¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 2/11/16 #3

Fernanda and Ignacio frantically tuck clothes back in, and Ignacio goes to hide while Fernanda opens the door to “Leonardo.” She barely even looks upset until he shows her the flowers and chocolates. Since “he” had told her before that he thought those things were cheesy. Pedro babbles an apology until she rips them out of his hands and tells him to sit down. He sits right next to her. Personal space, Pedro.

Leonardo finds out that he’s, uh, different than he was before the accident. It’s weird for Paloma that Pedro actually pays attention to her now when she talks, as if she’s the only person in the world. He used to look around at all the women, and yeah, why mince words–he was a big flirt. He used to hug all the older ladies…and the younger ones…and all those people in there really love him and want to help him. He feels nothing for them, though. Paloma begs him to please not say anything about this to Inés. He tells her everything feels so threatening to him, except for Paloma. She must have been special to him.

Inés is still worrying about where Pedro has gotten to. Termi can’t find him. Jonathan can’t find him, either, but he also didn’t see Paloma. Inés decides to call her.

Leonardo wants to know more about them–when did they meet? Well, he was 8 and his parents had just brought him to the US. He didn’t speak any English…. She gets cut off by the ringing of her cell phone and tells Inés that Pedro is with her and they’re on their way over. He’s annoyed at the thought that they’re all looking for him, but thanks Paloma for listening to him.

Pedro just keeps staring at Fernanda. She’s baffled when he starts talking about her eyes. And, yes, she’s angry. He hands her a glass vase from the dining table and tells her to bash him over the head, it’s the least he deserves. But she just wants to understand why he dumped her. He starts babbling about marriage being the foundation of society and he’s calling her “señorita” and “usted” and finally he takes her hand and tells her she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen in his life and he’d never want to hurt her. It’s Fernanda’s turn to stare.

Basilio is playing a game on his tablet when his phone rings. He explains to Humberto that Leonardo ordered him…and Humberto is happy to hear Leonardo’s trying to clean up his mess, but still! Basilio is irresponsible and he should fire him!

No, don’t fire me, please! Think of my children!

You don’t have children.

I will someday….

(I smirk at the Mummy reference but you, sir, are no Beni!) As soon as Leonardo is done groveling to his ex-fiancée, he wants Basilio to bring him to the office.

Fernanda takes her hand back and asks again why “Leonardo” did what he did. Pedro says it’s because he didn’t realize until he was up there that…she doesn’t know him. Oh, “they” dated for a year and a half? Welllll…she doesn’t know everything about “him” (or him) and heck, she doesn’t know who she was marrying and quite frankly, neither does he! (Well, that’s true enough.) He babbles about couples getting married without knowing each other and ending up divorced, and well, he’d like her to really really know him before they get married, and there’s no point marrying him if she’s not going to be happy. Fernanda backs away. She has to think. He just wanted her to know he feels awful for what he put her through.

I think we’re all confused at this point–I don’t know how much of that was Pedro speaking on Leonardo’s behalf and how much was Pedro speaking on Pedro’s behalf and I don’t even know if Pedro knows and seriously what was in that syringe because his first priority really should have been to call his mother!

Paloma walks Leonardo back into the mercado. There’s an (even more unfamiliar) woman (than all the rest) standing there and he asks who she is, but it’s Inés who brings him over and introduces him to the psychologist that the ER doc recommended. He introduces himself as Perico and everybody starts babbling about how he got his nickname because he talked so fast, etc., etc., Renata shakes his hand and gives him a look and, Paloma pouts. I’m with you, girlfriend, ’cause that was a LOOK.

Pedro starts to take his leave of Fernanda, but then stops to ask if she’s in love with him. “If I weren’t, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry you.” But he thinks women in love behave differently. They look happy. And when you hurt them fire shoots from their eyes (I can neither confirm nor deny this). “Tell me the truth. Do you feel something for me?” She says the question is unfair and she needs time to think. He says he’ll give her time. And he’ll work to make sure that she ends up in love with him and not the other guy. You know, the other guy. (You mean, the Hulk?) The guy he’s not anymore. (Oh…ok.)

