La Vecina, Friday 2/5/16 #160

Antonio has a plan

Antonio explains the disturbing call from Pedro as “work” and then reminds Isa not to leave the apartment without her bodyguard.

Antonio gets to the office and asks to talk to Rafa. As they head into Antonio’s office, Natalia calls looking for Sebas, but she doesn’t leave a message.

Antonio tells Rafa about the “meeting” Pedro demanded. He’s worried about Sara and wants her to quit, but Rafa says that’s SO not going to happen–she needs the money to pay off Pedro.

What Antonio wants is for Rafa to pretend that he’s lending Sara the money, since she won’t accept it from him. “Just say you got an inheritance or the company gave you a bonus.”

They’re interrupted by a call from Chepe–he got beat with Isa’s purse for trying to keep her from leaving the apartment complex. I hope he presses charges. He suggests Isa might need as many as 3 bodyguards. Antonio offers to pay his medical bill, but Chepe says he’s fine, it’ll pass–Antonio’s the one who’s stuck.

Rafa agrees to try to get Sara to accept the money, but he’d like to know why Antonio married Isa. Antonio won’t tell him, but he says it was the biggest sacrifice he’s made in his life, and he’s always going to look out for Sara. When he puts it like that, how can Rafa refuse? He hands Antonio his account number so Antonio can transfer money.

Saqueadores, santos, boxers, and bellies

Pedro is on his way to the meeting and he tells Laura he’ll leave Elias with her, in case she was thinking of sneaking out to see Bruno needs anything.

Sara works her special brand of Sara magic at a presentation with the community she’s visiting today. She’s encouraging people to turn in the saqueadores. A skeevy guy in a denim jacket calls Anselmo to report to him. Anselmo tells the guy to do nothing, but keep following her. I guess I was wrong about her not being followed.

Cheo and Roque arrive at the café, where Anselmo introduces them to the guy who will be heading up the installation crews and explains that they’ll be using two crews so the work gets done faster. No, his grin isn’t suspicious at all.

Lucita gives Edwina cash for the plane ticket and tells her to get going before Fidel comes home and finds Magda. Her greedy son whines that he needs money for–she cuts him off. Whatever it is, it had better be cheap. Doesn’t he know she just spent a bunch of money?

Padre V, Bruno and Rodobaldo do raffle/fundraiser math, i.e., what’s a good prize, how much will people pay for a ticket, how many tickets would they need to sell, how long will it take, etc. What about a bank loan? At a different bank, of course. But there’s no collateral available for a loan–Simon “died” without leaving a will, so they won’t be able to use the apartment.

Padre V suggests a big event–a boxing match! Everyone will show up, and they can sell tickets and food. He thanks God for the illumination. (God: “No, I said SIMON IS ALIVE! How do you get HAVE A BOXING MATCH out of that?”)

He’s going to call his old friend Faustino “El Bombardero” Sanchez, who he happened to go to seminary with before Faustino went on to become a boxing champ. He shows off the moves he learned from Faustino and then tries to call him, but the number in his address book is no good. They’ll have to find him some other way.

They look him up online and Padre V sends him a friend request. Next thing you know, they’re chatting! But Faustino is old school–he’d rather call.

The phone rings almost immediately, but oops…it’s not Faustino on the phone, it’s Lucita. Asking what saint to pray to for Simon’s return. Padre V says he’s already at peace, but Lucita insists, so he comes up with San Jose de Cupertino. Why, you ask? Because he could levitate!

And then it’s back to watching the phone. This time, it’s Faustino! He remembers Padre V’s nickname from seminary….”El Pambolero” (the footballer). Faustino is on board with the boxing match plan. He even wants to bring along a few other boxers, and next Saturday is perfect! He’ll send the names of the other guys. Bruno, Padre Vicente, and Rodobaldo start planning, er sparring, and Rodobaldo gets knocked out by Padre V. Ay, yi, yi.

Lucita’s greedy son complains to his three greedy siblings about how Lucita is giving away their inheritance. They’re going to hide her stuff and move things around so she’ll look crazy. What the hell, show? At least these creeps are actual creeps, not good people doing bad things. I guess?

In her bedroom, Lucita has decided to take her book of saints and put it upside down…if putting San Antonio upside down brings novios to the yard, putting San Jose upside down should bring back Simon, right?

