Ruta 35, Thursday 2/4/16 #18

Friday night's episode was pre-empted for fútbol, so this will finish out the week.

Conchita and her grandsons spend a day passing out fliers for Conchita Te Lo Lleva, once she gets the van blessed by the Padre.

She tries to visit Miguel again, but he still won’t see her. She hires a lawyer for him.


He’s a fountain of brilliant plans, this guy. He buys a gun and uses it to go back to the dealer he delivered to earlier. He takes not only the other $5000 he feels he was owed, but also the rest of the guy’s money.

Back at home he surprises Sofia with Chinese takeout. She surprises him by refusing to pay any more of his expenses, now that he’s doing so well with his new job (not that she knows what he’s doing), and informing him that she knows he took the cash out of her backpack and what’s left is now in the bank.


While Marina is getting ready for work one morning, she mentions all the gifts he’s been giving her lately and the bonuses he must be getting at work. The look on Tomás’ face clearly says “I’m a lying liar who lies.”


Beatriz confronts Salomon about his “wife” visiting him (well, technically, she’s his ex). He roughly grabs her and tells her to quit hassling him or he’s going to snap…and if he snaps, he’s capable of cutting her into little pieces.

He brings this up with the psychiatrist, but insists he’s not normally a violent person. Then he remembers another time in the past, when someone owed him drug money and he threatened him at gunpoint in a restaurant.

Jimena follows Salomon to the ICE office where he can’t even get through an entire job proposal from John without having to go outside for air.

Jimena visits the psychiatrist to tell her what she did and ask about the chances for Salomon’s recovery. The psychiatrist thinks it will take years to get to the root of Salomon’s problem so that he can recover from his addiction. Jimena has two choices–either accept that this is the way he is or leave him.

She decides to leave him after Salomon lies yet again and says he wasn’t at the ICE office. She and the girls pack up to leave. Alejandra is angry and won’t speak to him, but Daniela cries and hugs him.


The other inmates have noticed that Mercurio is spending a lot of time “in court” lately. He thinks they suspect him of working with the feds, but Marina seems as clueless as ever about what she can do to protect him.

Camilo lures him down to the laundry room with some story about all his clothes being scattered on the floor. He’s ambushed by Calixto and ends up in the infirmary.

Marina tries to go to the judge and have Mercurio released immediately, but the judge insists it’s not up to her or Marina–it’s the prosecutor who can suggest/offer a Ruta 35 and the guy has been sitting there for the entire meeting, not saying a word.


Dimitrio’s henchguy won’t give up his boss and Dylan can’t keep holding him at ICE. He’ll have to send him to jail, where it will be possible for him to get in touch with Dimitrio. Dylan’s solution is to bring Margery in and put pressure on her to help them capture Dimitrio or he’ll press charges for conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Margery calls Dimitro so a tech can trace the call. For some bizarre reason, Dylan brings Sofia and Margery along when they raid the airplane hangar where Dimitrio was loading up a shipment of cocaine. In the resulting shootout, Dylan shoots Dimitrio in the head. Margery mourns while ICE agents search for the drugs and find nothing but a kilo of cocaine.

Sofia remembers that back when she was dating Rogelio, he showed her his favorite plane, where he bragged about being able to hide drugs in the tires if he needed to. Sofia starts attacking a nearby stack of tires and sure enough, they find a few more bricks.

Rogelio’s trial is approaching and she’s concerned when she finds out she might be called to testify. Dylan goes to Diane, who will be writing up an evaluation of Rogelio, and tries to convince her to make Rogelio sound so horrible that the judge would have to make Rogelio accept his guilt without anyone needing to testify. First question: Why is Diane writing up an evaluation? She’s a probation officer. Second question: Why would she have to alter the report? Third question: This can’t be the way the justice system works! OK, that last one was more of a baffled statement. Anyway, Diane refuses to alter her report and she mocks Dylan for only just now being worried about the safety of his informant.


He’s preparing for his trial in true Rogelio fashion–by plotting to kill witnesses. Since judges are too difficult to get to, even for a price.


Domingo has accepted the judge’s ruling and is resigned to living out the rest of his life in prison. Sofia talks to him about becoming an informant, but he won’t rat out his friends. She does happen to hear about a case the ATF wants help with, and the guy they’re after is NOT a friend.

She explains to Dylan that Domingo will gladly roll on Jose Landino. He was sleeping with Domingo’s wife and he doesn’t know that Domingo knows. As far as he’s concerned, they’re still friends. Domingo only found out after Landino had left the country, when his wife was dying of cancer. He forgave his wife. Landino…not so much.

Gavilán and Rebeca

Rebeca comes back from a run to find Gavilán waiting to kill her. There are no dry eyes in her house as he accuses her of using him and of sleeping with Dylan now to try to get her reward sooner. She tells him her biggest regret in all this has been losing him. Gavilán remembers his last conversation with Domingo…

Life sucks bad enough without you killing the woman you love. Don’t take revenge on my account. I don’t want any more dead bodies, especially not one of my family members.

He tells Rebeca she’s got another chance (and then what?). He starts to leave, but she begs him not to go and asks him to forgive her. He answers with a hearty snogging. Why can’t those two crazy kids just work things out?

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