La Vecina, Thursday 2/4/16 #159

Pedro is not dead

Pedro wants to come to an agreement with Antonio. As if! And he’s not technically denying anything, he’s just gloating that there’s no proof.

Inside the bar/restaurant, Laura sees Sebas and he can’t believe Antonio is out there with that mafioso! Laura’s shocked to hear the word and Sebas leaves before he can say anything else.

In the garage, Antonio swears the next time he talks to Pedro, Pedro will be behind bars. (Or dead. I’m good with dead, too.)

When Pedro comes inside, Laura wonders why he was talking to Antonio and he gets suspicious.

Antonio calls Fidel to tell him about Pedro’s threats. Fidel is confident they’ll get Pedro eventually.

Lucita is not dead

Bruno shows up at Lucita’s looking for his cell phone. Her son lets him in and goes to find the phone, saying it’s a good thing Lucita isn’t there to complain. Fidel comes in carrying Lucita and her son asks if she’s dead. He actually makes a disappointed face.

Fidel explains why Lucita got sedated and that the doctor thinks she’s showing signs of senile dementia. He and Bruno discuss Edwina’s need for further treatment, since she’s not dealing with her “grief” in a way they consider appropriate, and after all, aren’t Fidel and Bruno the ultimate arbiters of how everyone should deal with their grief?

Fidel leaves Lucita’s son to explain to her why she was drugged against her will. He recommends she get further treatment as well, from the irresponsible doctor who did sedated her, since obviously THAT guy is the one best qualified to continue treating her without bothering to do a proper evaluation.

Pedro is still not dead

Bruno finally checks his messages and freaks out. Hey, maybe he needs to be sedated. He wonders if he should tell Laura that she’s married to a criminal. He texts her that they need to meet.

Laura and Pedro are leaving the bar as Isa is getting there. Some guy starts hitting on her at the bar. Isa hangs out for a while and then considers an offer from random guy to take the party elsewhere. When Antonio and Sebas get home, she’s not there and she’s not answering her phone. Antonio is worried that Pedro will try to hurt Isa to get to him.

Simon is not dead, damnit!

Padre V and Rodobaldo talk about setting up for the memorial service for Simon tomorrow.

Edwina wakes up to hear Magda saying she has to let Simon go or his soul won’t be able to rest.

Bruno gets home and comforts a crying Sara. She asks about the cell phone and hears about Lucita and Edwina getting sedated. Even Sara worries about Edwina being in denial. (People, it hasn’t even been a day yet!)

Isa’s sex drive is not dead

Elias gives Pedro a full report on Isa’s nocturnal activities. He also found out that Antonio was looking for her, which makes Pedro think he cares. Ha!

Isa finally makes it home, doing the walk of shamelessness…and yet, she says she got a hotel room instead of sleeping on the couch. Why not tell the truth? She ascribes the same meaning to his concern as Pedro did. Antonio tries to get her to understand that her safety is seriously at risk and finally gives up and goes to work with Sebas.

Antonio and Sara run into each other in the parking lot. And then Isa shouts down from the balcony to thank him for worrying about her. Because things weren’t awkward enough.

The organization of saqueadores is not dead

Laura tells Pedro they’re going to need a new maid. She can’t manage the house alone. He says Anselmo is looking for someone, but tells her to make a list of errands for Elias to run. She asks if he’ll be home for lunch and his roundabout answer is “I’m not going out today.”

When Laura goes back to the kitchen, Anselmo calls Pedro to let him know they’re done at Don Nabor’s ranch. Pedro tells him to bring the map from the warehouse–they need to plan where they’ll perforate the duct at the orchard.

Simon is so very not dead!

Simon has built himself a fire by the waterfall. It’s too bad Edwina isn’t there. Maybe this would make a nice honeymoon spot…wherever it is! He’s drawing diagrams in the dirt with a stick, trying to calculate his location. He sees “Edwina’s” star and remembers them lying out on a blanket, looking at the stars and talking about naming them.

Edwina has already named one for him, but she won’t tell him which one, because it’s all hers. Simon is going to wait until he gets up there, and then he’ll pick the prettiest one for her. They’re playing hot/cold as he points to different stars and guesses which one.

Back in the present, Simon starts to cry, saying he needs to be with Edwina. Awwwwww! (And also, dude, you are so right. You have no idea.)

Lucita and Edwina’s hopes are not dead

Lucita’s creep son and his siblings are hoping they can have her declared mentally incompetent and get their grubby hands on her money. Lucita comes barreling out of her bedroom saying she has to go rescue Edwina so they can rescue Simon. Creep son suggests she tell her story to a lawyer–maybe one can help. Creep. Lucita brushes off his suggestion. She doesn’t need a lawyer, she just needs to save Edwina!

Magda and Vladimir come in to check on Edwina. Magda leaves him to keep an eye on her while she goes to the pharmacy for another injection. Grrr! Vladimir is given strict instructions not to open the door to anybody, but he figures there’s no harm in letting Lucita in, especially when she mentions Simon.

Lucita wakes Edwina up and tells her they’ve got to get out of there before someone gives her another injection. Vladimir intends to follow the second half of Magda’s instructions and call her to let her know Edwina wants to leave. “If you don’t want us to find Simon, then go ahead.” It’s a little manipulative. She explains that they think he landed in another country and they’re going to go find him. Vladimir wants to go with them, but they don’t think his parents will be ok with that.

