La Vecina, Monday 2/1/16 #156

Landing Prep

Antonio talks Sebastian into going to watch Simon’s return from space. Sure, Sara doesn’t really want him around (nor does anyone in her family), but how often does a rocket landing happen in San Gaspar?

Family and friends are gathered in the control room and preparing to go to the landing site. Vlad is excited and tells Fidel they are going to go wait for Simon. Fidel can’t wait to welcome his….cuñado….back home! Cheers and laughs from everyone. Juancho is happy to have his new aunt.

Simon is in his rocket, observing the earth below…and taking selfies.

There’s a large crowd gathered at the landing site. Bruno tries to disperse the crowd, he gets ignored. Fidel sends Quintin to move the crowd along. Bruno in impressed with Fidel’s “voz de mando” (authority…also a singing group with a few songs I like…Muchuchao de campo is cute…I have no idea what musical genre they are considered. Oh, recap. Right.) Anyhoo…Bruno is impressed with Fidel’s authority and is glad they’re family and all but in their family it’s Alados all the way. Padre Vicente comes along to join in the soccer/jaibolera talk.

Simon activates the landing protocols. Down below, the crew lights the “aquí” they’ve spelled out with lights. Juancho informs Edwina that Simon should be entering the earth’s atmosphere in the next 25 minutes.

Juancho communicates to Simon that the sensors indicate a slight deviation from the planned trajectory. Simon is not worried, some deviation is to be expected. Juancho is still pretty worried about the angle he’ll be coming in. Maybe Simon should adjust the angle? Didn’t Simon tell him the angle had to be very precise? Simon tells him not to worry. I try to listen to Simon. Juancho still looks pretty worried. That can’t be good.

Ugh! And now Lucita is worried. She can’t stop thinking that the letter said something else important. Sara tells her not to worry. This is a happy moment.

Go to Hell, Isa. You’re drunk

Isa is on her 2nd or 3rd bottle of wine (I assume.) Natalia calls her because she needs to come by to get the rest of her things. Isa doesn’t pick up. She’s still bitter about her friend not coming to the wedding.

Isa goes to the bedroom to start packing. Mr. Bottle and Mr. Glass join her. She stumbles around. I think we all know I’m going to hell, so I don’t think it will surprise you to learn that I kept hoping she would fall, hit her head and die.

She comes upon the preliminary audit results while she’s looking for her perfume. She mumbles something about Anto not having to marry her if he’d seen them. She tosses them in the garbage.

Aterrizaje aterrador

Antonio and Sebas arrive at the landing site.

Simon gives us an update on his progress, speed and other techy stuff. He tells Juancho he is about to burn off the rest of the fuel. Juancho explains about making sure it all gets burned off to avoid the possibility of an explosion when entering the atmosphere. Criminy, like I wasn’t already worried. Simon makes a joke about having to be careful about the speed he burns the fuel. There’s no one in space to push him. Dude. Not the time for jokes.

Anto whines about being so close to Sara and not being able to touch her. Anto feels guilty for what he’s done to Sara. But he doesn’t want to let go of her memory. They are the only things he has left. She might forgive him, but he’ll never forgive himself. He had the love of his life and lost her.

Sara is on her side of the field asking Simon why he couldn’t take her memories with him.

Edwina informs the crowd that Simon is at the point of reentry.

Simon’s tanks are empty and he’s going to make the final push to enter the atmosphere. Juancho informs him that he’s 60 seconds away from “el velo negro” and wishes him luck.

At the landing site, Profe C explains that while the rocket is in the “velo negro” zone (approximately 5 minutes) they won’t be able to communicate with Simon. You could say this is the most dangerous part of the mission. The crowd falls silent. Antonio and Sebas notice how quiet and nervous everyone seems.

Simon keeps us informed of temperatures, speed etc.

The crowd and I hold our breaths. Sara wants to be the first to greet Simon, Edwina gently asks her not to do that to her.

Simon keeps telling us what’s going on…but OMG it looks like he exploded! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Juancho can’t get in touch with him. I can’t deal with this. Juancho wants to wait one more minute. Maybe the timing was off.

WHAT?! A commercial? YOU BASTARDS!


There’s no word from Simon. Profe C announces that Simon will not be returning.

Do I have to finish this recap?

Sara begins to bawl. She sees Antonio. He tells her Simon fulfilled his dream and to think of that. He died doing what he most wanted to do. Sara bawls some more. Simon was like a father to her. Antonio tries to comfort her. She falls into his arms. She cries some more and hugs Sebas.

Padre Vicente comes to take charge of Sara. Antonio offers all the resources of Conatrol to try and locate Simon and the rocket. They have special equipment for locating things, and helicopters. Padre V thanks him. Antonio and Sebastian leave.

In the control room, Profe C explains that most likely Simon and the rocket disintegrated. Juancho cries. He *told* Simon that the angle wasn’t right, but Simon said it was ok. Profe C thinks they should look in a wider area than where they expected him to land. That might be why they didn’t see anything. They’ll need to use a system of echolocation…from the air would be the most effective.

Suddenly back home, Merce lights candles and prays to the Virgen. Sara tries to comfort her mother with words similar to Antonio’s: Simon died fulfilling his dreams. That doesn’t make it easier for Merce, though. She’s lost Sara’s father and now her brother.

Sebas and Antonio talk about Simon. He was always nice to Antonio despite what he and Sara were going through. Simon was always fair. Anto remembers how happy and excited Simon looked on the day Anto proposed to Sara. Their mini-velorio is interrupted by a call from Padre Vicente. He would like to take Anto up on the offer for search equipment. Anto is more than happy to oblige. He’ll head out to Conatrol right now and get the ball rolling.

