Ruta 35, Wednesday 1/27/16 #12

Welcome to the sexist extravaganza that was Wednesday night's episode.

Gets beat up by the guy from the warehouse for sticking him with the cocaine bananas. Totally lied about it later and said “nothing” happened. Then decided to say it was a mugging.


Finally gets invited on that long-awaited road trip. Maybe gets propositioned by Rick? What did he mean when he talked about a “deal” or an “arrangement” where she’d end up with a cabin somewhere, even though she can’t afford one? There was supposed to be dinner at their first overnight stop, but Rick feels sick, or at least that’s his excuse for cancelling dinner. Conchita brought all kinds of recording equipment with her, but forgot her cell phone. Tomás spends all day calling her and leaving voicemails. So now he knows how it feels.

Rebeca and Salomon

Dylan accidentally walked in on Rebeca undressing in the bathroom and, rather than shutting the door, just stood there having a conversation about which one of them would use the shower first.

Salomon gets closer to their target, Alejandro, who happens to run a printing business. He accidentally-on-purpose runs into him on the golf course and has a loud cell phone conversation about some lingerie catalogs that the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t get done in time. Alejandro offers his help, so Salomon goes into the studio with Rebeca to shoot the world’s only lingerie catalog with only one model, and a petite one at that. There is much drooling over the photos of Rebeca…yeah, guys, we get it, she’s hot. It would have been nice to see her show that she’s more than that, but no. Her entire purpose this episode was to let Alejandro drool over her at a club while Salomon got information off his phone.

Back at Dylan’s house, Diane overhears Rebecca telling Dylan that she doesn’t want to get “between” him and Diane, and Dylan telling Rebeca that this is her home and she can stay as long as she needs to. Not sure what Diane made of that conversation, but she didn’t look happy.


Domingo has a fun new hobby–murder. Yay? Isidro (Rafael’s brother) is next on his list and a prisoner who was already sentenced to death does him the favor of stabbing Isidro in the chest after saying “This is from Domingo.” Side note: all the blood on this show just looks wrong–wrong color, too thin, too shiny. Now he’s ready to off Rodrigo, even though Otelo is asking him to please CHILL and stop trying to kill all his enemies in one day.

Dylan brings Sofia in to talk to him and she maybe convinces him to back off by telling him that if he gets into any further trouble and has to spend extra time in jail, she won’t wait for him.


Here’s the story the show wants to sell us: Sofia went to dinner with her sleaze of a boss, Dario. She spends all evening rebuffing his advances and then firmly tells him that neither she nor the other women in his employ are prostitutes. He is suddenly filled with remorse and a newfound respect for women.

Here’s what really happened: The sleaze spent all night trying to get Sofia to drink, holding back her commission money, repeatedly asking her to stay longer even though she kept telling him “no” because she had her son waiting for her and she had to work the next day–which he should know, because he’s her boss! She did indeed tell him off about the way he’s been treating her and the other women at work, and he blamed it on…women. See, he’s had so many women come on to him and try to exchange sex for a raise that he just automatically assumes that’s what every woman wants from him. He’s sorry now, can they start over?

He plays “nice guy” and asks about her son, and they talk about how hard it is to raise kids–not that he has any, but he does have a couple of nieces (is he the skeevy uncle as well as the skeevy boss?). Then he asks about her husband…”In jail for drug trafficking and murder.” Instead of backing off because–hello, murder!–that sounds like a scary guy whose wife you might not want to mess with, he says “You must be lonely.” Then, after she finally gets her commission money, in cash (which is problematic because what about paperwork? Taxes?), he begs yet again for her to have just one little glass of wine. AND SHE AGREES. (Is it possible to kick a TV show in the shins?) He doesn’t insist on being the one to take her home when she finally gets up to leave, no really for real this time.

So I guess that means he deserves a cookie or something? Because he mostly stopped sexually harassing his employee, even though he was still disrespectful of her boundaries? Sorry, that does not earn you a cookie, that’s just basic, decent human behavior.  And suddenly NOT sexually harassing one of your employees does not in any way make up for all the others that you DID sexually harass over the years.  Jerk.

The next morning she brings him coffee and there is some more mental shin-kicking of this show on the part of one or two of the denizens of Casa Latina. But something weird happens…a car pulls up and he gets completely distracted. He hands Sofia a folder he’s holding and asks her to put it on his desk while he goes out to deal with a client.

So he paid her commission in cash and then acted weird about this “client” arriving…is Dario up to something shady? And if he is, how did Salomon not know about it before he brought Sofia here?


Goes to jail. Meets his cellmate, who is a decent guy who knows that Mercury was the messenger of the gods. Meets some other not-so-nice guys in jail and has to get the primer on How to Behave in Prison. Julia visits. She’s getting him a lawyer.

Marina is dead to us

In a cranky conversation with Tomás she admits that she KNEW she wasn’t going to be able to do anything for Mercurio, but she got him to be an informant anyway because she wanted to bust Taborda. And now she feels guilty about it. Well, good!

Marina has now fallen below Tomás on the ass-o-meter. At least Tomás doesn’t try to pretend he’s a nice guy.

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Autora/ Author

So I’m leaving this comment without having seen the episode and only having read your wonderful summary… but what the hell? I’m assuming this show was mainly trying to appeal to a male audience… Which makes the sexism worse. If it’s trying to appeal to the female audience, are the writers that out of touch? This is a conversation that I would really like to have because I feel like novelas are getting even more sexist. If they aren’t, then I at least think the US/English conversations about them are. Or am I just not looking at the right conversations.… Read more »