Ruta 35, Friday 1/29/16 #14


Sofia and Federico visit Rogelio. For some reason they’re placed in the room adjacent to the one where (undercover) Gavilán is visiting Domingo, and everyone can see each other through the glass. Federico takes this opportunity to cause trouble by telling a guard that there’s a member of Domingo’s crew in the prison.

Sofia also visits Camilo, who asks her to mail a letter and the contents of a baggie of pot to some guy named Cipriano.


Gavilán crossed illegally to visit Domingo and had Domingo’s lawyer sneak him into the prison with some kind of “special permission.” He’s all dressed up in a suit, and not a camo one, either. He tells Domingo that Rebeca’s the one who ratted him out and that he didn’t have the guts to kill her, but if he sees her again, he will. They start hatching a plan that involves the prison doctor.

Later, Domingo trades a couple of packages of something for a cell phone so he can call Gavilán and find out how the plan is going. By that point, Gavilán has already kidnapped…oh, sorry, no, not “kidnapped,” he’s very sensitive about being called a kidnapper…politely requested at gunpoint, from the backseat of the doctor’s car, that they drive somewhere to have a quiet discussion. He tells the doctor that he needs him to get Domingo out of the prison.


Rebeca, Salomon, and Dylan meet to talk about nabbing Alejandro. Salomon is bringing his “favorite” escort to town to try to get information from her. He and Rebeca banter about whether sex is the best and/or most efficient way to get information out of a man. If Salomon is right about how much men talk to the (paid or unpaid) women they have sex with, definitely men are an information security risk.

Salomon is still planning to put the cameras in Alejandro’s office, and Rebeca calls Alejandro to set up a coffee date to give Sal the opportunity to do that.

Back at Dylan’s house, Rebeca pours herself into a dress that looks like it’s impairing her ability to breathe fully. Diane thinks this is for their double date later with Dylan and John (Dylan’s partner) but Rebeca tells her this is for their op, and she doesn’t even like the guy, but it’s her job. Diane bluntly tells her that informing is not a job that pays much, if ever, and as much as she loves her husband, she knows he’s just using Rebeca to close his case. She encourages Rebeca to get a real job, one with a regular paycheck. Rebeca appears to be considering this…

But in the very next scene, she walks into Dylan’s office, ready for her date. Dylan breaks it to her that Gavilán is in Miami and he met with Domingo. If she looked like she couldn’t breathe before, it gets even worse now. She can’t even think. All she can do is remember Gavilán pointing the gun at her head. “Diane was right! You’re just using me to close a case!” Dylan doesn’t exactly deny that, but he does pressure her into keeping the date with Alejandro, telling her if she cancels and he gets spooked, all their hard work so far could end up being for nothing.


Alejandro wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going for coffee, but he shows up. He immediately starts trying to turn this into cocktails, but Rebeca says she has an early job tomorrow. They’ve known each other for all of five minutes, but he’s already telling her that if she were with him, she’d never have to work. She jokes that she’s not sure he can support her, what with her taste for the finer things–not with the money he makes running a printing business. He tells her he has other businesses, but they’re interrupted when his phone rings and he hears that his merchandise has arrived. They end the date early.

Now it’s time for Dylan and Rebeca’s “date.” Once again, they’re doing something stupid. This time, it’s jumping in Dylan’s car to follow Alejandro and find out what could possibly be more important to him than Rebeca and caffeine. Unfortunately, Alejandro takes a last-minute exit and there’s no way for Dylan to keep up with him.

Alejandro arrives at a warehouse and we find that the “merchandise” is cocaine, pressed into what look like ceramic tiles.


Diane and John show up at the place where Dylan and Rebeca are supposed to be meeting them. Diane apparently doesn’t really like John all that much, so the two of them sit there not talking and polish off a bottle of wine while they wait.

In the morning, Dylan apologizes for missing their date. He mentions Diane smelled like alcohol when he crawled into bed last night. She brings up the wine and John–who she thought might hit it off with Rebeca. Dylan scoffs at that idea. Diane accuses him of having a thing for Rebeca–he moved her into the house and then extended her stay indefinitely, and last night he stood her up because he was out doing something else with her (Rebeca).

