La Vecina, Thursday 2/11/16 #164

I feel the need to warn you in advance that there was a lot of Pedro today, so you can have your antacids or your lavender essential oils or a strong cocktail at the ready.
Some people are getting warmer and some are getting ready for the fires of hell

Simon lights up the sticks, which he has used to spell “I love you, Edwina!” No, I wish. They spell out “SOS.”

Crocodile Dundee is complaining about how long it will take them to search every single island. One of his crew says he saw the object that was reported in the bay of Panay and knows what direction it was heading.

Simon grills himself a fish and reminisces about Merce’s cooking.

Lucita wakes up and there are lit candles by her bed, as if it’s her funeral. She calls Tadeo, but he claims he doesn’t see them. I have so much hate.

Lucita won’t go into her bedroom and Tadeo suggests she needs to see the doctor. He answers the phone and says “They’re not here.” then claims it was a wrong number and she mis-heard him.

Edwina is frustrated that even though she has a satellite phone, she can’t get in touch with Lucita. She tries Magda and I’m angry that Magda is angry at Edwina. She gets over it quickly and asks how Edwina’s doing. She hopes this helps her accept Simon’s death. But Edwina is actually even more convinced now that Simon is alive. She needs a favor, though…could Magda go let Lucita know that Edwina has been trying to call?

Just tell her already!

Laura is still determinedly playing along with Pedro. She says she wants to hire someone to help her with the house, but not do the cooking. Cooking will help her stay entertained. Not that she’s complaining about being bored. She goes to get more coffee and Pedro calls Sara. He sets up a meeting with her to discuss a “business proposition.” Ugh! Laura comes back and Pedro says once he gets some business stuff dealt with, he’ll take her on that vacation. “Whatever you say.” Pedro is glad she’s being so compliant. Laura shoots laser beams out of her eyes as she tells him she’s learned there’s no point arguing with him. What he says goes. All she wants is to get along.

Antonio and Sara run into each other in the parking lot again. He reassures her that Isa isn’t around. She turns down an offer to carpool because she’s on her way to a meeting with Pedro. He can’t talk her out of it because he won’t tell her WHY she shouldn’t do it. He gets upset and says she wouldn’t listen anyway. He gets into his car and drives off, leaving Sara wondering what the hell his problem is.

Isidro calls Pedro to summon him to a meeting of the Malevolent Order of Saqueadores. They need to talk about the Tres Piedras incident. As he’s telling Pedro that The Organization is unhappy with him, Laura hears Pedro’s side of the convo–that he’s preparing to make a definitive play. Isidro doesn’t care. He says the meeting is at five and hangs up on Pedro. Pedro fumes that they don’t know who they’re dealing with and storms out of the house yelling to Laura that he’s leaving. Laura heads for the bedroom.

Pedro is even more furious when he sees Anselmo out at the SUV. He’s supposed to be dealing with Aparicio. The Organization heard what happened and Pedro is going to have to answer for it. He’s demoting Anselmo to guard duty and Elias needs to meet him at El Molcajete.

Laura tries calling Bruno, but he doesn’t answer. I wish she had Fidel’s number. She decides she’ll tell Sara, but Sara doesn’t recognize the number of Laura and Bruno’s TrystPhone and doesn’t answer. Laura goes out to ask Anselmo about Pedro’s plans for the day, but all he knows is that Pedro was headed for El Molcajete. Laura calls Padre Vicente.

Pedro sees Antonio stopped at an intersection and blocks him with the SUV. He smirks and asks how Antonio is feeling after what happened in Tres Piedras. He suggests Antonio should be more careful. Antonio gets out of his car and drags Pedro out of the SUV. He slams Pedro up against the side a few times and says he’d ready to end this, but Pedro gets the better of him, throws him down on the sidewalk and pulls his gun out of the SUV. Antonio says he won’t do it–he never gets his hands dirty. Pedro agrees he’s not stupid. He claims he had nothing to do with Tres Piedras OR the time Antonio got shot in the head. He’s not the only one in this business. Maybe it’s time he and Antonio came to an agreement. He’ll give him some time to think about it, but Antonio had better not turn him down or he’ll have to take…other measures. He gets back in the car and Antonio screams at him to leave Sara alone. Pedro agrees Sara’s off limits until Antonio makes a decision.

