Ruta 35, Tuesday 1/26/16 #11

This is the start of 1-hour episodes, which looks like it's continuing into the foreseeable future.

Suddenly makes headway with Rick when her grandsons come to visit. Maybe it was their names–Ronald and Wilson–that got his attention. She and Rick start spending time together and even manage to win a dance contest, despite neither of them really knowing how to dance. He may be reconsidering wanting company on those long, lonely trips to Mexico.


It’s not good. He showed up at a warehouse to collect the mercancía and didn’t bring a flashlight to use to find the boxes marked with UV-reactive paint. Several bananas and an orange lost their lives as he struggled to figure out which boxes had the cocaine. He takes 10 random boxes, but then panics and tries to stop the truck and check again. The driver gives him the brush-off.

Rogelio is furious and ends up calling him useless. News stories of people finding cocaine-filled bananas spread throughout the Miami area.


Camilo is just not cut out for prison. He’s nervous and upset and he’s convinced he’s going to die in there. He dutifully passes Sofia’s new phone number on to Domingo and then takes a chance and asks Barbie to let Domingo know Rogelio’s guys are going to try to kill him. Domingo has ample protection when someone comes after him with a pair of scissors in the gym. Thankfully, Rogelio doesn’t suspect Camilo of betraying him.


She’s sold a couple of cars, but she’s not sure she’ll be any good as an informant. (She’s becoming an informant to try to help reduce her brother’s and Domingo’s sentences.) Dylan tells her she’s got enough experience that she’ll just be able to tell which customers are potential criminals.

Her boss insists she go out to dinner with him if she wants her commission check and the other women tell her to go along with him or he’ll make her life hell, but don’t worry, he won’t cross any lines. Considering she tried to tell him “no” to going out several times and he wouldn’t accept that answer, he already has.


She has taken to cooking and cleaning and Diane asks Dylan to please talk to her about it. Dylan tells her she can only stay in his house if she goes out and gets another job.

He sets her up with Salomon for job placement and informant training, but on the very first case they’re supposed to work together, Salomon makes the executive decision that he’s the one who will go in and try to get the target’s attention. He figures a rich, classy guy who hides his drug business well will be instantly suspicious of a woman who comes out of nowhere and starts hitting on him. But a rando stalking him on the golf course and having a loud cell phone conversation about moving large sums of money and scoffing at laws? Totes legit!


Mercurio and Salomon help Marina nab Taborda, Calixto, and the rest of the crew. All’s well that ends well, Marina will put in a good word with the judge, and Salomon tells Mercurio he can keep all the reward money. The nightmare is nearly over.


Marina shows up at his apartment with bad news. He’ll be receiving a letter stating that his 30 days are up and he’s required to present himself to start his sentence. Don’t worry, though, she’s going to put in a good word with the judge. But she’s got to do it at a hearing, blah blah blah, sorry, blah blah. She gets the cops who show up to take him to jail to give him and Julia a few more seconds to say goodbye, and then puts the handcuffs on him herself. Because it’s kinder? Because it’s symbolic of their entire relationship?

Julia throws her out of the apartment. Again.

That felt a lot faster at 1 hour. Or maybe it’s the way the setup of each op drags, but the end happens so quickly it’s difficult to believe it’s really over. Apparently the way to resolve every case is bringing in Salomon.

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