Ruta 35, Wednesday 2/3/16 #17


Domingo pleads guilty and gets 80 years in maximum security prison. And that was the judge going easy on him because he accepted his guilt and cooperated with ICE.

Sofia is crushed, and Dylan says it’s not up to Domingo anymore to reduce his sentence by cooperating–it’s up to the government to decide whether they are willing to reduce his sentence in exchange for cooperation. But for him to get released, he’d have to help make a huge bust.


Rogelio takes advice from his buddies in prison and decides that instead of pleading guilty and maybe getting a reduced sentence, he wants to plead innocent so that he can find out who turned him in and get revenge. Priorities.

Sadly, the judge actually declares that, no, the prosecution cannot withhold the list of witnesses and has to turn them over to the defense immediately. Way to give Rogelio a hit list.


Federico trades the cash for cocaine and makes it back to Miami without incident, but with plenty of stress. When he finally delivers the coke, he only gets half what he was originally promised–unless we believe that the guy he’s working for really did explain that, no, the $10,000 was for the entire job and they were going to split it 50/50. Because risking death to transport the cocaine is worth the same as sitting around on the couch eating Cheetos and waiting.


Rebeca moves into her new place and invites Dylan over, urgently, for lunch. Yeah, we didn’t understand that either. She knows Diane suspects her of putting the moves on him…so she moves out…and then she invites him over. Alone. So…she just want to have lunch with her buddy without his wife thinking there’s something else going on? This may not be the ideal way to accomplish that.

Gavilán follows Dylan to Rebeca’s new place and finds out from a chatty cable installation tech that it’s Rebeca’s house, not Dylan’s. He goes back to his SUV and engages in some quiet contemplation with his firearm.


Sofia calls in the middle of Dylan’s lunch to ask for his help, and the urgency of her need is actually, well, urgent.

Sofia went over to Margery’s for drinks and took the opportunity to wear some seriously high snakeskin boots, as one does when one is spying. She snuck into Dimitrio’s office and took as many pictures as she could–not knowing that the house has a surveillance system and one of Dimitrio’s henchmen was watching her the entire time.

Dylan and Sofia review the pictures she took and it seems like Dimitrio has been buying a whole fleet of brand-new, late-model SUVs. Sofia offers, then insists on, trying to get a closer look at one. She’s not put off by the “danger” and reminds Dylan that her life has been nothing else since she married Rogelio.

Later, the henchman confronts her. See, good hench is hard to find. What this fine, upstanding employee should have done was go immediately to his boss. But no. He waited until he had a chance to accost Sofia at work and try to trade sex for his silence. He took her to a hotel and she convinced him to pour her a drink and then employed the Sofia Special–a breakable glass object to the back of the head.

She called Dylan from the parking lot and he rushed over, with John and the rest of the team. The henchman took way too long to regain consciousness and then made sure the cops got a good, long look at him before he started running. He ended up in the back of a police car, screaming that Sofia must be one of their informants, and he was going to tell his boss. Good luck explaining how you found out.

Dylan assures Sofia that they’ll keep him in solitary confinement until they catch Dimitrio, and they won’t allow him to contact Dimitrio. Is that even legal? He advises Sofia to pretend nothing happened and just keep being friends with Margery.


Mercurio, Marina, and a tech examine the bills that Estefan left with Mercurio. The tech says these are the best he’s ever seen and are a masterpiece compared to Taborda’s.

Mercurio pulls a move worthy of Salomon. He tosses the crummy $50,000 in fake bills at Estefan’s feet, saying they’re ok, but nothing to brag about. His sister isn’t interested in risking her neck for $50,000 in Monopoly money. She’ll only do the deal for $500,000, with a 70/30 split–she’ll take the 70, Estefan gets 30. Take it or leave it. Estefan reluctantly accepts and says they’ll close the deal today. Mercurio warns him never to threaten his family again, or he’ll claw his eyes out.

Marina tells Mercurio that a bust of $500,000 will surely get his sentence reduced, but if they make an even bigger bust, it could get dismissed. Mercurio has a good laugh over that–he no longer believes she can get a judge to do anything for him. He suggests they hurry up and get to the bust house to wait for Estefan.

Estefan arrives and is incredibly jumpy. He won’t open up the bag until he sees the cash he’s there to trade for. He pulls a gun on Mercurio and Marina has one of the agents get out of his tactical vest to go out there and pretend to be the sister’s boyfriend. He shows Estefan the cash and when Estefan drops the bag on the coffee table, the agents come in and make the bust.

Even though they also took Mercurio in, Estefan is convinced that Mercurio set him up. He says he won’t cut a deal and he’s going to kill Mercurio’s family.

Mercurio goes back to the apartment to say goodbye to Julia before going back to prison. He tries to convince her to take the baby and go back to Mexico, but she refuses.

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