At least the meeting is off?

Rodobaldo is out advertising the boxing match, wearing a big sandwich board.

Rodobaldo gets back to the parish house–people seem really interested. Unfortunately, no one has bought tickets. Bruno comes in and Padre V mentions he’s on his way to see Laura. She wants to tell him something about Pedro. Bruno offers him a ride.

Pedro comes home, looking disheveled and says the seat belt messed up his shirt. He’s going to change. The doorbell rings and Laura freezes. When she answers the door, Padre V says he came over as soon as he could. What was it she wanted to tell him about her husband? Pedro would also be interested to hear the answer. *gulp* Laura says the Padre must have misunderstood. What she said was she wanted his advice about something she wanted to tell Pedro. She’s been feeling lonely and she wants to adopt a baby. Pedro looks at her like he doesn’t believe a word, but he admires how she’s playing this.

Sebas goes into the outer office to ask for a recommendation for something Natalia can do while he’s at work. Marina gives him the name of a nice “balneario” (spa/resort) just before Antonio comes in to summon Sebas and Rafa into his office.

Bruno is out in his truck, waiting for the Padre when Anselmo goes out to taunt him. He has Pedro’s permission to kill Bruno if he ever sees him with Laura, but he’ll “break” Laura first and make Bruno watch her die. His gloating is interrupted by a phone call from Elias, trying to find out why Pedro isn’t at El Molcajete. Anselmo doesn’t know why, he just knows Pedro is at the house, so maybe Elias should come over. Oh, but sure, stop and buy those tickets to resell later.

Rafa lets Sebas take the lead on yelling at Antonio for confronting Pedro. Fidel arrives to join in on the fun. Antonio starts to tell him what happened.

Sara has been waiting for Pedro all this time and finally decides to call Pedro.

He’s busy having a family counseling session with the Padre and Laura about adopting a child. Padre V is explaining that a couple needs to be in agreement before making such a big decision. Pedro takes Sara’s call and apologizes for not calling sooner, but he has to cancel.

Sara’s annoyed that now she’ll be late to work for nothing.

Pedro says he’ll have to think about it. It’s a big decision and he and Laura will need to talk. He’d never thought about being a father before. Once Pedro escorts Padre V out he turns on Laura and says that’s enough BS–they’re going to have an honest talk. He drags her into the bedroom.

Padre V comes out the front gate and Bruno makes excuses for still being there, then asks what the meeting was about…and did he believe Laura? Nope. Not one bit. He thinks she wasn’t expecting Pedro to be home and what she really wanted to ask him was how to separate from Pedro. He’s sure she’ll reach out to him later. He noticed that Pedro’s shirt was ripped, and he doesn’t know if they were fighting before he got there, but he’s sure they’ll be fighting now. If he really knew, he might not be so calm about it.

Fidel thinks Pedro was telling the truth this morning. He had nothing to do with Antonio being shot in the head, and he was probably only trying to scare him yesterday. Rafa suggests playing along with Pedro until they come up with a better plan, but Fidel says the Federales are watching them. The best thing to do is avoid Pedro. It’s time for CONATROL to go back to doing its job and work on preventing the thefts. Sebas thinks that ignoring Pedro will only put Antonio in more danger. Fidel agrees, so that’s why Antonio will have bodyguards again 24/7.

Pedro has been hitting Laura, but she sticks to her story. He still doesn’t believe her and he’s not going to let her talk to the Padre or Sara. He yanks the phone out of the wall and locks her in.

Sebas and Rafa agree with Fidel. They need to be working on prevention and not on capturing Pedro. Rafa points out they’ve had zero success in the capture attempt. They need to just leave it to Fidel. Antonio doesn’t agree, but Fidel would know, right.

Mariana sends Antonio the numbers of the accountants, but they no longer work at the firm. Sebas thinks their boss was trying to avoid liability and fired them. Sara comes in, looking for Sebas and tells Antonio her meeting was cancelled.