He scoots on out of the apartment and Ignacio emerges from his hidey hole, saying not all is lost. But Fernanda is FREAKED! She’s convinced that Leo knows about the two of them and that’s why he cancelled the wedding! He knows! He knows everything! If he hasn’t ripped them to shreds, it’s because he’s just not that kind of guy. He’s plotting something and he’s faking madness to test them! Ignacio says he was fine the day of his bachelor party, but…of course! It was the drugs. He looks around guiltily as Fernanda asks him what he did to Leonardo. (Ohhhhh…could that be something that’s contributing to Leonardo’s amnesia? Along with the physical trauma and the anti-anxiety meds he was on?)

Pedro is sooooo hiiiiigh on the ride to “work.” Basilio thinks they must have made up, but no, he’s happy because she doesn’t love Leonardo. Say what? Pedro explains that he, like, totally, knows women. Seriously. He’s taken the tour of miles of skirts. He’s got a Bachelors in bachelorhood. A Masters in mujeres. A PhD in pasión and deseo. He is the love doctor, and he’s here to say that Fernanda does not have that light in her eyes. He saw it. And he knows she’s not in love with (other) him because she’s giving (this) him a chance to win her over. Basilio is doesn’t get it. He’d like some charts or something. And, no, he will not take “Leonardo” to East LA. He might be the jefe (boss), but Humberto is mas jefe (way more boss).

Renata heard about “Pedro’s” case from the ER doc and was so fascinated she agreed to take him on pro bono. I think that’s code for “the ER doc said he was super hot and I had to see for myself.” I’m just saying…I’m keeping an eye on you, Renata. I’ve had my fill of unethical and incompetent mental health professionals, so don’t even go there. Leonardo actually knows what pro bono means and Sara supposes it’s like he got a door opened in his head or something.

Cocó goes over to Paloma’s flower stall to…well, to say pretty much the same stuff I’ve been saying about Renata. And to add that she thinks all he needs to cure him is lots and lots of love. Paloma and I are both grossed out.

Fernanda is angry that Ignacio would even try that stupid trick to get a picture of Leo with another woman. He should have known she’d end up having to drug him. She probably used too much, especially on top of his anxiety medication. Fernanda is sure he’s having a reaction. Ignacio should have consulted her first. He thinks Leonardo being crazy will help them, but Fernanda’s not entirely sure he isn’t faking.

Leonardo meets with the psychologist at “his” house and I’m already sneering in her general direction when she asks if it’s possible he might have been taking drugs before the accident. He would know that how? You did get the amnesia memo, right? She tells him he needs to stay calm so he doesn’t exacerbate the problem. She’ll do everything she can to help him. Sara spies on them from behind a door.

Pedro is ushered into the office by Basilio. He thinks the place looks great. Ivonne is surprised to see him and even more surprised when he opens his mouth and sounds all folksy…and doesn’t know which office is his. Oh, yeah, he totally digs his office and wonders if he can dance around in his underpants in here. Basilio’s like, “Uh, yeah, that would be comfortable.” Basilio mentions making some copies and then goes on to enumerate his other very important job responsibilities like getting coffee, shining Leonardo’s shoes…Leonardo sits him down in the big chair behind his desk. For a test. “What’s the password to my computer?” If he’s not going to try to guess, then go ask Ivonne. And he wants a list of all the passwords Basilio can think of. To test security.

Once he’s alone, Pedro FINALLY calls home. And Sara answers. He explains that he’s been kidnapped. Aw, hell, no, Sara’s having none of that! Her grandson is with her!

Ooh, we get credits today!

Sara tells Pedro to go mess with his grandma! And then she goes back to spying on Leonardo and Renata. Their first session will be tomorrow at 7. He asks if he’s going to recover and she advises him not to focus on that. He needs to reduce his anxiety, and hope is going to be his best ally. Once she’s gone, Sara tells him some creep called and claimed to be him!

Inés catches Renata outside the house. She wants to know what “Pedro’s” chances for recovery are. Renata says she’ll do everything she can, but it will help if they all treat him as normally as possible. No matter how he acts. And make sure he doesn’t feel pressured to remember. Renata asks if he’s had some kind of trauma. Sometimes the mind tries to block out painful memories and it can cause amnesia. Inés thinks about him finding her kissing Jonathan, but denies that there’s anything Renata should know about. Renata gives Inés her card so Inés can call her if she thinks of anything. Inés thinks again about Pedro catching her with Jonathan and wonders if his amnesia is her fault.