Rebeca walks in on the tail end of this conversation and starts talking to Diane about how sorry she is she missed the date, but they were following this guy and–Diane interrupts her and says she’s not interested. Rebeca tells Dylan, basically, he’s screwed. Dylan nods in agreement.


Salomon picks up Connie, aka “Alejandro’s favorite,” at the airport. She’s under the impression that Salomon is taking her to see Alejandro. While they “wait” for him, he tries to get information out of her. She lets slip the name of some guys Alejandro works with a lot. He takes her out dancing and finds out that she thinks Alejandro is a lousy dancer (we all saw that when he tried to dance with Rebeca the other night). She talks about how he was just a poor DJ when she first met him, but then someone taught him “the business.” Turns out, Salomon knows that guy. Because Salomon knows everybody involved in drug dealing, money laundering, or counterfeiting in the entire western hemisphere.

He didn’t realize that while he was in the bathroom, Connie mistakenly answered his phone. So he’s surprised the next morning when Jimena is asking him why a woman answered his phone last night. Of course he has an answer…sort of…he doesn’t really know…must have been someone at the office…who knows…cell phones are weird…things happen. This is way too much like the excuses he used to make back when he was informing. She’s made up her mind. She’s getting an apartment and she and the girls are moving out.


Conchita has agreed to cook for Wilson’s birthday party. She has also agreed to go with Rick on his next trip to Mexico. These turn out to be happening on the same day. She begs Tomás to have some consideration and let her skip the trip, but he insists she HAS to do this…blah, blah, blah, charges, jail, etc. She frets about it the whole day, spends some time following Rick, and snaps pictures of him stashing bricks of somethingorother behind the running boards of his SUV. Tomás is practically salivating! They’ll grab him at the border!

Before they leave for their trip, Conchita asks Rick how much of a hurry they’re in. She wants to make a couple of stops, you see. Rick insists they’re in no hurry, but he probably wasn’t expecting the two stops to be at a grocery store for supplies and Conchita’s house so she could cook for Wilson’s birthday party. Neither were the guys running surveillance in the DEA van and following Rick around. Tomás is horrified that she’s delaying their op for a party…and then even more horrified when he hears her mention “dinner.” Even Rick is more gracious about this, finally just asking her to give him a drink of something with a lot of alcohol in it.

When Conchita goes into the bathroom, Tomás calls her cell and tells her she has five minutes to get back on the road, or he’ll come in there and arrest her for drug trafficking and obstruction of justice. Creep! She goes back out to the party and announces that Rick needs to be somewhere, so they’re leaving RIGHT NOW!

When she and Rick arrive at their hotel for the evening, he tells her that his meeting will actually be AT the hotel, and they can leave afterwards. Once he’s escorted her to her room, he picks this moment to tell her that she has awakened feelings he thought were long dormant. The entire van full of agents listens to this guy talk about how he never thought he’d feel this way again. “Are they kissing?!” You can tell Rick is a guy who’s been around the block a few times by the way he can move in quickly for a kiss without disturbing the cowboy hat. Conchita tells him this was all a mistake. As he’s about to move in for another kiss, his phone rings. The contact is here.

Out in the parking lot, Rick retrieves the packages from under the SUV. The van full of agents watch a guy show up with a manila envelope and trade it for a trash bag full of bricks. As soon as the exchange is made, they jump out of the van and bust Rick and his buyer. Michael does the honors of cutting into a brick and rubbing so much of what he later confirms is “100% pure cocaine” on his gums, then licking it off his hand, that his mouth should be numb for a week. As he’s cuffed and taken away, Rick just stares at Conchita in shock.

Well, once again, Conchita has worked her wiles and helped put another criminal behind bars. And once again, she feels terrible about it. Too bad there’s not a set number she has to help bust before she’s free of Tomás. At this point, is working for him really so much better than jail?

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