Cheo calls Bruno to tell him they’re ready to install the irrigation system but Bruno says he’ll be a bit busy with the boxing match. Cheo gets all the details and then passes them on to Roque, Anselmo, and that other guy. Faustino is a former world champion, so they’re all looking forward to it.

Yet another plan, but this one has nothing to do with Simon

Titina and her ridiculously large belly meet her prospective landlady. She screeches at Sebas NOT to touch the belly. After they see the apartment, Sebastian says he thinks it’s too expensive, but he’ll rent it for her IF she lets him touch the belly. They’re arguing about it when Natalia arrives and now it’s a 3-way argument. When Natalia turns to leave, she gets hit by a motorcycle.

Sebas and the motorcyclist are worried about Natalia, but all Titina cares about is that he lied to her. “I’m going to tell my brothers on you!” I suggest that if one is a grown woman saying this, perhaps one is not as grown as one might think one is. He says this is all her fault because she said they were just having a fling and now she’s trying to force things. She swears she’s not going to stop forcing it, either.

Home. Titina. Belly. Pacing. Ranting. Her bestie is not being particularly helpful. She figures Natalia is going to keep Sebas from giving her as much money as she wants. Bestie thinks this is over, but Titina wants to “lose” the baby and blame it on him. First step–siccing her brothers on Sebas. And then she’ll make him pay. Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to like her any less. I have reached new depths of loathing.

No, wait, I was wrong. She cries to her brothers and her mom that Sebas isn’t really gay, he fooled them all. She’d rather be aloooooone! Mama sics the boys on Sebas. When they clear out, Titina brags to bestie about how she’s going to sue Sebas for damages later when she loses the “baby.” I feel another “Who’s the most horrid?” poll coming on.

In the DF

Ric goes to Uribe’s office to fish for information about Antonio’s return to San Gaspar. He pouts about some work he’d been doing that he figures he should just file away now and wrangles getting himself sent to San Gaspar to present it to Antonio personally. *sigh* Thanks, Uribe.


Anselmo calls to update him on Sara, and Pedro fumes. He fumes some more when he realizes it’s after 3. He’s been stood up. But then he notices Isa and his mood lifts. He goes over to her table to impose himself on her and she seems to remember him, but not remember that he knows about her and Ric.

Pedro talks to Isa about how she’ll get used to San Gaspar and she disses the place as not being cultured enough for her. She gets a call from her old pal “Rita Suarez” and excuses herself (I nearly typed sexcuses herself) to flirt with “Rita.” Ric tells her he’s on his way to San Gaspar and she actually seems happy to hear it. Pedro knows exactly who she’s talking to and grins to himself that she’s still cheating on Antonio. He gets up from the table to make a call of his own.

Nat + Sebas = ?

Natalia regains consciousness and notices that Sebas is crying. She’s able to stand and doesn’t want to go to a doctor. Natalia says she’ll leave, but Sebas really turns on the waterworks and says he doesn’t want to be with Titina, he just has to take care of his baby, and he wishes she would forgive him. She has to tell him multiple times that she DOES forgive him, because he won’t stop blubbering and listen to her. And then when he hears her, the blubbering just intensifies.

They head back to The Only Hotel In San Gaspar so they can make up properly…but Sebas can’t go through with it. He doesn’t just want sex, he wants to marry Natalia. And he means NOW. Nat finally says “yes”–for real or just to get him in the sack? I guess we’ll find out! Come on, Nat…make an honest man out of him and screw up Titina’s plans! (Did I just say that out loud? I guess I’m on board with this.)

Sebas calls Antonio. From bed. To tell him he’s getting married. “To who?” Duh, Natalia! “Are you drunk?” No. Natalia has to take the phone to tell Antonio that she IS there and she DOES love Sebas. So, will he be their witness? In an hour and a half at the JP’s office? Oh, and can he not bring Isabel, please? Marina will be their other witness, and they’ll have the after-party at El Molcajete. And then Sebas and Nat duck under the covers to continue the pre-party. I have to say, I don’t mind the wedding-interrupting-the-honeymoon trend, if it is a trend.

