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¿Quién es Quién? begins tonight on Telemundo and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use that headline! Additional character information and a synopsis are available on Telemundo’s website but here’s my rundown of who’s who based on the thoughtfully-provided early preview of the premiere episode.

Pedro “Perico” Perez González (Eugenio Siller)
  • Occupation: Mariachi singer by night; piñata vendor by day
  • Relationships: son to Inés
  • Likes: women…no, like, really really likes women…and the feeling is mutual
  • Dislikes: flying tomatoes, guys in SUVs
Jonathan Garcia (Gabriel Valenzuela)
  • Occupation: guitarist in Pedro’s conjunto
  • Relationships: friend to Pedro
  • Likes: older women…or maybe just one in particular
  • Dislikes: flying tomatoes
Terminator “el Termi” Maldonado (Alex Ruiz)
  • Occupation: trumpet player in Pedro’s conjunto
  • Relationships: friend to Pedro
  • Likes: dancing cheek to cheek
  • Dislikes: flying tomatoes
Inés (Laura Flores)
  • Occupation: mom, piñata store owner
  • Relationships: mother to Pedro and Yesenia
  • Likes: determination
  • Dislikes: complaints
Sara (Isabel Moreno)
  • Occupation: watcher of telenovelas
  • Relationships: mother-in-law to Inés
  • Likes: corn chips
  • Dislikes: frijoles
Yesenia (Oka Giner)
  • Occupation: piñata material collector
  • Relationships: daughter to Inés
  • Likes: a tidy house
  • Dislikes: financial uncertainty
Paloma (Danna Paola)
  • Occupation: medical student, flower shop employee, mom
  • Relationships: neighbor to the Perez family, mother to Cachito
  • Likes: Pedro
  • Dislikes: Pedro’s roving eye

Leonardo Fuentemayor (Eugenio Siller)
  • Occupation: businessman
  • Relationships: engaged to Fernanda, son to Humberto
  • Likes: work, whiskey, work, more work
  • Dislikes: fun, dirty glasses
Humberto Fuentemayor (Fernando Carrera)
  • Occupation: businessman
  • Relationships: father to Leonardo
  • Likes: work
  • Dislikes: talking to his son about anything other than business
Fabiola (Sandra Destenave)
  • Occupation: society wife
  • Relationships: married to Humberto, mother to Connie
  • Likes: the finer things
  • Dislikes: her son not being the favored child
Nora (Maité Embil)
  • Occupation: Fuentemayor housekeeper
  • Relationships: practically a member of the family
  • Likes: Leonardo
  • Dislikes: worrying about Leonardo, the relationship (or lack thereof) between Leonardo and Humberto
Connie (Daniela Wong)
  • Occupation: teenager
  • Relationships: daughter to Fabiola
  • Likes: sarcasm, her cell phone
  • Dislikes: wearing outfits her mother picked out
Fernanda (Kimberly dos Ramos)
  • Occupation: Public Relations
  • Relationships: engaged to Leonardo
  • Likes: looking good
  • Dislikes: tardiness
Ignacio (Jonathan Islas)
  • Occupation: businessman
  • Relationships: son to Fabiola
  • Likes: organizing fiestas
  • Dislikes: Leonardo

Watch the premiere tonight, or sooner on Telemundo’s website or OnDemand, and look for the recap after the premiere.  See you tonight!

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