Magda tries to comfort Edwina. Fidel comes in to tell them that Vicente called and they are getting ready to search. Edwina gets her hopes up. Are they searching for Simon because he’s still alive? No. They are looking for rocket bits to try and figure out what happened. Edwina cries. He promised he was coming back.

Wow. This has been a very hard episode.

Bruno calls Sara to tell her they are looking for the wreckage. Anto offered Conatrol’s resources. Merce is angry that her brother was so obsessed with the rocket. Sara reminds her again that Simon spent 15 years of his life dreaming about this. He died doing what he dreamed of doing.

Lucita feels so guilty for not paying more attention when she got the letter. All she can think about is Simon describing how beautiful the earth looked. It’s her fault what happened. AAAAAAfter aaaaaaa moment she remembers whaaaaat it saaaaid in the cartaaaaaaaa. The letter said the part would have trouble working at high temperatures.

Dream a little dream of me

Vlad is finally asleep. Magda had to give Edwina a sedative. Magda wonders why God let this happen and Fidel gives a less celestial explanation. If God existed, he wouldn’t allow so much suffering.

Moving on….

Anto calls his guy and wants the helicopter and locating equipment and radar ASAP. The guy can have the helicopter ready, but the equipment is elsewhere. Anto wants it on the first flight to San Gaspar. Anto asks Padilla to pick up the equipment at the airport.

Padre Vicente prays. Rodobaldo asks the same question as Magda. Why has God let this happen? Why is there suffering. Padre V is reminded of one of his teachers at seminary who said “If we are so willing to accept the good from God, why deny the bad” (Probably a really crappy translation on my part. Please feel free to correct me/expand on it…) Now that Simon is gone, they need to thank God for having put Simon with them. Rodobaldo asks if a miracle is possible. Padre B doesn’t think so.

Edwina dreams of Simon. He touches her hand. They kiss. He tells her he’s lost, not dead. “I’m alive” he says as he fades away.

The Search Begins

The next day Profe C, Serena, Anto and others meet in Antonio’s office. Anto provides a map and the Profe explains that they need to search in a radius extending from the landing site. I’m also wondering if the saqueador story will intersect with this search. I wonder only because every time a map is involved I think saqueador.

Sara and family eat breakfast and mourn Simon. Juancho is particularly upset. Edwina comes by. She tells them about her “visit” from Simon. She is convinced he’s alive. She knows he’s going to come back. They all look at her and she swears she’s not crazy. It wasn’t just a dream. It was a message! Sara tries to tell Edwina that Simon is not coming back. Edwina refuses to believe Edwina is dead. He’s alive!! (Wow, how tall is Merce?) Edwina heads home. She wants to be there when Simon returns. Padre V decides he needs to call Fidel.

Pedro shows Laura the news. She thinks about Bruno. Pedro wants to pay a condolence call on Sara. Laura tries to beg off, but Pedro thinks they need to see Sara. Laura goes to get dressed. Pedro thought bubbles something threatening about what will happen if Laura lays her eyes on Bruno. (Dammit, show! Why couldn’t it be Pedro?)

Natalia enters Isa’s trashed apartment. She looks for Isa, but she’s not home. Natalia pretty quickly figures out that Isa went on a bender. AND SHE FINDS THE AUDIT RESULTS!!! AND SHE’S INTELLIGENT.


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5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! I got q new dvr this evening, and my recording of this episode on my old dvr went with it. Arrgg! Sounds like a very stressful episode. I am sure Simon is alive. I believe in Edwina’s dream.

Please, please let Natalia do something good with that audit right away.

I didn’t get a chance to comment this weekend, but I wanted to say that I find Tonio’s insistence on being near Sara to be VERY insensitive. He should have decided to stay in the local hotel, and stayed away from the rocket launch.

5 years ago

Simon is alive. It will be a happy ending for all the good guys. Pedro, Isa, Ric will all get their anvils. Never fear.
Gracias for a great recap Sara

5 years ago

Sara, you deserve a medal here. Even though we’re pretty sure Edwina’s dream is going to turn out to be prophetic, watching everyone’s suffering was a trial.
I liked:
Simon taking selfies. Ha ha.
The cool cohete re-entering the atmosphere images.
The way you paint the picture for us and your personality as you write. It’s always a treat!
For example, “Bruno in impressed with Fidel’s “voz de mando” (authority…also a singing group with a few songs I like…Muchuchao de campo is cute…I have no idea what musical genre they are considered. Oh, recap. right.) Anyhoo…” And many more.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo
I’m not even pretending anymore, I full on sobbed during this episode
ok now I’m reading the recap
maybe that’ll make it better

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

oooh a new singing group to check out – things are looking up already and ya Simon taking a selfie w/the earth was funny Even though it was tense, I liked the joke about having to get out and push if he burned his fuel too soon. And the description of Isa with Mr Bottle and Mr Glass was much more fun to read than to watch And ending on an up note w/Natalia and the preliminary results Wow! Thanks Sara I wouldn’t have been able to recap this epi here’s to your fortitude *imaginary glass raised*. (real glass has… Read more »

5 years ago

Gracias, Sara! It was such an intense episode. I’m sorry you ended up with this one 🙁 I was figuring Isa for alcohol poisoning, as much as I feel like a jerk for even wishing it.

I’m just waiting for Edwina’s dream to be proved right. That’ll teach ’em!