Ruta 35, Thursday 1/28/16 #13


Diane is unhappy about two things.
1. She only agreed to have a house guest for a week and now Dylan is saying it’s indefinite because Rebeca won’t have a steady income she can use to rent her own place.
2. Rebeca won’t have a steady income because “being an informant” is not a job that actually pays money on a regular basis (unless you’re Salomon, and even he complains about how long it takes to get paid) and it keeps her too busy to get a job with a regular paycheck.

Neither of which explains why she suggests going out on a double date with Rebeca and some friend of theirs named “John.”


Conchita and Rick go into Matamoros. He does indeed pick up construction materials, but not on a very large scale–in fact, the overhead on the small amount he was able to fit in the back of the SUV is probably ridiculously high because the long trip.

Conchita gets ditched at a café while Rick goes to have some mystery meeting. She calls Tomás, gets yelled at, and gives him an update. She tries twice to search the SUV, but finds nothing.

While sneaking back into Rick’s hotel room to return the car keys, he wakes up, so she pretends she was sneaking in to seduce him. They both look horrified…then he’s into it…then she freaks out and demands that he never mention this again. But he’d like to mention it again…oh, yes he would…and he’d like to have more to mention.

When they get back to the retirement community, Ronald is there and goes back to Conchita’s room with her to interrogate her about the road trip with Rick and ask if she’ll make food for Wilson’s birthday party. He may not want to hear it, but she tells him she knows how to take care of herself, being 75 doesn’t mean she lacks a sex drive, and it also doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her charms (just ask Rick).

Tomás gets a full update and is not happy to hear that she found no evidence of anything…although, that’s a kind of evidence in itself.


Mercurio’s not exactly making friends. His bookish roommate, Stefan, is the only one he really hangs out with. In the cafeteria, Camilo and Rogelio watch his latest altercation with the weird guy who bullies him. Even Stefan says the guy is weird–in for murder, extremely violent, doesn’t belong to a gang, just hangs out by himself.

Camilo takes pity on Mercurio (probably because Mercurio might be the one guy in there who’s having an even worse time than he is?) and gives him private lessons on how to build a weapon. When the weird bully guy steals Mercurio’s pictures of Julia and Jacobo, he takes his new shiv, pays the guy a visit, and…whatever he did left the guy able to walk, but needing medical attention.


Julia visits Salomon and tries to close her account at the bank, but he tells her that she can’t do that without Mercurio’s signature on the paperwork. Instead, he offers to withdraw all but the minimum required balance. He spins this as both a favor and something that can’t be done quickly.

Jimena and Salomon have a night without the kids. The next morning, she finds a business card for an escort service and he explains that a drunk client stuck it in his shirt pocket…it means nothing! He swears! Once again she feels the need to threaten that if she finds out he’s lying about anything, she’ll leave, take the kids, and he’ll never see them again.

But where did that card really come from….


Salomon somehow manages to stalk Alejandro without being noticed in his flashy yellow sports car. He sees a couple of shady-looking guys go into Alejandro’s business and snaps a few photos, but nothing really incriminating.

Inside the office, we see that Alejandro is handing over a briefcase full of cash. The conversation is vague. All we know is he gave those guys some money last week, and it’s “in the trucks,” and now he needs them to “move” this money.

There is also not anything incriminating, or much of anything at all on Alejandro’s cell phone (which, again, is incriminating in and of itself). They’ll have to plant cameras in his house and his office. Salomon volunteers to handle the office, but suggests Rebeca plant the ones at his house. She’s annoyed that Salomon would suggest this, because she assumes if she goes over to Alejandro’s house he’s going to expect sex. Salomon figures she might as well go for it (jerk!) and while Rebeca may or may not be interested in Alejandro, she is NOT interested in sleeping with every guy whose house they need to bug. Dylan agrees Rebeca will plant the cameras in Alejandro’s house, but not the way Salomon is thinking….

Salomon and Alejandro hang out at the club. Salomon suggests they visit the sauna and helpfully marks Alejandro’s locker so that Rebeca and Dylan can implement their very stupid plan.

First, she sneaks into the mens’ locker room and steals Alejandro’s car keys from his pants pocket. Then she goes to his car and steals his house keys. She and Dylan go speeding down the road to Alejandro’s house (because, really, how long can they stay in the sauna?) to plant cameras. They get stalled because the driver of a box truck was more focused on his sandwich than the road and the front end of Dylan’s car ends up wedged under the truck. Instead of calling off the plan, even though Dylan is bleeding from a head wound and Rebeca probably also got a bit banged up in the accident, Dylan calls someone to drive them the rest of the way to Alejandro’s. The two of them limp around his house, planting cameras upstairs and down.

At some point, they contact Salomon and ask him to give them more time. He suggests to Alejandro that they both take the afternoon off and “get some girls.” Alejandro makes a call and a couple of escorts are delivered, by cab, to somewhere two blocks from the club–that part was an accident. Rebeca hasn’t returned any of the keys yet, so Salomon distracts Alejandro from worrying about his missing car keys by suggesting they take his car instead.

After what was probably a few hours, they end up back at the club so Alejandro can try to find his keys. By then, Rebeca has replaced his house keys, but the mark on the locker is gone, as are Alejandro’s pants, so she has no idea where to put the car keys. She’s still in there when he arrives and he ends up finding them on the floor near the lockers. Smooth move! He probably thinks they just fell out of his pants earlier.

Salomon gets a call from Jimena that the girls are spending the night at a friend’s house and he says he’ll come right home! But first, he asks his date for her number. She hands over her business card, with the name and number of her cousin who “finds clients” for her. Oh, it’s a family business. So that’s the business card that Jimena found the next morning, after Salomon used it to call the cousin and request a girl be sent over to Alejandro’s. We don’t hear the full discussion of terms, but he does request an estimate for a two-day booking.

Dylan, Rebeca, Salomon, and a tech review the footage from the cameras. Rebeca is insulted that here Salomon’s been telling her how Alejandro’s so in luuuuuurve with her, yet here he is, having a fine time with two other women. Said fine time is interrupted by a phone call, and here we see that the surveillance cameras are so state-of-the-art that they can capture various angles, track people, and change focus. Alejandro hears from the person on the other end of the phone that there was some delay with the money. He tells the guy he needs the trucks loaded and unloaded quickly. Salomon’s guess is either money laundering or counterfeit money.

We weren’t sure either what shady dealings Alejandro was into, so it’s somewhat comforting that even a pro like Salomon could only narrow it down that far.

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