La Vecina, Monday 2/8/16 #161

Chiquita…¡pero picosa!

Titina’s brothers get directions to the judge’s chambers.

Sara waits for her escort back to San Gaspar. Here’s hoping nothing super plot worthy was said, because I only had eyes for the shawl the nice lady was wearing. And I wasted a lot of time on Ravelry looking for a similar pattern. So now this recap might become a summary.

Outside the judge’s office, Anto worries about Sara (mainly) and Isa (because he’s actually a nice guy. I’m a bona fide be-yotch with ass-like tendencies, so me importa un comino lo que pasa con ésa.) Fidel arrives to report Sara’s safety, then offers to take Anto to the restaurant where Isa is lunching with Pedro. Take your time Fidel. No reason to rush.

Finally! Sebas heads back to the judge’s office and his wedding. The judge goes into his marriage spiel…and gets interrupted by Titina’s doofus brothers. Nobody is getting married! Nacho stands up to them and tells them to get out. Pepe and Rafa stand in solidarity with Nacho. Then the mustachioed doofus starts thinking they can take them. Yah!! 3 against 3! Sebas makes it cuatro. Marina muscles in and makes it 5 (She’s “chiquita pero picosa” and my kind of peeps. Go, girl!) And with that it is on like Donkey Kong. When the dust settles, it looks Marina and Co. came out the winners. A little ruffled, but no bruises or blood. The Tres Hermanos are carted off to jail.

Sebas and Natalia get their marriage on.

I just lost my appetite.

Isa is still at lunch with Pedro. He digs for information about Anto and Conatrol and she complains about Anto having a work ethic and feels morally obligated to fix the problems at the plant. Pedro says something about Anto shouldn’t be taking Isa for granted and she gives him this big ol’ smile and thinks Pedro should be talking to Anto about that. Pedro gladly promises to do that the next time he sees Anto.

Pedro’s cell phone rings. It’s the creepy dude sent to follow Sara. He reports that Sara was escorted back to San Gasp by a police escort. Pedro hangs up and makes his excuses to Isa. He tells Isa to pass along the following message: Be sure to take care of the things you love. Watch out for them. He leaves and Isa looks after him with a sleaze in her eye and a pant.

On their way to the restaurant, Anto still worries about Isa. Fidel tries to calm him down. Pedro wouldn’t try anything in a public place and he wouldn’t try anything against Isa because that would make it obvious he was the leader of the saqueadores. Despite my feelings on the issue, Anto would hate for anything bad to happen to Isa.

Anto and Fidel make it to the restaurant where Isa is. She delivers Pedro’s message complete with ominous music. Anto wants her to come back to the apartment. Just being his wife puts her in danger. Isa flounces away. She doesn’t like being told what to do.

Back at the apartment Anto tries to explain to Isa that she can’t leave without her escort. There’s a policeman outside the door. All Isa can think about is how she’s going to get to see Ric.

Pedro goes home to harass Laura. She overhears him talking to Ric on the phone. They are discussing Conatrol bidnez.

I’m gonna wash those folks right out of my hair

Titina paces the floor waiting to hear from her pack of brothers. One calls her…from jail. Sebas has pressed charges and they have been charged with disrespecting authority (which is kind of a literal translation…maybe it has more of “resisting arrest” vibe?) Titina needs to get them out of jail ASAP! Mamá is upset. She wants to find “Chebi” and ask him to drop the charges, then they can worry about paying the fine for the other charges. Titina claims to have no idea where Chebi is. Mamá tells her she better figure it out.

Sebas and the gang are at El Molcajete celebrating.

Rosa and Merce step away for a moment to chat. It’s probably a good thing Anto didn’t show up. Merce doesn’t know what she would have done. She’s grateful for Anto’s help in looking for Simon, but that doesn’t make it easier for her to accept what he did to Sara.

Sebas and Nat interrupt the chat. Nat is so sweet. She apologizes to Merce for the things Isa did and for not judging Sara fairly. Merce and Natalia hug.

Sara arrives with the police escort. Anto sees her and gives her  a passionately relieved hug. Then they argue because he wants her to quit her job at Conatrol (that she desperately needs.)

Lovely, Titina and her mother show up. They go inside and mamá begs Sebas to drop the charges. He agrees…but only if the whole Titina family leave him alone. Mamá agrees…and she’ll even put it in writing! They’ll meet him at the police station. Titina warns Chebi they aren’t done.

Natalia is ready to face the Titina issue with Sebas. Awww!

Anto wants to know if Sara is going to quit Conatrol or not. She gives him a sound NO!

After the celebration, Sebas and Natalia head to the station. He drops the charges against the brothers and the peace treaty gets signed. Sebas still agrees to take care of the baby.

This week on In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy (qepd)

Lucita and Edwina touch base. Edwina is about to board the plane to the Philippines. There’s some blabbity blabbity about OVNIs and space trash. Lucita tells her to just bring Simon back.

In San Gasp, Vladimir spills the beans about Edwina and Lucita injecting Magda.. It’s a good thing they didn’t linger on that crocheted runner. I might never get this thing done.

