La Vecina, Wednesday 2/10/16 #163

The horror!

I swear, they made sure the refrito included Isa and Ric just to get revenge on me for not paying attention yesterday. Well, news flash, I’m still not paying attention to them! Take that!

After whatever shenanigans Ric and Isa get up to, Ric lounges in his boxers while he catches up with Pedro over the phone. Pedro brags about giving Antonio a good scare and mentions that Antonio and Sara were in Tres Piedras together. He wants Ric to report back on the CONATROL gossip and what the police plan to do next.

While Ric is trying to assert his equality, Isa comes out of the shower and stops to eavesdrop. She definitely hears Ric refer to himself as someone’s contact at CONATROL, but when she asks who he was talking to, he brushes off the question and they get back to snogging.

Natalia and Sebastian have lunch. Their outfits are the same color. Nat brings up the horrible relationship between Isa and Antonio, but chickens out of telling Sebas about Isa and Ric.

At the police station

Fidel tells Quintin to run tests on the gun and then turns his attention to chastising Sara and Antonio for making the bad guys’ jobs easier. He is not amused by their arguing and sends Sara out to give her statement. Then he breaks it to Antonio that Isa gave her bodyguard the slip.

In the outer office, Bruno sees Sara and she explains what happened. She can’t talk him out of going into Fidel’s office to blame the whole thing on Antonio. Quintin won’t let her go in there and bust it up, either–Fidel and his biceps can handle the two of them, right? What am I saying…ONE of Fidel’s biceps could handle the two of them while the other one solves crime.

Bruno tells Fidel and Antonio that he already told Laura about Pedro. Antonio and Fidel both think that was a bad idea. All the way out in the outer office, Sara can hear them yelling about it. Including hearing that if she knew who she was dealing with, she’d understand better. She comes in and asks what it is Antonio needs to tell her.

Antonio tries to make excuses about Bruno not agreeing with the way he’s handled things. Fidel gives Bruno a coded warning saying Antonio has done the best job he can and the last thing they need is to question his methods. Sara takes this as a dig at her and says she’s learned her lesson. Starting tomorrow, she works only in the office. She even tells Bruno that this was her fault because she wasn’t being sensible. Sad Sara goes back out to finish giving her statement.

Antonio is relieved, but Bruno is angry at both him and Fidel. Fidel says they will have to manage things differently now that Laura knows and he begs Bruno to trust them about continuing to NOT tell Sara.

Antonio makes the mistake of asking, “Weren’t you supposed to be staying away from Laura like Simon asked?” because of course, Bruno comes back with “Weren’t you supposed to be staying away from Sara?” Antonio backs down. Bruno tells them that Laura is going to spy for them and starts filling them in on everything she’s told him so far.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help. They still have no proof of anything. Bruno says she’ll be looking for proof. “Tell her not to take any unnecessary risks!” Seriously, Antonio? She’s married to Pedro. Bruno heads home and Antonio and Fidel go to see if Sara’s done giving her statement yet.

Die, Pedro, die!

Pedro is home in the middle of the day. Angry-Stepford Laura says she’s glad he didn’t stay out all day after all, so she’ll have someone to talk to. And she knows he’s really busy, so if they can’t go on that vacation he was talking about she’ll understand. She’ll go fix his lunch. Pedro looks suspicious.

Later, Laura is rummaging around in the bedroom when she hears Pedro approaching. He takes her being in the bedroom as an invitation. He cannot die soon enough.

Laura leaves Pedro sleeping the sleep of the irredeemably evil and sneaks into his home office to rifle through the drawers. I think I’m more terrified for her right now than I’ve ever been. She finds a locked drawer and surmises that there must be something juicy in there. She finds the key in another drawer and opens up a cabinet filled with paperwork, a notebook with women’s names and numbers, and a gun. She thinks they’re names of the women he’s been sleeping with. She puts the key back and leaves the office.

OK, we can breathe now.

The search for Simon continues

Padre V is trying to talk Lucita out of transferring money to Edwina. No, I’m not keeping track of all the people who are going to owe Lucita and Edwina apologies when they find out Simon is alive. Why do you ask? The bank employee is finally free and calls Lucita over to do the transfer.

Outside the bank, Lucita badgers the Padre into lending her his cell phone to call Edwina. In the Philippines. Just for a sec! Edwina talks to Crocodile Dundee (thanks, Sara!), who reminds her that finding her friend could take quite a long time. Lucita calls to give her the news about the deposit, but Padre’s phone runs out of minutes quickly. Edwina tells Crocodile Dundee that funding has been secured.