Paloma brings Cachito over to the flower shop after school, where he happily greets his uncle and then runs off to play. Eugenio heard about the fight with dad earlier. Paloma thinks he’ll never forgive her for getting pregnant and never stop reminding her she’s a cualquiera (slut). Eugenio does not agree with his dad and thinks Paloma’s a badass for having her kid and raising him. He thinks their dad loves them, but Paloma’s tired of the way he chooses to show that love and she’s looking for somewhere else for her and Cachito to live. And he can come live with them, too, but only if he chips in for rent!

So much for “no pressure”…Inés and Sara aren’t happy about being called “Inés” and “Sara” and Sara really gives him an earful, but Inés interrupts and says he can call them whatever he wants to. He’ll remember who they are eventually.

Pedro calls the hospital and asks for Pedro’s room. He mentions that he got hit outside the mercado and the nurse helpfully tells him that “Pedro” was discharged earlier today, in to the care of his mother, Inés. Humberto comes in to tell “Leonardo” that he’s glad he’s trying to make up with Fernanda. And also that he’s recovering quickly, but Humberto would still rather he skip the meeting this afternoon. Just go home and rest. Pedro agrees and says, “Just so you know, your son is fine.” Humberto has no idea what to make of that.

Inés tells Jonathan that it’s their fault Pedro has amnesia. It was the trauma of seeing his mother kissing his best friend. Jonathan disagrees and sees nothing wrong with them being together. Rather than backing off, he wants to tell Pedro and Yesenia already. They’re cool, they can deal. “And if you caught your mom kissing your best friend?” “That’s different.” Yeah, this goes nowhere good. Inés feels she’s proved her point.

No es facil para un hijo aceptar que su madre tambien puede ser mujer.

Pedro is still trying to get Basilio to take him, but Basilio is more afraid of Humberto. Sure, “Leonardo” is all cool now, but before? He’d hardly even talk to him. “Leonardo” bribes him with a raise Leonardo can probably afford, but Humberto is going to balk at.

Termi isn’t happy that his bestie doesn’t recognize him. He explains who he is and breaks the “no pressure” rule, but Leonardo seems more curious than anything else. Especially about his name. Well, “Termi” is just a nickname, but his full name is Terminator Peledo Nacimento Maldonado Escalante. He goes on a rant about how it’s his name! What’s he supposed to do about it?! It’s the name his father gave him. And he was going to add “Spiderman Maradona” too, but thankfully his (Termi’s) mom stepped in.

Now that he thinks about it, the exact same thing happened to the hijo (son) de un cuñado (brother-in-law) de un amigo (friend) of his…he got hit in the head and couldn’t even remember who he was, but his wife cured him. Leonardo is interested in that! Well, uh, it’s kind of a rough treatment, but if he wants to, they can try….

Pedro and Basilio make their way to a costume shop and Pedro “borrows” Basilio’s credit card. We don’t hear about his planned costume.

It’s late. Ivonne meets with Fernanda, but Fernanda can’t concentrate on the papers Ivonne is giving her. But she feels she needs to keep working, even though Leonardo dumped her. Ivonne is sincerely sorry…she never thought Leonardo would do something like that. Fernanda apologizes for being snippy and Ivonne offers to be there for whatever Fernanda needs. Fernanda’s phone rings and she answers it in English and sits down. She asks Ivonne to give her some privacy so she can take this call. It’s her brother, Santiago, calling from prison. She assures him she’ll come see him as soon as she can. He asks her for money–some guys won’t leave him alone. She’ll be there first thing in the morning. Ignacio comes in and she tells him Santiago needs her, but he stops her from leaving her office.

Termi brought Leonardo to a bar, uh, cantina. And has the bartender bring out a box with wires and a couple of metal pieces that Leonardo is supposed to grasp until he remembers something. The bartender turns up the current. Oh, great. I thought they were going to do something stupid like hit him on the head again or have him drink a lot. Silly me, not to think of shocking him.

He ends up passing out and remembers a box and a ring and putting the ring on someone’s hand. Or he dreams it. Termi can’t rouse him.

Ignacio doesn’t want Fernanda to go visit Santiago. Just send him money in some other way, so Humberto or Leonardo don’t find out. Fernanda pulls a small portable safe out of her filing cabinet while Ignacio insists the only way to get Santiago out is to marry Leonardo.

Humberto and Nora both agree that Leonardo sneaking out to see Fernanda is a good sign. They both can’t want for Leo and Fer to fill the house up with kids. But Nora is worried that Leonardo isn’t really in love with Fernanda. She thinks he’s marrying her out of a sense of duty. To give Humberto an heir to his empire. Nora admits that Humberto also seems like an iceberg, but he melts for his wife. Humberto never thought he’d love again after his first wife, Sofia. Fabiola gave him back his belief in love.

