La Vecina, Wednesday 2/3/16 #158

We’re still crying over Simon. I mean they! The characters! Not…oh, who am I kidding. The sad caravan heads back to San Gaspar.

At the hotel

After they drop off Profe Cariego and Serena, Sara tells Bruno what happened with Isa out by the pool and he warns her to be careful.

Edwina is done at the salon and came to the hotel to look for Profe Cariego and Serena. Profe Cariego is completely convinced that Simon was incinerated. “What if he changed trajectory at the last minute?” Serena tells her to accept that Simon is gone, but Edwina is still determined and wants their help to look for him. Profe C says all they can do now is accept–and that’s what Edwina should do. But she won’t give up. Go Edwina!

At the apartments

Antonio is greeted by the sight of Isa waiting for him. As if this day wasn’t bad enough already. My cable signal freezes as Antonio’s about to say something to her. Because, really, what is there to say?

Upstairs in the apartment, Isa screeches. Antonio doesn’t believe her version of events. I, um, kind of like her hair when it’s less “styled.” Antonio tells her to leave, but she refuses. She can have the couch, but he’s not letting her into his bedroom.

Inside the other apartment, Padre V, Merce, and Juancho can hear them arguing out in the hallway. Con respeto, Padre, none of this is Antonio’s fault! Quit telling him to leave Sara out of it…that’s all Isa! Padre V suggests he go live somewhere else, which is not a terrible idea, but still. They’re still in the hallway when Sara gets home and Isa starts in on her. Antonio has to hold Isa back, though I’m sure he’d rather not be touching her at all. While Sara doesn’t mean it kindly, she’s right on to say Isa needs a trip to a psychiatrist.

Back inside Antonio’s apartment, Sebas has had enough of their arguing and gets the hell out of there. He runs into Cheo downstairs.

Cheo is there to visit Sara and worm his way back in to her affections. Come on, you were all thinking it. The creep even makes himself look good by saying he won’t impose on them by staying for dinner. So of course, they’re all, “Stay.”

Cheo hears Antonio and Isa arguing and Sara tells him that Antonio and Sara aren’t engaged anymore and Antonio and Isa are married.

Isa tries to trade sex for being civil to Sara in public. Antonio is so not into that.

During dinner, Padre V remembers Simon on the fútbol field. Everyone starts sharing memories of Simon.

After dinner

Sara tells Merce it was nice of Cheo to be there, but she has no feelings for him anymore. And she’s determined to keep working at CONATROL. That way she’ll be done paying back Pedro.

Titina swells dramatically, thanks to her new fake belly. But how is she going to keep people from touching it? Mustache Bro comes in and she tells him not to touch her or the baby will be born “bizco” (cross-eyed). Classy.

Antonio escapes the apartment to have a drink with Sebastian. He’s determined to make Isa sleep on the couch. Sebas says that if they were really married, he would go to a hotel, but since they’re not, he won’t abandon Antonio with Isa. Natalia texts him the news article about how she’s not marrying Marcelo. Yay! And then Titina calls to say she has a surprise for him. Not so yay. He hopes she’s not having triplets. What good is it that Natalia’s not marrying Marcelo if he still has Titina to deal with?

Marcelo shows up at Natalia’s. She didn’t let Sebas lie to her, so she’s sure not going to put up with Marcelo lying to her! He’s been nice and all, but she’s still in love with Sebas. And she even admires that he’s taking responsibility for his “mistake” (I assume she means Titina/the baby). She did have fun, and she’ll remember him fondly. He exits with a flourish, just like he did everything else. Adiós, Marcelo!

Antonio. Sebas. Drinks. He wouldn’t touch Isabel if she were the last woman on earth. They joke about Antonio pulling a Chebi and pretending to be gay.

Natalia can’t figure out why Sebas isn’t calling her…so she decides to go to San Gaspar to see him. (And bring the folder, right? Right?!)

Cheo is back home when Pedro calls. Big Fakey Faker tells Cheo he wants to do something “nice” for Simon’s family, so he’s speeding up the installation…oh, but don’t tell them it’s his company. Cheo (the tool!) calls Bruno to tell him they can install the irrigation system at the orchard like, NOW! Bruno would rather wait, but Cheo won’t take “no” for an answer.

It’s all about the physics

Edwina is researching and Lucita comes over to talk to Edwina about her dream. She insists Simon is alive. Doña Lucita wants to help with the search–she owes it to Simon. Edwina is convinced what they found was just some space trash and Simon didn’t land there. If the GPS was failing, they could be wrong about where he landed. She’s going to search the Internet for reports of space trash from last night.

Of course, I had to see if there was such a website as SOCRATES, and there’s a website from the Center for Space Standards & Innovation about SOCRATES Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space which looks nothing like what Edwina was looking at. There’s also a NASA page on Space Debris.

Anyway, Edwina explains to Lucita that given the size of the pieces they found and Simon’s altitude when they lost contact, it’s unlikely they came from the rocket. There were a couple of things the size of the rocket that were tracked last night and one was heading for southern Mexico. The other was headed for the Philippines.