Simon has stayed close to his waterfall. He notices an airplane overhead and starts thinking about how to get someone’s attention.

The end of a beautiful? friendship?

Natalia is waiting outside the apartment building. When she sees Isa coming she confronts her about being with Ric. Isa smarms that Natalia’s not going to tell on her…she’d have to admit how long she knew.

Natalia’s phone beeps–it’s a message from her roommate with the code she can use to pick up the documents. Natalia checks the message and looks sadly at Isa. “I just wanted to tell you that we’re done. I won’t be your accomplice anymore.”

Like Isa cares. She doesn’t even answer, just smiles and sashays into the building. It’s ok, Natalia, you’re better off without her.


Antonio goes back to the office and Sebastian is annoyed that Antonio’s all “It’s only a flesh wound.” Antonio’s just happy that it got Sara to agree to stop making trips. Though she nearly found out about Pedro. He still thinks it’s better not to tell her she’s been dealing with the Big Bad all this time, so her nerves don’t betray her.

He asks Sebas about the paperwork that Nat found, but that won’t be arriving until later.

Ric enters, giving his ridiculous story about how Uribe sent him there so he could “help.” Marina comes in to check on Antonio and I love her, but WHY did she mention Antonio’s gunshot wound in front of Ric?! I mentally scream at Antonio to just tell Ric that Marina’s overprotective after the time he got shot in the head, but instead he tells the truth. And then he mentions the gun being sent out for analysis. Thanks, Antonio.

Sebas turns down Ric’s offer of dinner, so he can be with his *huge grin* wife. Ric offers fake congratulations to both Sebas and Antonio on their marriages. “Hey, so you wouldn’t mind if I went after Sara, then?” Antonio reacts predictably.

Sebas gets a message from Natalia that she’s going to pick up the papers and to bring Antonio over to the hotel. He shows the message to Antonio and Antonio says “let’s go!” They tell Ric it’s nothing important and stop to play a quick round of charades after Ric leaves the office. Antonio bares his teeth and clenches his fists together…hmmm, now what could that mean?

Two crews, no waiting

At the warehouse, there’s a big empty space where the cohete used to be. Bruno misses seeing Simon there, working on his plans. Cheo tells him work is proceeding quickly and they’ll be there all night. Bruno leaves and Cheo and Roque agree that they’re both still shocked about Simon.

Anselmo gets a call from the guy working the shady crew. That darn Cheo actually has a work ethic and hasn’t left them alone for a second! They’re nearly done installing the irrigation system and they still haven’t been able to perforate the duct! Anselmo gives him a non-response: “He has to leave sometime.” Anselmo, Anselmo…that’s the kind of thing that’s not going to look good when it’s time for your annual job performance review. Pedro emerges from the house, with Laura, and tells Anselmo to drive them to the church.

Don’t you forget about me

It’s day in the Philippines and Simon is gathering sticks to create his signal.

Lucita’s greedy kids are continuing to plot. Tadeo is serving her the wrong drinks and his sister went to the pharmacy for sleeping pills to put in the tea Lucita didn’t ask for. He badgers her into drinking it.

Edwina calls from the Philippines to tell Lucita she’s about to leave. On a small boat, not a cruise ship. Lucita picks now to tell the story of her old boyfriend, the sailor. He looked so good in his uniform…his name was Alfredo Escamilla…he was tall…and his moustache used to tickle her when he…you know. (Uh, I dunno, Lucita. Do I?) Edwina says she really needs to go board the boat and Lucita wishes her luck and tells her not to come back without Simon.

The pills start kicking in and her worthless son smirks. Later, they check to make sure she’s completely knocked out so they have a full 12 hours to work on the next phase of their plan. Creeps.

At the church, Padre V tells Merce and Juancho about Edwina and Lucita’s plans and how much money Lucita’s been investing in them. Plus the fact that her kids are starting to think Lucita’s “fortune” is getting away from them.

Sara shows up and says things got a little, uh, complicated in Tres Piedras. Merce starts to pass out, but Sara says she’s fine, she didn’t get hurt, and nobody has to scold her, she’s already decided she’s not going out again. But she’s not quitting, either. And she has a bodyguard. So, um, rosary time? Padre V agrees, but he’ll continue scolding Sara again after.

Pedro and Laura arrive at the church and while I don’t normally advocate this sort of thing, I think a fake girlfriend for Bruno would come in handy right about now. Pedro and Laura go inside and Bruno has words with Anselmo.

After the rosary, Fidel also notices Anselmo waiting outside the church. Pedro takes the opportunity to mock him about not seeing him inside. He must be so busy with all that crime. Fidel says it’s not a big deal, he and his biceps can handle it.

