there and complains about everything from the accommodations to the fact that Sofia keeps harping about school and refuses to let him start a little “import business.” Way to learn from your mistakes, man.

She goes to Dylan to ask for help finding a job, and Dylan calls in Mr. Fix-It Salomon who just happens to know a guy who will hire Sofia. To sell cars. About which she knows nothing. Except how to drive one. Nor does she know anything about computers, though she tells her lech of a boss that she’ll figure it out, thanks. We’re definitely entitled to call him a lech considering he asked Sofia to dress more provocatively so she’ll sell more cars. Yeah, that’s right. He asked SOFIA to dress MORE provocatively. She finds an ally/mentor in one of the other women.

Sofia, Federico, and Rogelio

It’s visiting time at the prison. Rodrigo starts in on how Federico’s the “man” of the family now and needs to take care of his mother and get a job. Federico shoots his big adult manly mouth off about how mom’s already got a job. Sofia downplays it as a part-time job at a dealership. Rodrigo gets yelled at by the guard for breaking the “no touching” rule twice. The first time, he smacked Federico for not getting a job and not being ashamed of himself for letting his mother support him financially. The second time, he reached for a Post-it note with Sofia’s new cell number–he ended up having to just memorize it. He asks Sofia to hook him up with the same lawyer Rafael and his brother had. And then he basically throws her out of there, telling her to go find out what it will take to visit her brother, so he can have some quality time alone with his son. To tell him to play along with his mom so she doesn’t suspect anything when he takes a shipment of, uh, merchandise. Oh, Federico’s all smiles now. It’s what he’s always wanted.

Having all these people starting to converge in once place seems like it’s a sure way for Sofia to find out a bunch of stuff about her new friends that might be better left unsaid. Like the fact that Salomon helped bring in Domingo. And that Dylan’s terrible cell phone etiquette set off the chain of events that led to the deaths of Domingo’s mother and son. And that Rebeca, who’s now living with Dylan, turned in her cousin AND broke Gavilán’s heart. There is no way this is going to end well.

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