Ruta 35, Tuesday 2/2/16 #16

We have a couple of theories about where this show might be going. So far, it still does not in any way look like The Dylan Show. If anything, we propose that Sofia is really the one at the center. Further, we propose that this is a "boy meets girl; boy and girl are kept apart by circumstances; boy and girl fight to be together; boy and girl get married and live happily ever after" story about Sofia and Domingo. It just happens to have narcos and cops in it. We'll tell you our other theory at the end.

Conchita is ready to go solo. She visits Sofia’s dealership and buys a van with her savings. She’s starting a delivery service of her very own…”Conchita te lo lleva. Servicio de puerta a puerta.” (Conchita brings it to you. Door-to-door service.)


Domingo has recovered and is about ready to be sent back to prison. Dylan questions the doctor, but he insists he was just doing his job and had no idea about the planned breakout. No, none of Domingo’s surgeries was an appendectomy, but he claims it’s not unusual for symptoms of an inflamed colon to be mistaken for appendicitis. Dylan remains unconvinced.

He talks to the prison director, who says there’s no proof of anything, and he has no intention of putting Domingo into solitary confinement in his condition. He also has no intention of putting Domingo and Rogelio in different units. “Rogelio has been behaving himself this entire time.” Yeah, sure he has.

As soon as Rogelio sees that Domingo is back, he starts making plans for yet another (sure to fail) murder attempt.


Rebeca overhears Diane talking on the phone to her mother. Diane talks about her fears that Rebeca and Dylan have a thing.

Rebeca has lunch with Salomon and asks for a loan so she can rent an apartment. She breaks the news to Diane and Dylan over dinner…that she cooked.

Gavilán finally tells Sofia that Rebeca is the one who turned Domingo in and that he intends to kill her. Sofia reminds him that it won’t change anything that happened, but Gavilán sobs that it will bring him some peace. Nobody’s buying that story.


Salomon is continuing his informant rehab treatment, under the guidance of a (so far) competent, ethical, mental health professional. He’s starting to have withdrawal symptoms. Every time he turns down a job or ignores a call from John, he has a panic attack.

During therapy we find out that he started out washing cars for a narco and later moved up in the organization. It was when he met Jimena that he first started leading a “double life,” first as a narco and later as an informant. So…basically he’s been lying to her for their entire relationship? Just saying….


As Federico is driving home with his investment cocaine, Tomás pulls him over. Why? How? Under what authority? We have no idea. This whole incident was shady as hell. He appears to steal the registration or insurance paperwork. He cuffs Federico and then takes his kilo of cocaine and some cash from the front seat. When he lets Federico go, the stupid kid sounds like he’s about to ask “But what about my drugs and my money?” and Tomás pulls a gun on him and tells him to get out of there. See? Shady.

Federico’s next stupid plan, since going straight to “narco” didn’t work out, is becoming a mule. His trip out to visit the friend he Skypes with involves transporting cash. In his GI tract. Yes, you read that correctly. And, yes, this is a very bad idea.


Sofia deliberately messes up some paperwork to get Margery back to the dealership. They spend the afternoon shopping and Margery takes her home, where they are surprised by Margery’s boyfriend Dimitrio. He stumbles in with a guy who appears to have been shot. Sofia leaves the house before Margery has to come back and kick her out on her jerk of a boyfriend’s orders.

Dylan looks the guy up and explains that he’s a pretty big mover, but no one has ever been able to gather enough evidence to arrest him. Sofia is surprised that Margery calls her and invites her to dinner. Dylan jumps on this as an opportunity for Sofia to plant some bugs in the house.

At dinner, Dimitrio threatens to kill Sofia if she tells anyone what she saw. But, come on, Sofia has been living with narcos for probably her entire life and this creep thinks he can scare her? She holds her ground and says she’s Margery’s friend and has nothing to say about anything else.

Back in the car later, Dylan says she’s a natural. He’d been waiting outside and listening and looked like he was planning to go in after her. Sofia seems to be on board with bringing this guy down, less because he’s a narco, and more because he’s an ass–this is her “Free Margery” op.


Marina is still trying to make up with Julia for getting Mercurio thrown in prison in the first place. She comes over, saying she “promised” Mercurio she’d look out for her. “It wouldn’t be the first time you promised something and couldn’t follow through.” She gets Julia to accept a check, calling it Mercurio’s “pay” for working with her, but Julia notices it’s a personal check.

Marina secures day passes for Mercurio on the grounds that he will be working with her to bust Estefan for trying to move his counterfeit bills. This seems like way more trouble than it’s worth. She has to pick him up in the morning, they each sign paperwork; then she brings him back in the evening. The guards have to make excuses, “It’s time for you to go to court…you have a visitor.”

Before Estefan was released, Mercurio had proposed that he help him move the money. He claimed that sure, sure, he was completely innocent, but his SISTER (aka, Marina) and her boyfriend are supervising a stash of cash for a narco. So, all they have to do is get the cash to his sister’s and they’ll swap it out for the narco’s money.

On the outside, Estefan is not so sure he wants go through with the switch. For starters, the fake sister wants 30%. Estefan convinces Mercurio they should go back to his place and talk about it some more.

Julia is unhappy that now Estefan knows where they live. And Jacobo didn’t seem too happy to meet him either. Kid’s got good instincts.

Here’s our second theory, given Tomás’ overall assishness, his appropriation of Conchita’s tip money for personal use, his refusal to give Dylan back the confiscated drugs for a not-legit-sounding reason, and now this latest shady encounter with Federico. Could Tomás actually be the major narco of the story? Is this the way it somehow becomes all about Dylan?

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