Sara comes up, so Pedro takes the opportunity to torment Fidel some more by asking Sara how things are going at work. She brings up the shooting in Tres Piedras and Laura asks for more details. Pedro feigns dismay. Fidel says it’s no big deal. They fingerprinted the gun and since the guy had a criminal record, they have his name already. I think Fidel just signed denim jacket guy’s death sentence.

Pedro and Laura start to leave, but Laura tells Sara she’d like to talk to her…later. I hope she has an excuse ready for Pedro.

Bruno and Pedro glare at each other as Anselmo drives away.

Things that happen in hotels

Ric calls Isa to invite her over. And to tell her that Antonio won’t miss her. He’s busy worrying about Sara. Did he tell her they got shot at? See, if Antonio can risk his life for Sara, then why can’t Isa risk less for a little nookie?

At Nat and Sebas’ hotel, Antonio is not as excited about the paperwork as I thought he would be. At least he realizes someone must have altered the amounts. But he says the papers don’t prove anything.

Sebas suggests he look up the names of the accountants who are supposed to have worked on it. Antonio calls Mariana to ask her to find the paperwork that has those names. Eduardo is still recovering, by the way. He explains his suspicions and Mariana will find the paperwork in the morning. She hopes this gets both her dad and Antonio free.

Antonio swears revenge if he finds out Isa was behind this. (Seriously, though, who else could it be?) Natalia tells them she’s sure it was Isabel. As soon as she heard that her dad wanted to do an audit, she said she wanted to use it to blackmail Antonio. Antonio agrees she’s not even the shadow of the woman he loved once. He insists they’ve got to figure out where the 6 Million went, but I don’t think there ever was a 6 Million. I thought it was all just on paper.

The devil herself calls to announce she’s going to a hotel tonight. Antonio is first annoyed that she’s going, because safety; then he decides the farther away from him she is, the better. He’s had it with her and he won’t just divorce her, he’ll press charges.

After everything Isa has done both to Natalia and that Natalia knows about, she still manages to be concerned about whether Antonio would really send Isa to jail. She looks worried, but she swears Isa will NOT hear about Antonio’s investigation from her.

Antonio leaves them alone so they can get mushy. Sebas wants some time alone with his wife and Natalia wants dinner. They compromise…room service! Well played.

Isa. Ric. Hotel. She packed a bag. Her bodyguard drove her over and everything. And Natalia isn’t going to give them away. I hope she’s wrong about that last one.

After dinner, Natalia is thinking about Isabel again. Or rather, everything she helped Isa get away with. Sebastian really, really, really doesn’t want to hear about it. As he says, it’s their turn. And as much as I want all of Isa’s misdeeds to come to light, I also agree with Sebas. We’ve all been waiting a long time for the two of them to get back together and be happy, so…have at it!

Antonio calls the bodyguard, who verifies that Isa is at Las Margaritas. Fidel calls him to tell him about his encounter with Pedro outside the church. Antonio fumes.

Why isn’t Pedro dead yet?

Pedro chews out Anselmo for not telling him about the gun. “I didn’t want you to worry.” He swears there’s no way the cops have Aparicio’s name. He doesn’t have a record. He thinks Fidel is bluffing. He should known better…Pedro doesn’t take risks. He orders Anselmo to meet Aparicio somewhere outside of town and kill him.

Inside the house, Pedro is screaming at Laura about why she wants to talk to Sara. Then he screams at her for caring about what happened to Sara. Laura challenges him, asking him if he thinks this is ok–people running around shooting at other people?

Pedro looks shocked and Laura backs down and goes into Angry-Stepford mode again. If Pedro doesn’t want her to see Sara, then she won’t. The last thing she wants to do is argue. And since neither of them are hungry, she’ll bid him a good night.

Pedro thought bubbles that he’s not liking her friendship with Sara so much anymore.

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5 years ago

What the? I thought I already commented in this.

Thank you so much! I could have done without the refrito of the Isa and Ric snog as well.

I’m still loving the headings about Pedro not being dead yet and wishing he was.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
5 years ago

Diva, great job! Thanks a bunch “ONE of Fidel’s biceps could handle the two of them while the other one solves crime.” & ” Fidel says it’s not a big deal, he and his biceps can handle it.” Love it. Oh Fidel and his biceps, I was noticing them when he was carrying unconscious women around a few epis ago and I was mad at him but still impressed. Padre V said something to the effect of I’d lock you both up for spending that much when he heard how much Lucita was sending Edwina. Boo Padre. But seriously, I… Read more »