Fidel calls Edwina. She’s going whether Fidel likes it or not. She apologizes for the thing with Magda. Fidel can’t believe she’s going to the Philippines. Does she not realize how many islands make up the Philippines? She knows. There are thousands, but she’s determined to find Simon. She’s not coming back until she finds him. She and Fidel hang up and he hopes the trip gives her some sort of peace.

Fidel wakes up Magda.

Apartment Capers

Isa gives Anto some blabbity blabbity BS about following his instructions and staying put. He tells her he’ll be staying at a hotel. Of course, all Isa cares about is what people will think if they see him leaving the apartment with suitcases. Anto explains that everyone will be at the chruch saying the rosary for Simon. No one will see him leaving. Isa thinks he’s going to see his amante, Sara. Anto says that for her information, Sara was never his lover…she was the woman he loved. Isa throws their four years together in his face. Maybe he thought it was love, but it was just habit.

Nat and Sebas discuss Titina. Nat is pretty sure Titina is just using the baby as a way to get as much as she can out of Sebas. Nat asks about the apartment he rented. Titina told him the rent was 7 mil pesos. Nat, being intelligent, thinks they should go make some inquiries.

Everyone gets ready for the rosary at the church.

Natalia acts like a prospective renter and asks about the apartment. When she hears it’s already been rented, she asks for how much…you know, just to find out the prices in the area. The landlady tells her 3 mil pesos. Sebas is pissed. The landlady gives some explanation I’m too lazy to go back and remember. Sebas is indignant, but he tells Nat that from now on Titina will only get what is absolutely necessary. They canoodle and decide to head back for some honeymoon.

Isa, still angry with Anto, takes his keys and locks the front door. Then she throws the keys off the balcony. She thinks they can find plenty of ways to *burp* entertain each other. Anto calmly calls Chepe and has him come up to unlock the door. Anto leaves Isa alone to brood.

Sebas and Nat come to the apartment to pick up his things. Isa acts nice and congratulates them on the wedding. Isa begs Nat to forgive her. Nat is the only friend she has. Nat agrees to talk with Isa more in the morning. After Nat leaves, Isa grumbles about having to be nice to Nat. But, she says, it’s better to have Nat as an ally than an enemy.

Nat and Sebas finally make it to the hotel for honeymooning. He carries her over the threshold. There is champagne and…jammies. She’s so cute saying she didn’t really prepare for a honeymoon. Smoochies.

Let’s just end the show with some tidbits

Bruno gets a call from Cheo. They will be working day and night (literally) to install the irrigation system.)

Rafa tells Sara about some relative that left him an inheritance. He’d like to loan the money to her…like an investment. They can be business partners! She can quit Conatrol and work full time at El Molcajete. Sara sort of agrees, but after he leaves, she grills Marina about Rafa’s family…and discovers he has no aunt Eduviges.

Sebas tells Anto about the papers Nat found. They are having the papers sent to San Gasp. Anto thinks that if Isa knew about them and didn’t tell him, it must mean she may have planned the “fraud” herself.

Sara interrupts this conversation to tell Anto she doesn’t want anything from him. If he doesn’t leave her alone, she’s going to sue him for harassment.

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5 years ago

Sara, gracias! I’m glad you had so much fun and funny stuff to cover in this episode 😀 It’s hard to decide what my favorite moments were, but I agree with you that Marina is my kind of peeps. I would not have been surprised if her stepping up got the brothers to back down, but I’m ok with what did happen. Sebas and Natalia are so cute. I’m not even mad at him about Titina anymore. Well, maybe I’m a little mad. But mostly at Titina. She’s gone way too far. I keep hoping her fake belly will fall… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

I get how she’s keeping everyone else from touching her belly, but I don’t get how she’s managed to convince them it grew that much overnight. Or how she’s keeping her mom from touching her belly or wanting to go to doctors’ appointments with her, even if it’s just to stay in the waiting room.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Yeah I noticed that too. Given how intrusive Titina’s fam is they should have noticed something.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Another thing I loved was Natalia’s apology to Merce. I got a little teary over that.

5 years ago

Thanks, Sara! This was actually a fun episode. I had a good chuckle over the rumble in the judge’s office, and little Marina jumping into the fray. Seeing the bros so beat up in comparison to the other side was hilarious. I agree that Sebas and Nat are adorable. As painful as this whole Titina thing was, I think it taught Sebas to never take Nat for granted again (or cheat on her), and taught Nat to chillax and stop being so wound up about every little thing. Remember how she would pick fights all the time over stupid little… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago
Reply to  Vivi

yeah Sebas knows how lost he would be w/o Nata now. I’m happy at how this turned out.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Thank you Sara I enjoyed reading it.
(Am catching up at work, I swear I’m getting actual work done too)
“so me importa un comino lo que pasa con ésa.” – I was kinda hoping she would get kidnapped and then dumped in manure for some reason.
Marina looks pretty tough here, and I can’t envision the bros actually hitting *her*
“Sara interrupts this conversation to tell Anto she doesn’t want anything from him.” – Sara is pretty picosa too but less chiquita