¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 2/10/16 #2

The guests applaud for the bride and Pedro still doesn’t realize what’s going on. He thinks Ignacio’s the one getting married. So…he must be this “Leonardo” the judge mentions, right? He tries to push Ignacio into place in front of Fernanda, but Ignacio pushes right back. Everyone starts asking him what’s wrong, but when the judge asks, Ignacio tells him to please continue, and then leaves Pedro standing there. With Fernanda. In front of the judge. I’d love to hear his internal monologue.

In the hospital, Leonardo is starting to get angry and being rather rude to Paloma and Inés. So, the personality stuck. He’s screaming for a doctor and telling them not to touch him. He demands the doctor call his family…but he has no idea who he is or what his phone number is. But it’s got to be on the paperwork, right?! Poor Inés is having the worst birthday ever. The doctor calls for a CT. STAT.

Fernanda starts to say what I assume are her vows and Pedro just keeps staring.

With you, I learned that life is unpredictable–beautifully unpredictable. And that’s what made me fall in love with you. The only thing I know for sure is that I love you. And that today the best part of my life starts. I don’t know what surprises this life holds, but I want to spend it with you.

Leonardo’s parents are wondering what’s wrong with him. Fernanda got through her whole speech (and boy did it sounds like she was talking to Pedro, because none of that sounds like it applies to Leonardo!) and put the ring on his finger and he is still. Staring. The judge prompts him to say his vows. Is he getting it yet? He looks around at the guests, and this gorgeous woman in a wedding gown, and he fixates on Connie with the camera and says “Oh, it’s a hidden camera show! This is a joke, right?” He sobers up when he sees the expressions on everyone’s faces. Fernanda says she doesn’t know what’s going on, but he’s hurting her. All the guests leeeeean forward as the judge asks “Leonardo” if he wants to get married. He says he’s sorry, but he can’t marry her. He plops her ring onto her thumb as the muttering and gasping starts.

Paloma goes to get Inés some water while Jonathan tries to comfort her. When Paloma returns with the water, she tells Inés she has to go home, but she’ll stop by and let Sara and Yesenia know what’s going on. Inés wants her to tell them that he’s getting better. Jonathan reassures her that soon Perico will be all better and they’ll all be laughing over this.

In his home office, Humberto lays into Pedro for standing up the fiancée he didn’t even know he had at the altar. He can’t understand why “Leonardo” is doing this when HE is the one who told Humberto that Fernanda was the woman “adecuada” (suitable) for him. Well, there you go! Pedro would NEVER say a woman like Fernanda was merely “adecuada”! She is a queen, a goddess, a…hey, there’s a picture of a guy who looks just like him! “We took that the day you closed a $100 Million deal with the Japanese.” Pedro laughs–he’s never even seen 2000 all at once! He says he’s figured it out! They’re all mistaking him for this guy in the photo when, let’s be honest, Pedro’s totes more handsome than that guy. Humberto sits him down and leaves the office. Pedro’s marveling that his double was going to marry his fantasy woman…but what was his double doing at the mercado on that day. He hopes the other him wasn’t going to stand her up! And how’s he supposed to explain to everyone that he left the other him lying in the street? Pedro’s favorite exclamation of surprise, shock, and disappointment is apparently “tamales!”

Humberto goes looking for a doctor while Fabiola brings Fernanda a tea and pretends she’s not being cruel when she says she’d just die if someone humiliated her like that in front of all those guests. Connie comes in with the camera and quickly gets shoved back out again by her mother. Fabiola tells Fernanda to just let it all out, but Fernanda seems to be In shock. Since she couldn’t get her to drink the tea, Fabiola tries to get her to drink some cognac. Fernanda is a little more communicative when Ignacio comes in to say everyone’s gone and let them know the doctor is checking out Leo. She wants to go home. Alone.

Inés is worried that it’s her fault that “Pedro” got hurt. Because he went running out of there after he saw them kissing. Jonathan says they didn’t do anything wrong, they just love each other. Inés is fixated on how “Pedro” doesn’t even recognize her.

A nurse brings Leonardo a hospital gown but he’s being a jerk, refuses to put it on, and gets a headache trying to get out of the bed.

Paloma gets home and tells them what happened to “Pedro.” I’ll dispense with repeating anything her father has to say about her or her mother and just sum it up with “he’s a jerk.” And his name is Justino. And while Paloma’s not a jerk, she did inherit his temper.

In Leonardo’s room Pedro gets checked out by the doctor, who says he’s fine. Well, duh! Pedro informs Humberto that maybe he’d better sit down, because he’s got some sad news for him. He may have already lost his son. Nora is horrified, but Humberto seems amused. Pedro insists that he’s not Leonardo. He’s not a businessman, he doesn’t have millions of dollars, he’s just…Perico. So now that they get it, they need to go looking for Leonardo while he goes home to his mother. Humberto asks everyone to leave the room and then sits Pedro down, yet again, and leaves him alone.