They hear Magda coming home and Lucita and Edwina run and hide while Vlad tells his mom that, nope, Edwina’s still sleeping. He runs to warn Edwina and Lucita that Magda is preparing another injection, so Edwina pretends to be asleep. Magda comes in and Vladimir tries to stall her by asking why Edwina’s getting another injection if she’s still asleep (“The doctor said to give her another shot every twelve hours.”) and whether it’s going to hurt (“No.”) and finally Lucita smacks her with a pillow, making her drop the syringe…and then injects her with it. Edwina hurriedly throws the blanket over her and tells Vlad she’ll sleep a few hours and then be fine. She and Lucita rush out of there, leaving Vlad to say “Ni modo, ma. Es por una buena causa.” (Oh well, mom. It’s for a good cause.)

Ugh, I have such a problem with this! Going down this path backed Edwina into a corner. What was she supposed to do, just take the shot? Because if she tried to fight it, she’d just be giving them more “proof” that she needs to be sedated. Again, I’m very disappointed this is being played for comedy.

Lucita and Edwina go running out to the car, where Lucita tells her son that they’re going to the bank to get the money so Edwina can go get Simon. His eyes get wide when he hears “The Philippines.”

Decency is dead

Bruno and Juancho start packing up the control room and getting mopey. Laura texts Bruno to say she won’t be able to get away. As they work on rearranging the furniture, one of the farmers comes in to give Bruno his condolences. Then the guy from the bank shows up wanting a refund on their donation–and apparently, it was in the contract that if the publicity wasn’t positive, Simon would return the money.

Padre V and Rodobaldo are talking again about decorating the church for Simon’s rosary (as in, everyone coming to the church to say the rosary for the rest of Simon’s soul). Bruno arrives and asks Padre V for advice about the bank wanting a refund. Padre V is incensed! He has no idea where they’ll get the money or how much time he has to pay them, but he had the impression he needed to pay immediately.

Antonio and Sara’s love is not dead, but it’s barely hanging on

Antonio talks to Sebas about trying to get Sara to quit, for her safety. He asks Marina to send Sara in when she has time.

Sara talks to Rafa about her plans for the department and tells him she does plan to stay, because it will help her get out of debt with Pedro faster.

Sara shows up in Antonio’s office and he tells her he can accept her resignation. Sara explains she doesn’t want to quit! She wants to pay off Pedro. She had to take another loan from him that she hadn’t told Antonio about.

She starts hassling him about how she can’t have expected him to know, since he’s been so busy with his personal life, and why should he care anyway. He reminds her they had talked about becoming business partners, and tries to give her a check, but she rips it up. That was for when they were going to spend their lives together and she wants nothing to do with him now. He’s always saying he wants one thing and then doing something else. He can’t make up his mind about anything. She can never tell when he’s telling the truth. He starts to tell her “the truth” but security wasn’t informed to keep Isa off the premises. Sara leaves the office.

Out in the hallway, Marina sees Sara upset and finds out why…and then Sebas shows up and hears about Isa’s visit and how Antonio was about to tell her the “truth.” He starts to defend Antonio, but Sara cuts him off–she has a community meeting to go to.

Isa mocks Antonio, saying Sara would have thought he was “poco hombre” (not man enough) if he had told her he was forced to marry Isa. More toxic blah blah blah from Isa. Then she gets into the whiny pleading. And asks for a tour. Antonio refuses. (Why?! Isn’t there a vat of something she could accidentally fall into?)

He starts dragging her out to the parking lot by the arm and both of them are screaming up a storm. She thinks she’s discouraging him by saying everybody will see how he treats her. “Good! Let them all find out that I detest you!” And sure enough, Ramon is standing RIGHT THERE to say “Hey!” and wave at Antonio. I don’t know if that was meant to be funny, but seriously, if you want EVERYONE to know something, that’s the guy you want finding out! He starts to leave and Isa calls him back. “Go ahead, tell him,” Antonio says. Isa backs down and gets into the car.

Sebas leaves some papers with Marina for Antonio to sign and says he’s going to look at an apartment. She teases him about moving in with Titina and preferring that to living with Antonio and Isa.

Pedro. Still not dead.

Pedro and Anselmo plan where they’ll perforate the duct. We find out that Pedro has two teams working simultaneously at the installations–one for the legitimate work and one for the shady stuff. We also find out that he’s having Isa watched, but not Sara. He needs her to take the fall later.

Antonio calls Fidel and asks him to assign a bodyguard for Isabel. She complains that he’s only doing it to keep her away from him. He reminds her she’s in actual danger here and somehow avoids rolling his eyes. They’re barely done with the conversation when Pedro calls and demands Antonio show up to a meeting at 3 at Las Palomas.

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5 years ago

This is great, Kat! I absolutely love the dead-themed headings! I’ll be back in the morning with more, but I had to tell you how much I liked those.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Well I respectfully disagree. It’s more 5ft brilliance than luck!

5 years ago

A masterpiece, Diva.

5 years ago

I agree that this was a masterful recap! Thanks, Kat

My anger at Fidel continues. But I can’t believe the assist he’s getting from everyone in declaring Edwina crazy. Dude, it’s been only one day, and there was no body or body bits found! I think they can all hold on to some hope a bit longer.

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Exactly. What is with Magda cavalierly doping up Edwina. “Well, I’m off to the farmacia to get some more drugs to dope up your aunt against her will. Toodles!”

5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Yes. Ditto that!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

oh yeah Edwina to the rescue!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Thanks Diva
Liked the not dead yet theme and “the walk of shamelessness…” perfect
Hated hated hated Lucita’s kids planning to gaslight her into craziness
And Magda’s compliance with doping up Edwina

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

And it was weird to have Vladimir basically help in the drugging of his own mom, at the time I was just glad they didn’t take him with them. At the same time though, they left him home alone with an unconscious person ungh.

5 years ago

Holy crap. I hadn’t even thought of that. I feel like a crappy parent now because it didn’t even cross my mind that he was unattended. I’m going to tell myself it’s because my child it grown and it’s been so long.

Yeah. That’s what it is….