La Vecina, Friday 2/12/16 #165

First, some good news

El Molcajete is on an upswing. Merce and Rosa are thrilled to be so busy and Merce hopes it will get Sara out of debt–and out of CONATROL–faster. Rosa knows what’s what, though…Sara and Antonio can’t keep away from each other. An invitation to a cheese and embutido tasting comes in and Merce wants to encourage Sara to go.

And then we go right past “bad” to “ugly”

Pedro comes home. Alive. Unfortunately. Bruno spies as Anselmo reports Laura has not left the house. He also hears that Pedro isn’t happy with Anselmo and that the would-be ticket reselling venture is on its way. They have 220 tickets ready to go as soon as the event is officially sold out.

Pedro politely asks Laura to make him lunch and she gladly agrees, even though she’s not hungry. He has seen the error of his ways and will not force her to accede to his every whim in order to gain even the slightest bit of freedom from his control. Except it was exactly the opposite.


Antonio lies to Sebas and tells him he’s going to the DF tomorrow to cover his meeting with Pedro. They start looking over the schedule of community visits that Sebas will be making in Sara’s place.

Sara stops by the conference room to meet with Ric. I’m glad she leaves the door open and takes the chair closest to it. He asks her about what happened at Tres Piedras, arrogantly reminds her that they’re ALL working on the gasoline theft problem (not just Antonio), asks about her next moves, and then offers to help her come up with a plan. Sara turns him down. She doesn’t get the chance to turn him down for coffee, though, because Antonio comes in right after he hears the invitation. I don’t think “flee” is too strong a word for what Sara does when Antonio arrives. Ric laughs off Antonio’s anger…hey, man, it was totes going to be a business coffee! Don’t be jelly! Fine, fine, I’ll stay away.

Sara goes to Antonio’s office to ask why Ric is taking an interest in her work. She remembers Antonio saying they’re not exactly friends. He admits he doesn’t trust Ric, though Ric probably does need to have an idea of what she’s doing. Coffee, though, has nothing to do with that. Sara laughs–she’d never be interested in him! Antonio wonders if there’s anyone she would be interested in…? She laughs again, calls him stupid, and leaves his office. That’s probably the most promising interaction they’ve had in a while.

After work

Sara goes over to the parish house before the rosario. Padre Vicente is sorting through some paperwork and Merce hands Sara the tasting invitation. Sara would rather Merce and Rosa go, but Merce talks her into going.

Quintin brings Fidel the pictures from Pedro’s earlier meeting. Neither of them recognize anyone in the pictures, and the person who took them wasn’t close enough to hear. Quintin’s going to check the database. Fidel vows he’ll catch Pedro. We believe in you, Fidel!

Sebas and Nat have sandwiches in their hotel room. She tells him about Titina’s visit, but he insists she’s not getting another penny out of him until the baby is born. He tells her about the spa Marina recommended.

Titina complains to the bestie, who doesn’t think Sebas will call. And then they make plans to go somewhere tomorrow and catch some sun in a fake-belly-free way. I can already see where this is going and while I was about to not like it, I think if it involves a cell phone, a photo, and an instant upload to a cloud server, I just might survive.

The Bruno Identity, Part I

Bruno is still spying when Pedro calls Anselmo to summon him and Elias into his office. Bruno scales the fence.

Pedro lays out the plans for tomorrow’s meeting with Antonio. Elias will drive. Anselmo will watch Antonio’s apartment to make sure he leaves alone, follow him to the meeting, and take pictures. He’s not going to bother having anyone watch Laura.

Bruno makes his way across the lawn to the house, and sees the three of them in Pedro’s office. He’s about to start looking for Laura when his phone rings. Do I even have to say it?

Pedro hears the phone from inside his office and locks everything up before following Anselmo and Elias out to act like they’re all at a frickin’ shooting gallery. Pedro keeps shooting until he’s all out of bullets and Anselmo and Elias keep following. Bruno makes it over the fence and runs down the alley, clutching his side. Laura saw the whole thing from her window and she’s afraid for Bruno. By the time they all get out to the alley, Bruno is gone. Anselmo and Elias didn’t see his face. Pedro says “whoever it is” isn’t going to come back. Anselmo is sure it was Bruno and he wishes they had permission to go after him.

Pedro goes into the bedroom and tells Laura to pack a bag.

Bruno didn’t make it very far, and he didn’t shut off the ringer, either, so his phone rings again as he’s sitting in the alley looking at his wound. It’s Javi. Bruno says Javi nearly got him killed (uh, no, you did that yourself!) and asks him to come get him…outside Pedro’s house.

Javi helps Bruno into the apartment and Merce scolds him for not being at the rosario and coming home late. She thinks he was drinking, so she wants to make coffee, but they turn down the offer. She badgers him into calling Padre V right away and he only escapes a longer scolding because he was probably asleep. When Merce goes off to bed, Bruno can finally relax. He relaxes so much that he tells Javi that Pedro is the head of the saqueadores, so, yeah, it’s complicated. And he’s determined to help Laura get away from him. Padre V calls on the house phone. He’s awake enough now to scold him properly.

What about Simon?

Edwina tries calling Lucita again and she is out of patience with Tadeo. The least he can do is be honest and admit that he doesn’t want Lucita to help with Simon’s rescue. He accuses her of bilking his mom for vacation money, and she won’t get another cent. He hears Lucita calling him and he grins malevolently. Awwwwww, but she’s got an infestation of hamsters! They’re so cute! Were mice not available? The rest of the kids come in to continue the gaslighting and claim they don’t see what she’s talking about. Lucita gets the male creep who isn’t Tadeo to carry her out of the room while Tadeo chastises the creep he’s been doing most of the plotting with for not getting rats. Oh, but rats scare her. Hm…vote that one off Creep Island. Clearly she lacks dedication.