Out in the hallway, Nora interpreted that conversation as “Leonardo” telling them that he thinks he’s a “perico” (parakeet) and he wants to die so he can be with his mother. Pedro hears all this from behind the door and looks alarmed at the thought of them keeping him for days. The doctor asks if there’s any history of mental illness in the family. Humberto’s glance: Uh, Nora, can you field this one. Nora’s glance: Crap, I do not want to answer that. Humberto says “no.” The doctor says he’ll prescribe a stronger anti-anxiety med and if that doesn’t work, then therapy is in order.

Pedro escapes out onto the balcony and whaddayaknow, there’s a ladder conveniently leaned against the house. It’s all going so well, until he falls off the ladder and lands on his ankle wrong. He flees at a turtle’s pace. Ignacio sees him and stops to ask him where he’s going and what about Fernanda?! As the dark SUV rolls by, Pedro recognizes it and says those are the guys who kidnapped him! And that’s all the time the doctor needs to catch up to Pedro and tranq him. He and Ignacio haul Pedro back into the house.

Leonardo could probably use a tranq of his own. He’s awake, fretting because he can’t remember anything.

Paloma promises a sleeping Cachito that one day they’ll have their own place.

Pedro is awake, but they’ve chained the balcony door shut. Fantasy Fernanda, aka Guitarrita, appears again. Thanks to the tranq, I’m guessing he gets to the fun parts this time.

Inés is dreaming of a baby’s cries and mumbling “My baby, what’s wrong with him.” Jonathan soothes her and when she says she had the same nightmare she always has, he knows which one. She’s afraid something bad is going to happen to her son.

The doctor comes in and says there’s no damage to his brain, but he still can’t remember anything. Jonathan asks what they can do. The doctor says the amnesia should be temporary, but she recommends a therapist. She can’t do anything more for him and there’s no reason to keep him. Leonardo emerges and freezes when Inés hugs him. He does not like to be touched. Ouch! She tries reminding him that he’s always liked being held and the doctor tells him he’s going to have to make some effort if he wants to remember. She takes off. Jonathan breaks the awkward silence saying they should just go home. He starts leading Leonardo and Inés out of the hospital.

In Leonardo’s bedroom, the blinds begin to rise, slowly, and a voice announces that it’s 7 am, time to wake up. It’s 59 degrees. The voice belongs to Gwen, Leo’s “asistente inteligente” (“smart assistant”; virtual assistant). Dude! I’m soooooo jealous! Pedro is freaked. She tells him she’s on the table and he goes over to admire her…and his reflection in the mirror…and then asks her to tell him about Leonardo Fuentemayor. He starts by asking about his salary…it’s, uh, a lot.

Humberto has breakfast out by the pool. He’s still worried about the “mental illness” question. Nora tells him not to worry, but Humberto says there’s no way for them to know if he has a family history or not. Fabiola emerges and hears the last bit of this conversation, but Humberto tells her they’re just worried about Leo is all. Nora goes to serve Leonardo dinner while Fabiola complains about how friendly he is with the help.

Nora comes in with the breakfast tray and is annoyed when Gwen greets her. She’s not a fan. It’s ok, Gwen, I still love you. Pedro wanders in, complaining about that shot they gave him, but she says it was necessary! “You said you were a parakeet and then you tried to fly out the window!” Well, when she puts it that way, even Pedro agrees he sounds crazy. He’s feeling great now. It must have been the “estrés” (stress), like she said…or more like the “escuatro.” Good thing Nora likes goofy jokes. She starts to leave, but then offers to talk to him about Fernanda, if he needs to talk.

Leonardo walks into Pedro’s house and is swiftly accosted by his shrieking sister, who flies down the stairs, squeezes the breath out of him, and pulls him over to Sara. Sara might be in a wheelchair, but she’s got grandma powers and he cannot escape her hugs…and kisses. He doesn’t recognize Yesenia’s name, but he thinks its…interesting. And look, here’s a picture of him in his mariachi traje! Is he remembering? Uhhhhhh….

When we come back from commercials, Leonardo is sitting down to breakfast with Pedro’s family, but he doesn’t have an appetite. He asks someone to show him where he can take a shower. Yesenia offers to show him, but she warns him they don’t have gas, so no hot water. “But, uh, I hear it’s good for the pores…and stuff….” Inés fills Sara (and Yesenia once she comes back into the room) in on what happened at the hospital. Sara says they will just hug his memory back. Oh, dear.

Pedro is having a luxurious bubble bath. Best kidnapping ever! He gets into all of Leo’s bath products.

Meanwhile, Leonardo is having a cold shower, supervised by his grandma. She says she’s going to tell him the story of his entire life, so he’ll remember. He just stands there, all soapy and shivering.

Cachito can tell his mom is worried about Perico. Sure, Perico’s not his favorite person, but he knows Paloma likes him. He’s worried that if she finds a guy she wants to marry she’ll leave him behind and have other kids. Paloma reassures him that won’t happen. Cachito shares his reason for not liking Pedro. If Pedro is “Perico” (parakeet) and she’s Paloma (dove) they’ll call him “Guajolote” (turkey). Paloma laughs, which is just what Cachito was after.