Nat and Sebas emerge from the sheets to dress for their wedding. Nat is wearing a gorgeous, Sara-reminiscent, blue crochet dress. They discuss the Antonio-Isa situation and she mentions the preliminary audit results she just happened to fish out of the trash at Isa’s. Funny thing, they don’t say Eduardo took 6 Million, so why did Isa use that figure? Natalia must have forgotten to bring them with her, but she can call and ask her new roomie to send them to her right now. No, wait! Later! They’ve got to get to the JP’s office! If they can stop smooching long enough.

As Nat and Sebas are giddily walking hand in hand into the JP’s office, the clown car–digo, Titina’s brothers–pull up to watch. Oh, please, can we not?! We were all having such a good time. They realize they won’t be able to do anything to Sebas inside that building, so instead they decide the better thing to do is wait for Sebas to emerge and then…*snipping motions*

Sebas and Natalia are greeted with a round of applause from Marina, Nacho, Rafa, and Pepe. Natalia’s thrilled to be meeting them all, finally. Antonio comes running in, out of breath. Sara won’t be able to make it, but definitely–party at El Molcajete later! They get called in to the judge’s office as Antonio worries about Sara’s safety and Sebas and Nat share a final few smoochies and a high-five.

The judge arrives, but Antonio’s phone rings. It’s Pedro. Why answer the phone just to say “I’m not interested in talking to you”? Pedro tells him they’re watching Sara and Isa is right there at the same restaurant where Antonio was supposed to meet him. “Tell me which one you’d rather lose. Let me make it easy for you. Isabel and I are too exposed here at the restaurant. I think it’ll have to be Sara.” He hangs up and Antonio immediately calls Sara, who’s giving another talk to another community about turning in the saqueadores. Good thing she didn’t turn off her ringer? But she won’t answer the phone.

Can we get back to this wedding, please? The judge is looking at his watch…Antonio rushes back in and borrows Rafa…Sebas rushes out to find out what’s going on. Antonio fills them in and tries to reach Sara again. I’m suddenly wondering why she’s out there alone. Rafa calls Fidel. Antonio tries Isa, but she’s busy flirting with Ric and ignoring Antonio’s calls. When Pedro comes back to the table, she hurriedly ends the call and then grins suggestively at Pedro.

Antonio wants to go out to the community where Sara is, but it’s hours away and Fidel is calling the local cops. Sebas is rolling his eyes at Antonio–of course Sara’s not answering! She doesn’t want to talk to HIM! Sebas pulls out his phone and calls Sara, who still hasn’t turned off her ringer. But she answers Sebas’ call and Antonio grabs the phone and warns her that the saqueadores are having her followed. “What do you mean the saqueadores are following me?!” she asks, rather loudly, and that creep in the denim jacket walks away. Subtle, dude. Really subtle. He tells her to find somewhere safe to wait for the cops. Then Antonio’s phone rings and Sebas grabs his phone back while Antonio tells Isa to go to the apartment NOW, but she hangs up on him. Sebas, at least, got Sara to agree to go somewhere safe.

The brothers lose patience and head inside. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And that, my friends, is our cliffhanger for the week. Well-played, show. Well-played.

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5 years ago

OMG! I haven’t watched yet, but my heart was racing just reading the recap! Thanks for the wild ride!

And special thanks for your appreciation of costuming. It’s something I’ve always loved about you. I love the heads up you provide when there’s a noteworthy outfit. When I watch, I’ll be sure to look for the blue crocheted dress. It sounds gorgeous.

I have to say, my favorite line was (God: “No, I said SIMON IS ALIVE! How do you get HAVE A BOXING MATCH out of that?”) That was a coffee spewer.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Kat- Ditto everything Sara said. I also have yet to see the episode, but this recap had me on pins and needles! Be back later.

5 years ago

That dress! I have the insane need to order some royal blue crochet thread and make a doily.

5 years ago

I’m disappointed in Titina’s friend for aiding and abetting her in this lie for so long. I thought long ago that she would rat her out. But, alas, no.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Ok so I’m gonna go with only two days behind reading recaps and just not count the weekend. Thanks Diva “if putting San Antonio upside down brings novios to the yard, putting San Jose upside down should bring back Simon, right?” I loved Lucita’s logic on this and I love how you put it in the recap. “I suggest that if one is a grown woman saying this, perhaps one is not as grown as one might think one is. ” IKR! Hey always room for another villain poll. “a gorgeous, Sara-reminiscent, blue crochet dress” I don’t usually remember clothes… Read more »