This would be the Fabiola who’s sipping champagne and being fed strawberries by…am I supposed to know who this guy is? (Totally knew she was cheating, though. She had that “let me change the subject with sex before you ask too many questions” vibe going the other night.)

Fernanda hides a wad of cash in a book while Ignacio tries to get her to agree to let him go with her to the prison…but it’s too risky for them both to be out of the office at the same time. She says the money is starting to run out and Ignacio says it’s a good thing her father left it in her name, otherwise the Fuentemayors would have gotten it all. Fernanda swears they’ll pay. Ignacio agrees. And they’ll get her brother out of prison, and they’ll get back everything that should be hers, and if she doesn’t want to marry Leonardo, they’ll come up with another plan.

Fabiola continues her romantic encounter with her mystery stud. She makes some noise about leaving, but mystery stud bribes her to stay a little longer by giving her a shoulder massage.

Hipster dude walks along with a box and a beverage and runs into Yesenia, scattering her and a bunch of newspapers. They bicker until she takes down her hood and well, golly gee, she’s a girl! She rants at him about working and not wearing skirts and heels and dudes who think chicks are only good for one thing and grabs up a big pile of papers and says she’ll be back for the rest. Hipster dude is into that.

Ignacio and Fernanda writhe around in her bed.

A badly disguised Pedro nearly gets to his front door, but Inés sees him and shoos him away. Then she takes pity on him and gives him a few coins. Inside, Leonardo is…well…still in shock? And Termi explains about their stupid plan and Inés and Sara chase him around the living room and throw him out. Inés keeps begging “Pedro” to breathe.

Ignacio leaves Fernanda sleeping and sneaks out of bed.

In Tijuana, as the captions explain, a prison guard answers his cell phone and agrees to do something for Ignacio tonight. He’ll get paid tomorrow.

Paloma comes over and tries to help and Leonardo tells her he’s having a panic attack and needs a paper bag. “But since when do you have panic attacks?” He’s sure he’s had one before. In addition to Paloma, Termi is back in the house and he gets smacked around again. Leonardo is calming down, at least until Inés starts fussing over him. Pedro gets an eyeful through the window and accuses Leonardo of being a méndigo usurpador de vidas ajenas (despicable usurper of other people’s lives). “Pedro” is feeling better and doesn’t want to go to the hospital. He suddenly looks up at Paloma and asks her why she didn’t tell him they were getting married. And then he smooches her right there in the living room and everybody’s jaws fall open.

Daaaaaaaamn…and we have to wait until Monday to find out what happens next.

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4 years ago

You are a lifesaver, Kat. My DVR will not be recording this on Thursdays thanks to Big Bang Theory and Legends of Tomorrow, so I really needed this recap. I missed the first 30 minutes. I loved the shout out to Beni. Not to take anything away from Basilio, but Beni is the best. I totally missed the the vibe that Fabiola was cheating, so I was surprised by that last night. I love the actor playing Santiago. I was kind of a rich twerp in the Azteca production I saw him in, but still likable. I hope he\’s still… Read more »

4 years ago

Woo hoo! I forgot they reair the show the next day at noon. I’m getting to see the first half and I love the opening credits.

4 years ago

I’ll be trying to find it to put on my iPod. It is cute. I think Danna Paola is the other voice. I’ve said that before I think.

4 years ago

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

4 years ago

How fabulous Kat, that you are recapping ¿Quién es quién?! I like it so far. Not only is Laura Flores playing a mature woman with a lover who could be her son again, she is playing Eugenio Siller’s mother again – twice over. Did I recognize Fabiola’s lover as Ezequiel Montalt, Rocky from Reina de Corazones and many other novelas? I don’t see his name in in the credits, though. Do we think that Fernanda’s brother is the prisoner in Tijuana? Kind of a long way for her to go to get there from LA first thing the next day… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Jean

That\’s it!! I\’ve been trying to place the face all day! Rocky! It\’s been driving me nuts!

I was crushed when they announced no episode tonight!

4 years ago

Of course there is the novela instant travel effect where distances, borders and traffic don’t exist so it could easily be the brother.

4 years ago

This novela is intriguing. I already believe that Eugenio Siller is two different people.

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Right?? I am so impressed with Eugenio. Despite my worries at the beginning, I was sold by the end of the week. I’m hoping it keeps up.