Ruta 35, Thursday 2/11/16 #21


Marina defends her testimony on Mercurio’s behalf with “It was the truth.” Her bosses don’t care. She wasn’t authorized to take responsibility, it makes the agency look bad, the news will be all over it, blah blah blah.

Salomon & Rebeca

Salomon has been on a bender for who-knows-how many days. He ignores a call from Jimena saying they’re all worried about him and the girls would like to talk to him.

Somehow, he drags himself out of bed for a lunch date with Rebeca, where he proposes they become “freelance informants.” They’ll just check out the agencies’ most-wanted lists and go after the ones where they’d get paid the most money for their information.

They go over to Marina’s office to offer her services, but she’s distracted after that meeting with her bosses.


Manuel has finally gotten released on parole and knowing that Conchita paid for his lawyer does what all the previous cheeseburgers never could. They finally make up and he vows that from now on, he’s going to take care of her. Too bad she’ll be going to prison herself in a few days.

The grandsons are not happy that she’s letting a “criminal” live in her house, but she reminds them she’s one too. Unfortunately, Manuel overhears their argument and leaves the house.

Wilson’s more worried about Conchita than Manuel–he figures he’ll turn up eventually. He has the same idea Manuel had earlier: What if Conchita helps the DEA with another big case? Conchita says it could work, but there’s no time.

Wilson takes things into his own hands, researches the Most Wanted lists, picks out some guy who’s supposed to be in Miami, and asks Tomás for information so he can start looking for him. Tomás refuses at first, but then succumbs to Wilson’s guilt tripping and comes over to the house later with a thumb drive. Nobody had better find out he has it, though, or Tomás will be the first one to press charges for theft of confidential information.


Mercurio still can’t find a job without a work permit.

He finally meets The Only PO In Miami, Diane. Because “the system” is total bullshit, he needs to find a job in another 24 hours, even though legally, no one can hire him. She keeps repeating that she’s just telling him what the law requires. Oh, Diane. We thought so much better of you. He finally gets her to admit that if he doesn’t find a job, they’ll give him one, but it’ll probably suck, and who knows what he’ll be doing.

He’s still got a year of probation to get through and community service hours to work, and she gives him the address of a food bank. Mercurio can’t handle following the food bank rules when it means denying a mom with 2 kids enough milk to actually see them through the next couple of weeks. He sneaks some extra stuff out to her, and his co-workers tell him he can’t do that again. It’s theft, and he’ll get into trouble with his PO.


Rogelio is terminally stupid. He declares himself innocent and tries to claim he killed Camilo in self-defense. It’s his lawyer’s job to fix it for him.


He makes it back from Mexico, buys himself some cocaine, randomly runs into Tomás, and gets it confiscated yet again. Tomás says next time he’ll haul him off to jail.

Domingo & Sofia

Domingo meets Diane and Agent Newman and gets fitted with his incredibly clunky ankle bracelet. None of the agents seem to care that it’s impossible to hide and is going to get him killed when he actually does get close enough to his target.

He finds all the cameras they left in the house and removes them so his reunion with Sofia and Gavilán later isn’t watched. Speaking of not watching–as soon as he and Gavilán have touched base on finding Landino, Gavilán is outta there so he doesn’t have to witness any more of Domingo and Sofia’s snogfest.

Domingo is worried that Rogelio wants revenge, but Sofia says she doesn’t have to see him again–she’ll be able to get a divorce granted and Rogelio can’t do anything about it. Unfortunately, their sexy times are cut short when Sofia gets the call about Camilo. She and Dylan go to the prison to identify the body.

Domingo has Gavilán take him to see an associate of Landino’s, but they’re followed by Diane. He stops to give her a hard time about following him around and making the place reek of “fed” for miles.

During his meeting with the guy he’s sure can tell him where Landino is, he nearly gets shot on suspicion of working with the feds, but Dylan and Newman get a tech to upload a “Wanted” notice and get a news report on the air just in time. Too bad, though, nobody’s seen Landino in months. Maybe his mechanic (and we’re not sure if that’s a euphemism), Chango knows where to find him.

The next day, he surprises Sofia at her apartment. He didn’t want to leave her alone, knowing how upset she is about Camilo’s death.

Domingo finally gets permission to have the ankle bracelet removed, but it means trading it in for the presence of Dylan, Diane, or Newman at all times.

Throughout this episode, Domingo keeps making comments about what a bitch Diane is and how she must annoy her husband, in front of Diane and Dylan both. We notice that no one ever bothers to tell him she and Dylan are married. Granted, it shouldn’t matter whether she’s married or not, or who she’s married to–he’s still being a jerk. But it’s almost as if this is something Diane and Dylan do either because they don’t want to play into the idea that if she deserves respect it’s only because of who her husband is and/or they know the people doing it are going to feel embarrassed later and they find that amusing. It seems like they were having a laugh about Salomon’s comments in the earlier episodes.

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