Fernanda ponders her engagement ring. She remembers when Leo proposed. Well, he didn’t propose so much as he said he thought it was time they formalized their relationship. He presented her with a ring, asked if she would marry him and said everything was perfect between them, they’re the perfect couple, she’s the most suitable woman for him, so…does she accept? And she did. And yeah, that is SO not the guy she made her vows to yesterday. She remembers Pedro saying he couldn’t marry her yesterday and finally takes the ring off.

Sara keeps up a steady stream of information as Leonardo wheels her through the Mercado. He wanted to see where Inés worked. His eyes are darting all around, trying to take it all in. Yesenia and Inés come out of the stall to explain that this is their shop. They sell the piñatas and they make them…”hands made” Yesenia explains in English, but Pedro doesn’t speak English, so “las hacemos con las manos.” She points out one that Pedro made. Everyone comes to greet him and there is lots of touching. Lots. Of. Touching. And talking. He feels overwhelmed and runs out of there and Yesenia thinks they should let him have some time alone.

Pedro heads down into the Fuentemayor house. He tells a picture of his “clone” he’s really tempted to stay there. Connie comes in and teases him about his brain. Pedro says he must just be a little stressed is all. She tells him that “his” dad went to the office and her mom went to the spa. He asks for an explanation, so she gives it to him…his dad and her mom have been together for five years. He tries to pretend he totally knew that, but then points to the wrong picture–one of Humberto with his first wife. Connie laughs it off. She’s more interested in showing him the video of him telling Fernanda he won’t marry her! She laughs and points out all the great expressions. She’s not the least bit worried about Fernanda, who’s a “tempana de hielo” (iceberg) just like him. Nora scolds Connie for saying things that are untrue. Pedro tries to get permission to leave, but Nora suggests he go to the garden if he needs fresh air. And the garden is NOT in the direction he first heads, so she redirects him. Connie thinks he’s acting weird.

Leonardo makes it across the street from the Mercado and stops. Paloma goes over to see how he is and, funny, he doesn’t seem to mind her touching him. She explains they’re friends and that’s why she was at the hospital with them. She asks if he’s lost–does he want her to lead him back to his mom? He says there were too many people trying to tell him stories about things he was supposed to remember. Paloma says they’re all just so happy that he’s well. But he’s embarrassed. Nothing seems familiar. Not even the house. Paloma suggests they take a walk so he can relax.

Pedro sneaks from the garden to the front driveway, where he surprises Basilio washing the family limo. Basilio helpfully points out Leonardo’s freshly washed car. He babbles on about what he assumes Leonardo is there to scold him for, but Pedro says it’s all cool, he just needs a favor–can Basilio take him somewhere? Basilio says Humberto told him not to, but Pedro pulls rank! Is he not Basilio’s boss? Basilio caves…and loses him when he opens the car door by himself and sits in the front passenger seat of the limo.

Ignacio goes over to Fernanda’s but she’s in a hurry to get to the office. She doesn’t want to sit around thinking. Ignacio thinks she’s angry that he didn’t come over last night…but he had to stay at the house after what happened. Fernanda doesn’t care. She doesn’t know how to feel or what to think. She definitely doesn’t care what anybody else thinks. She thinks she should feel relieved–because Leonardo saved her the pain of marrying him.

Pedro tells Basilio to take him to East LA…no, wait, somewhere else. And can Basilio lend him some money?

Fernanda is furious that Ignacio didn’t keep what happened yesterday from happening. The pre-nup was supposed to protect her from any “imprevisto” (something unexpected), but it didn’t include anything in case of Leonardo not going through with the wedding. Ignacio says they HAVE to go forward with the plan. She HAS to marry him. But how is she supposed to make that happen? She says they have to find another way, but he insists the only way to get what they both want is for her to marry Leonardo. Fernanda explains that she’s not backing out. She’s going to ruin the Fuentemayors, but it’s going to be on her own terms.

Leonardo and Paloma walk along and she notices he’s frantically wiping his hands on his jeans. He tells her so many people were touching him that he feels dirty. She offers him hand sanitizer and he frantically rubs it all over his hands, wrists, neck. He stops and says he must be scaring her, but she reassures him that she’s sure he’ll get back to being himself. Leonardo thanks her. In the middle of all these unfamiliar people, she’s the only one who makes him feel good.

Ignacio sweet talks Fernanda. He’s doing this all for her and he wants to be able to have her all to himself. They snog. As the clothes start coming off, Pedro is walking down the hallway with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. He talks himself into it, then rings the doorbell, startling Fernanda and Ignacio, and calls out to Señorita Fernanda, asking if they can talk.

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4 years ago

Thanks, Kat!

\”Pedro is having a luxurious bubble bath. Best kidnapping ever! He gets into all of Leo’s bath products.\” This was such a \”Kat\” line. It made me smile.

I think I liked this episode even more. It did seem funnier. Eugenio as stuffed shirt is funnier than Eugenio trying to be funny.

I have more thoughts but they\’re sort of rambly. If I get them organized I might say more.

4 years ago

I loved watching Leonardo’s reactions to the barrio.

4 years ago

Right? They need to do something to convince me about that. Why isn’t he getting in touch with his family? There’s no reason for it. The longer he waits, the more unbelievable it becomes for me.