Ruta 35, Monday 2/1/16 #15

Conchita has the worst long distance trip home imaginable, stuck in a car with both Tomás and Michael. How she survived it, I will never know, but the next day Tomás comes by with her payout for the bust of Rick. Oh and her grandkids are happy she is back.

Dylan hooks up a camera to Rebeca’s purse and she goes into the print shop to flirt with Alejandro and get a tour of the shop. Later while they are all reviewing the footage, Salomon spots the pay phone in the print shop.

Sofia gets a call from Domingo telling her he is going to break out. She tries to talk him out of it, but he hangs up.

Sofia’s little care package of pot got sent to the bully, Cipriano.  He tries to go after Mercurio in the gym but the guards jump him before he can do anything.

Gavilán meets up with Sofia and tells her about the plan and tries to reassure her that things will be fine.

The plan:

  • Domingo fakes an illness and is taken to the infirmary, the prison doctor examines him and requests an ambulance to take him to the hospital.
  • Construction crews divert the traffic, and then Gavilán and gang show up and a fire fight breaks out.

In the back of the ambulance Domingo struggles with a guard over the guard’s gun and gets shot. Gavilán has to leave Domingo with the doctor, and goes on the run.

Frederico talks to one of his friends over the internet, and gets involved in moving some drugs.

Sofia talks to Dylan and finds out how Domingo is doing. She talks her way into getting to see Domingo in the hospital. Later, Gavilán calls Sofia and she brings over some supplies to his safehouse. She is upset with him for letting Domingo get hurt, and he agrees with her that it is his fault. Sofia threatens to turn Gavilán over to the feds if Domingo dies, but Gavilán says if Domingo dies, he’ll shoot himself.

While Alejandro is on his cell at home, he notices the cameras in his house and freaks out.

Rebeca goes into to the print shop to meet Alejandro.  She goes over to the pay phone and plants a camera near it while she pretends to be having a conversation. Alejandro meets her there and rushes her out saying it is a bad time. He says they will meet up tomorrow.

Watching the footage of the phone, they hear that something is going down tonight.

Sofia gets a customer, Margery, who wants a fancy car, but doesn’t seem to care about what it is or how much it costs. Margery’s attitude screams “narco’s girlfriend” to Sofia (but not wife, as she explains to Dylan) and she pays in cash. Sofia tells Dylan and he wants her to get information on the boyfriend so that he can be the next target.

Dario tries to horn in on Sofia’s sale, but Margery prefers to work with Sofia, and Sofia gets what information she can for Dylan.

Alejandro drives off to the meeting, and Dylan and crew follow. Dylan and crew move in around the place, and Salomon sneaks in with a lead pipe. Alejandro validates the drugs and sends them off, and Dylan and group come in and realize the drugs and money are not there.

Dylan, Rebeca, and Dylan’s partner rant about the missing evidence. Rebeca asks about getting paid, but with nothing confiscated, there will be no payout. Dylan gets a call from Salomon to meet. He asks why, but Salomon already hung up. Salomon is sitting on the hood of his car like everything is great. Dylan is about to leave when Salomon shows him he has the drugs in the trunk of his car. Dylan is not happy. Dylan says Salomon interfered with a federal investigation, screwed up the chain of custody of evidence, and disregarded the chain of command. We get a flashback to Salomon clubbing the guy who carried the drugs out of the warehouse with his lead pipe. Dylan tells Salomon that he is the boss, and Salomon is only an informant. Back at home, Salomon remembers Dylan saying he’s a millionaire businessman, so why is he living this lifestyle, surrounded by narcos and prostitutes?

Sofia hands over the information she gathered to Dylan.

Jimena tells Salomon she has started looking for an apartment and is leaving. Salomon admits he’s been working as an informant again, but he’ll quit for her and the girls. Jimena asks him how can she believe him. Salomon breaks down at the thought of her and the kids leaving, but this is Salomon, so maybe it’s real and maybe it isn’t.

Mercurio finally finds out that Stefan is in jail for drug trafficking.

Rogelio asks about Domingo’s status and while fussy that he has to pay for the information, he does pay, and finds out that Domingo still hasn’t regained consciousness.

Mercurio and Stefan share a meal in their cell. Stefan gives Mercurio the extra rolls because he is getting out next week. Mercurio congratulates him. It sounds like Stefan has half a million in counterfeit bills stashed somewhere, and he is going to trade it in for real money.

Jimena gives Salomon one more opportunity, IF he goes with her to counseling.

Sofia gets a new apartment and will be moving in tomorrow.

Jimena and Salomon show up for counseling. He tells the counselor that he is an informant for ICE. His phone rings, and he has a hard time putting the phone down, but he does finally do it.

Federico is sulky about the quality of the internet in the hotel, and Sofia tells him they will be moving into an apartment tomorrow. Federico is also complaining about why Sofia is saving all the money she can even though they have a bunch. Obviously he thinks Sofia’s bag of money magically refills itself.

The next day he is happy to be in their new apartment, and he gets a new car from Sofia’s dealership on the condition that he goes back to school or gets a job. So what is it that he does? Take some of the money from Sofia’s magic bag, and buy a kilo of drugs–presumably to sell. Dumbass!!!!

Ed. note: FINALLY! After all these years, I got him to recap something!
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Autora/ Author

*slow clap* Well done!

“Obviously he thinks Sofia’s bag of money magically refills itself” followed by “Dumbass” = flawless ending. You stuck the landing, Señor!


That stupid kid! He’s going to get himself killed and break his mama’s heart, and she’s already got Domingo to worry about.

Autora/ Author

“stupid kid” seems a little redundant to me. 😀

I’m not cool with the breaking mama’s heart part.