Ruta 35, Monday 2/8/16 #19

The trial of Rogelio starts with Domingo Sanchez being called to the witness stand.

We switch immediately to Gavilán and Rebeca in bed together. Rebeca is trying to get Gavilán to leave with her, since there is nothing that he can do for Domingo.

We switch back to Domingo’s testimony against Rogelio, where he implies that Rogelio is just dumb muscle, who pays the bribes to the government officials, murders, and interrogates whoever Domingo’s cousin asked. The defense asks how this can be verified, and Domingo replies “I know where the bodies are buried on Rogelio’s property.” Domingo goes on to talk about how Rogelio isn’t smart enough to come up with his own smuggling routes. The defense attorney objects to the personal attacks against Rogelio by Domingo. Domingo also brings up that Rogelio ordered the murder of his mother and son, causing Federico to start looking upset. The defense objects that this murder is irrelevant since it happened in Mexico, and Rogelio and Federico both start yelling in the court room. Domingo points out that Rogelio just threatened to kill him in front of everyone there. Domingo responds to the defense attorney with okay, he tried to have me killed here. Which again sets off Rogelio to struggling against the guards and causes Federico to return to his feet. The judge has had enough and suspends proceedings. Federico looks like he doesn’t want to believe all the things Domingo is saying Rogelio did.

Tomás and Michael are standing over two suspects, Tomás is yelling “where are the drugs,” but they wisely say nothing. Tomás tells the backup to get them out of here, and they go back into the apartment to search it again. Tomás sends Michael to the bedroom as he searches the kitchen. Michael says there is nothing here, while Tomás finds some bricks of coke in the oven. He quickly stashes one under his DEA vest and calls Michael over, showing him the rest.

In the next scene we have Tomás selling the drugs to the same guy that Federico bought his first kilo of coke from before Tomás took both the coke and his money. 5ftLatina wonders if that was a setup. Tomás gets a call from Michael and says he is on his way. He leaves after he gets paid, and who should turn up to buy a kilo next but Federico.

Federico chats to his buddy over Skype saying he is in business.

Tomás is looking over a letter that he and Michael got. Tomás says “she” is not going to like this at all. They also mention that she has done everything they have ever asked of her.

Federico shows up and sells a bunch of drugs at a pool party.

Tomás tells Conchita that she needs to show up in court for her drug trafficking arrest. He says he will testify on her behalf.

Salomon is drunk off his ass at a party at his house. Beatriz shows up and he escorts her up to the bedroom for some personal partying. He tears up the picture of his ex and kids and they sleep together.

Marina tells Mercurio that he is going to be released from prison, but sent to ICE for deportation. John shows up to take him away. Marina goes to tell Julia the news. Julia shows up to talk to Mercurio, where he tries to tell her to stay in America if he gets deported. Mercurio meets with a lawyer for the first time. He tells Mercurio to throw Marina under the bus for this whole mess. Mercurio tries to resist, but the lawyer convinces him to do it. At the hearing he does it, and after the trial, he is allowed to get asylum and will have to report to a probation officer, but he is released. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Federico stashes his leftover drugs in a boot and stashes his cash in a box stashed in a pillow in the closet. He goes to leave and Sofia asks if he is okay after the trial. Federico rants that it’s not fair that all of this is being laid at Rogelio’s feet and that Domingo was responsible as well, and besides Rogelio was just following orders. Sofia tells him that Rogelio needs to take responsibility for his actions like Domingo did, and any other normal adult does. Federico blames it all on Domingo, he wants revenge, and will kill Domingo. He also accuses Sofia of no longer loving Rogelio because she has a thing for Domingo. He then storms out.

Salomon wakes up and tries to rush Beatriz out, and has forgotten all of the things he said in a drunken stupor last night. This does not go over well with Beatriz who slaps him, calls him names, and throws glasses at him. He does not help things by calling her crazy and threatening to call the police on her. She tells Salomon that he is worthless, and that she hopes Jimena finds a real man.

Sofia finds Federico’s drugs when she cleans Federico’s room. Federico returns home and stashes some more money, and finds that his drugs are missing. He goes and accuses Sofia of taking his drugs, saying what she found is his business. Sofia shows him the drugs and heads to the toilet to get rid of them, but he interferes and she ends up ripping the bags open and scattering the cocaine about the living room. Sofia slaps him. Sofia gets her summons to testify in court.

Rogelio is upset that he doesn’t know who ratted him out even though he has a list of witness names. The lawyer tells him he needs to behave himself in court.

Rebeca visits Domingo in jail. Domingo is his usual fidgety self. She wants him to forgive her. He ends up doing that, but says he doesn’t want to see her again and leaves.

Gavilán talks to Sofia. Sofia is worried about testifying against Rogelio, and Gavilán is trying to talk her into just not going or possibly fleeing the country. Gavilán says don’t worry about Domingo, he will keep an eye on him, and Domingo will be much happier knowing she is safe.

Federico chats with his friend Vicente and says he is going to make another smuggling trip to Mexico because his mom got rid of his stash.

Gavilán and Rebeca are back at her house being lovey. Gavilán tells Rebeca to be happy, Domingo forgave you. Then the doorbell buzzes and Dylan shows up asking how she has been, and says she wasn’t answering her phone and he was worried about her. He asks to come in, and when he sees a man’s shirt he asks if she is alone, he asks if she has seen Gavilán. She says no, and he warns her that she is in a great deal of danger. She rushes him out saying she will answer his calls in the future.

Domingo and his lawyer meet. Domingo says he wants give information to Dylan about Jose Landino.

Gavilán and Rebeca talk after Dylan leaves. Gavilán is jealous of Dylan. Rebeca says no it is only work, and I only have eyes for you. Gavilán is going to move Rebeca into his apartment for while he is here, and if Domingo is stuck in jail for too much longer, Gavilán will have to go back to Mexico to run the business.

Salomon’s boss at the bank starts off with finally you are here, and I heard you were not sick from Beatriz. Salomon yells at his bank boss and quits. Salomon says if he ever sees his boss again, he will run him over several times until the boss is quite dead. The boss seems somewhat concerned by this turn of events, and Salomon walks out. Salomon calls Dylan and shows up in Dylan’s office. Dylan wants him to sign an updated NDA. Salomon tells Dylan that he quit his bank job and he wants a gun, badge and bigger cases. Dylan says you are an informant, not police, and you can’t have a gun because you are a criminal. Salomon is not a happy camper.

Conchita, Tomás, and her lawyer meet ahead of the hearing. They work out that she will plead guilty. Tomás seems impatient with the whole thing. The lawyer explains the possible repercussions of that decision.

Tomás shows up at his middle man (wholesaler) and asks for his money, because this guy is supposed to be taking his cut out of what he sells to the retailers. In other words, the middle man is supposed to get his money from those he sells the drugs to (Federico), not who he buys the drugs from (Tomás). Tomás is upset that he doesn’t get as much money as he expected, and pulls his gun and makes the guy open his safe and sees that there is no more money in it. He takes his frustrations out on an innocent trash can. He tells the middle man that you will pay me back what you owe me, and the next payment has to be all there, or I will kill you, and he storms out.

Conchita enters her plea, and the sentencing hearing is scheduled for two weeks from now, instead of today like she was expecting. This leaves her freaking out. The lawyer tries to get it done now, but the judge is adamant–two weeks. Tomás walks out of the courtroom while the lawyer tries to calm Conchita down.

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Gracias, mi amor!

Mercurio is free! Best day ever 😀

Salomon needs to get himself back into therapy.