Edwina calls Magda. Vladimir has been asking about her every day. Edwina is hopeful about the search. She asks Magda again to please check on Lucita. Tadeo thinks she’s stealing his mom’s money and she’s just got mala espina (a bad feeling). Magda agrees to check on her tomorrow.

Simon enjoys some fresh fruit.

Crocodile Dundee brings his friend Humberto over to meet Edwina. He speaks Spanish, he knows the islands, and he’s sure he can find Simon. But for how much? 60 euros a day. She bargains him down to 50.

Simon is starting to break out in a rash and he wonders if the fruit made him sick. It rather looks like it. Later that night, Simon looks terrible. He’s red, sweating, mumbling. He might have said “Edwina,” but it’s hard to tell.

Edwina looks up at the stars and promises she’ll find Simon. She wishes on a shooting star.

Where’s Antonio?

Ric goes over to Marina’s desk to ask for a notebook of papel cuadriculado (graph paper) and to see Antonio, but Antonio is out. Marina chides him for asking why Antonio is in the DF. “Do you typically give explanations to your secretary?” She thought bubbles “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Ric runs into Sara in the hallway and brings up Antonio’s absence, but like Marina, she says he has no reason to tell her where he’s going.

Marina is happy to hear that Sebastian recommended the resort to Natalia. And then buzzkill Ric shows up to ask if Sebas knows what Antonio’s doing in the DF. “Taking care of personal business.” Marina asks Ric why he’s so interested, but he throws her words back at her…he’s not accustomed to giving explanations to secretaries.

Better than a celebrity sighting

Nat calls Sebas to let him know she’s enjoying her day trip. The phone battery is dying, so she ends her call. And then…she hears THAT VOICE. She looks across the pool and there’s Titina, looking significantly deflated.

Titina and bestie try to escape, but Natalia got a good look and she can see Titina’s not pregnant.

Free Lucita!

Magda and Vladimir go over to Lucita’s but Tadeo claims she’s in the US, visiting a sick relative, and he has no idea what the phone number is. He’ll take down her number. She tries to get a look inside, but he comes back with a notebook too quickly. Magda thinks Edwina was right.

She and Vladimir wait across the street and they see the same doctor who injected Edwina. Tadeo lets him in the front gate, but somehow doesn’t see her.

Inside, Tadeo talks to the doctor about the importance of protecting la fortuna and brags about how they’ve been giving her sleeping pills to “help” with the diagnosis. The doctor writes down his estimate and Tadeo agrees to the amount. The doctor says the ideal thing to do is take Lucita to a little place he knows…he’s just got to call and see if they have room for her.

The Bruno Identity, Part II

Pedro is locking Laura somewhere until he “trusts” her again. He’s sure he knew who was trying to get into the house. I hope she was able to grab her secret cell phone.

Bruno convinces Javi to use the secret cell phone to call Laura’s house and ask for her, but no one answers. Bruno insists they have to go over there! What if Pedro did something to her!

This makes Bruno late to come over to the parish house, and Padre V complains to Rodobaldo. Someone comes over to buy tickets and Rodobaldo is sure he was there yesterday, too. El Bombardero calls Padre V to find out how ticket sales are going. The boxers are ready and he’s bringing the best guys from his gym…names Padre V recognizes and gets excited about.

Javi sneaks up to Pedro’s gate and calls Bruno to tell him it looks like no one is home.

Javi thinks they should leave and he’s appalled at Bruno’s suggestion that Pedro might have left Laura locked in the house with no way to contact anyone, but Bruno knows how Pedro operates now. They hop the fence.

Bruno and Javi look around the bedroom, where it looks like someone left quickly. Bruno calls the secret cell phone and they hear it buzzing in the pillowcase. He hopes she’s ok. He’s determined to go to Fidel and report Laura missing.

Curse you, Pedro!

Antonio gets his bodyguard to drop him off at the airport, and I want to imagine that he looks not-entirely-convinced…but he reports in to Fidel and then leaves. Anselmo is definitely not convinced, since Antonio is going into the airport, carrying a suitcase. Pedro is sure he’ll show.

Antonio sneaks back out of the airport and catches a taxi that drops him off by the side of the highway.

Pedro brings Laura some food, gets the call from Anselmo that Antonio left the airport, and races back out again, once he locks the door. Laura cracks and begs him not to lock her in.

Elias finally pulls up to Antonio in the SUV, but Pedro isn’t with him. He’s going to take Antonio to Pedro, as soon as he checks him for weapons. Antonio refuses to go anywhere blindfolded, but Elias threatens Sara. He blindfolds Antonio and puts him in the back seat of the SUV. Para mi que that’s two people missing now. Curse you, Pedro!

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5 years ago

Thanks, Diva. You’re a life saver. My power went out, so you really came through for me here.
“The Bruno Identity, Part II.” Ha ha ha. I love your titles!

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Aren’t her titles the BEST? She makes it all look so easy.

5 years ago

Oh gah! How did you keep your sanity? I’m terrified just reading it. Thank you for recapping this…horror of an episode.

I did find this bit of joy, though “I can already see where this is going and while I was about to not like it, I think if it involves a cell phone, a photo, and an instant upload to a cloud server, I just might survive.” This just cracked me up. I’m so glad Titina is about to get outed.

5 years ago

Kat- OMG! I feel for you having to recap so much Pedro. But you did a brilliant job as always!

Bruno is way too reckless. He goes back to the place where three guys just shot at him the night before, AND goes inside, AND calls Laura. Good grief! Tonio is no better. Ack! At least the blindfold went nicely with his outfit.

So glad Magda is on the Lucita case. Lucita’s sons and nieces are the worst!

Yay! Nat has busted Titina! So glad her farce is coming to an end.