Pedro agonizes over what to do now that Laura knows about him. He doesn’t care if he has to keep her locked up. Ric calls to tell him that he met with Antonio last night and there’s no proof of anything. But next time his people try something, they need to do a better job. He can’t believe they left the gun with Antonio. Pedro is furious Ric didn’t tell him sooner, but Ric thought Pedro would know already since it happened during the day yesterday. He tells Ric he’s becoming worthless as an informant. He’s only giving Pedro information that Pedro already knows. “Call me when you have something important.” He hangs up and Ric is worried that Pedro wants to get rid of him. Pedro says that once he makes a deal with Antonio, he needs to get rid of Ric.

Finally, people are starting to buy tickets. Bruno is nervous because Laura hasn’t contacted him. Padre V thinks they’ll have all the money they need by tomorrow. And they can use the extra to bring doctors in to the surrounding communities like they did with the bazaar. He notices Bruno keeps looking at his phone and Bruno makes some excuse about waiting for some data from the Ag Association.

Laura is afraid if she texts Bruno, he’ll put himself in danger. As she’s putting her phone back in the pillowcase, Bruno calls and it starts to buzz. Show of hands–who else yelled “PUT IT ON SILENT!”

But that other meeting is still on

Fidel tells Quintin that they’re taking back control of the investigation into the gasoline thefts. He gets a call that Pedro is in Progreso for a business meeting. He tells the guy to get pictures, if he can.

Pedro defends himself to the assembled thieves and murderers. Isidro points out that things really aren’t as “under control” as Pedro claims. Another guy says that ever since Antonio was shot in the head, things have changed–they’re under a lot more scrutiny.

Someone takes photos from what I hope is a safe distance outside the restaurant.

Pedro can’t figure out why this is all his fault when Camilo’s the one who tried to kill Antonio! Well, Pedro’s not getting them results, and lately, he’s the only one who’s been making a profit. Pedro says profits are down for all of them, but they’re making the same amounts; threatens one of the guys; and whines some more about how they’re all blaming him. Oh, cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it you worthless creep!

Isidro, the peacemaker, says they’re there to clear things up, not make them worse. Pedro whines about how much he’s done for all of them by keeping CONATROL from shutting down the plant. And, and, and, he’s looking for new places to perforate the duct! Nope, the guys still aren’t happy. Pedro always works alone, nobody ever knows what he’s up to. “OK, you want me gone? Too bad I’ve just gotten my hooks into Andrade.” Isidro calls for silence. “I’ll show you.” Pedro dials Antonio’s number and puts it on speaker.

And unfortunately, Antonio answers. Pedro demands they meet at noon tomorrow at Santa Brigida and Antonio agrees.

Damnit, Antonio! You could have gotten Pedro killed off by his associates! Why did you answer the phone?!

Pedro tells them Antonio isn’t going to miss the meeting. They’ll be able to get all the gasoline they want. And if that doesn’t happen, he’ll step down from leadership of The Organization himself.

The photographer reviews the excellent shots he got of all their faces.

Bruno frantically texts Laura and she finally looks at her phone and answers when he calls. She tells him to stay away from Pedro and stay away from her. They can’t win against Pedro and she wants him to be safe. He tells her that he heard what she told the Padre and he asks if it’s true she wants to adopt a child with Pedro. Of course not! She’s sure that Pedro thinks he’s the one who told her about Pedro’s shady dealings. He’s in danger. She hangs up and turns off the phone.

Further unpleasantness

Isa comes to Natalia’s hotel room to invite her for coffee. But really, it’s to make sure Nat’s not going to rat her out. Natalia already knew that and says she won’t–not out of friendship, though. Isa smarms that Natalia should come out with her anyway. No? Then don’t say later she didn’t try to revive their friendship. There’s a second knock at the door and this time it’s Titina. Is it wrong that I’m thinking maybe having coffee with Isa would have been the lesser of two evils?

Ric remembers Pedro saying he’s useless. He’s cranky with Isa when she calls him to say she’s bored and she’ll be at the hotel, waiting to be entertained. All Ric can think about is how to get info for Pedro. He asks Marina to send Sara to see him.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Titina has the gall to tell Natalia to quit interfering with her efforts to extort money from Sebastian. Or that she gloats about how she’d better be prepared for when the baby arrives, because there’s a special bond between baby and parents. After she flounces out of the room, Nat gets teary and I wish she’d found out about that stupid padded belly and beat Titina about the head with it! I’m tired of seeing Nat cry!

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