Edwina was right!

Simon is not dead! He wakes up somewhere that looks like a jungle.

Simon is alive!

Edwina was right!

He’s able to stand, though it doesn’t sound like it’s very comfortable to do it.

Simon has ditched his space suit and notices someone…or something…in the woods with him.

He runs from whatever was in the jungle and ends up falling into a pool at the bottom of the falls. Turns out it was a monkey spying on him.

Oh, brother!

Edwina insists they need to go look in the Philippines. Lucita can’t understand why Simon didn’t get in touch with them, but Edwina figures he just didn’t have time. Fidel comes over with a doctor.

You know…a *significant glance* doctor.

The dude in the white coat opens his mouth and I downgrade him to “doctor.” He hasn’t even talked to Edwina and he’s already decided that she’s stuck in the “denial” phase of grief. I mentally kick both him and Fidel in the shins. Don’t even be invoking your education when you haven’t even talked to her yet! Edwina tells them both off, but Fidel refuses to listen. To her, or to Lucita. And the fact that Lucita agrees Simon is alive isn’t exactly a point in Edwina’s favor. White Coat dares to question her age and talk about senile dementia. Ageist creep! Edwina tries to throw Fidel out and instead both she and Lucita get an injection from the loser in the white coat. That was NOT funny, show! I’m incredibly disappointed in you!

Fidel comes home carrying Edwina and explains to Magda what happened. Magda seems less concerned with the fact that Fidel had no problem having his sister drugged against her will when she wasn’t presenting a danger to herself or others than with the fact that Edwina still hasn’t “accepted” Simon’s death. He briefly explains why he’s also going to need to take Lucita home.

I hope Lucita sues the pants off him! No, not like that! OK, maybe like that. The point is, he’s going to owe them both a HUGE apology. And that “doctor” owes the an apology and a revocation of his license to practice “medicine” if that’s what he’s calling it.

Cell phone action

Isa gets Antonio’s voicemail and at least she doesn’t think he’s at Sara’s, after the way Padre V was talking to him earlier. Ric calls her and mocks her for chasing after Antonio. They start having phone sex. Which might actually be sexy if it wasn’t those two.

Laura is frantically texting Bruno. She’s worried because she hasn’t heard from him. She starts to get ready for bed, but Pedro insists they’re going out for a drink. He takes a call from Cheo confirming that Bruno agreed to put the irrigation system in at the orchard.

Bruno realizes his cell phone is missing, finally, and wants to run over to Lucita’s house to find it. Hearing that Laura and Pedro were there earlier makes him even more determined.

Mariana visits Eduardo. He wonders why she didn’t tell him about Antonio “marrying” Isabel. He doesn’t think Antonio should have sacrificed himself. He knows he could have defended himself…but Antonio has ruined his life now. He asks Mariana to call him.

To Antonio, he insists he could have demonstrated his innocence. He only took the money to pay for Ema’s car, and he was going to pay it back. He’s sorry that Antonio is going to have to put up with Isabel while they work on the case. Antonio isn’t getting a clear signal, so he goes out to the parking garage (doesn’t seem like that should work!) to finish the conversation.

Pedro shows up just then and sends Laura inside while Elias makes sure Antonio can see his gun. Pedro grins at him and asks if it wouldn’t have been easier to just talk to him directly instead of sending Sebas and Fidel.

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5 years ago

Thanks, Kat! How bizarre…my cable signal froze, too! I had a few minutes of black screen. About the same spot….and I’m in a different time zone. How does that work? “Yay! … Not so yay.” Yup, that’s about how it went in my head, too. “They start having phone sex. Which might actually be sexy if it wasn’t those two.” Yeeaaahhh. That was just gross. Oh wow. That “doctor”. My husband was watching and he was like “yeah. Cause that’s how psych evals work.” SIMON LIVES!!!! I was so happy. Of course hubs had to question it. What???? How did… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Works for me! Do you think they are trying to convince us that he’s in the Philippines?

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Oh I\’m sure there\’s jungle in Mexico, but like you said something something physics. And didn\’t she say Phillipines more than once? I think the show is trying to psych us out and make us think he\’s oh so far away, when really he\’s just in some other area of Mexico.

5 years ago

Thanks so much, Kat!

“I hope Lucita sues the pants off him! No, not like that! OK, maybe like that.” Hehe! 🙂 That made me smile, but I am still hopping mad at Fidel. *grumble, grumble*

5 years ago

Oh, and I had the weird freezing thing too. Six minutes stuck on Isa’s face, and then it would pop up again from time to time during the rest of the show. Ugh! I thought it was my new dvr acting up.

5 years ago
Reply to  Vivi

Yikes! Six minutes on Isa\’s face? I\’m glad I just had a blank screen!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Thanks Diva for the entertaining recap
I caught up on the weekend but saved the recap till now:) so this is way behind.
oooh I’m so mad a Fidel – not even Juancho at his worst would do that to his sister
and that “doctor” I’m so sure, he didn’t even give either of the women time to explain, just whips out the syringe