Ruta 35, Tuesday 2/9/16 #20


Not a lot of our favorite guy this episode. Mercurio is out of jail and looking for a job. Unfortunately, political asylum doesn’t automatically come with permission to work and no one will hire him without work authorization.

Mariana is still waiting to find out just how much trouble she’s in after admitting that she completely screwed up handling Mercurio’s case.


Conchita can’t avoid it any longer–she has to tell her grandsons what she’s been doing before the sentencing hearing, since it seemed like the judge is determined to send her to jail.

She tries to start with Ronald, but he’s off at the police academy doing the live-in portion of his training. She’s not allowed to see him because when the desk clerk runs her ID, it shows she has a criminal record.

When she tells Wilson, he’s furious that she lied to them for so long and can’t even imagine what a 75-year-old woman could possibly do to help the DEA catch narcos (well, check the last 19 recaps and we can explain it to you).

Wilson goes to the police academy to pull Ronald out so Conchita can tell him in person and he is also furious, for the same reasons as Wilson, but also because this can affect his career. He’s ready to disown her entirely, which sets off a fight in the academy lobby.

Conchita heads over to the Padre’s for a couple of stiff drinks and his reassurance that the boys will come around. And as soon as they settle their differences and agree to be there for Conchita the way she’s always been there for them, they join her at the Padre’s for a family reunion.


Domingo has his meeting with Dylan and offers to help with the Jose Landino case, but Dylan refuses to do anything that will help Domingo get out of prison. After what happened before, he no longer trusts Domingo’s word (wasn’t that whole mess caused by Tomás’ interference, because HE wanted to be the one to nab Domingo? Just saying…).

Domingo calls Gavilán to ask him to find Landino and drag him out of whatever hole he’s hiding in.

Dylan and Tomás have a frantic coffee meeting, where they speak mostly in English (somebody finally decided there were times when people would actually be speaking English…not in court, or in the office, but yeah, they’d totes be making sure to speak to each other in English in the coffee shop). They have now both conveniently forgotten why Domingo’s capture was so difficult and are determined to keep the ATF from getting him out of prison and using him as an informant. Basically, these two don’t like to share.

Tomás rants to Mariana about it, at length, but she has zero sympathy for him. This is the way the system works, and he swore to uphold that system.

Dylan’s boss makes the executive decision that Domingo will be released so he can work with the ATF and Dylan has to coordinate with Agent Newman.

Dylan calls Tomás and they both fume, but Dylan gives one of the best mockworthy lines of the episode:

These guys are willing to dance with the devil just to close a case and come off as the heroes.

Dylan and Tomás both ominously agree that this system is bullshit. Funny, they didn’t feel that way yesterday.


Sofia tries to meet Gavilán at her apartment and run away before she can testify, But Dylan follows her and assigns John to keep an eye on her until she goes to court.

She wants to talk to Federico before she testifies, to explain to him why she’s doing it, but there’s no time.

On the stand, nobody brings up her cooperation with ICE. She just tells them what Rodrigo did for the cartel and how she knew about it. The defense attorney tries to simultaneously accuse her of being an accomplice and making it all up.

Now that they know who turned Rodrigo in, both Rodrigo and Federico are furious with her. Federico is through with her. Totally and completely. She’s no longer his mother. Of course he’s going to keep living with her until his drug business takes off. He packs himself full of cash and makes the trip to Mexico for more product.

Sofia gets Dylan’s help setting up a meeting with Rogelio so she can look him in the eye, tell him that she turned him in because he turned her son in to a narco and a killer, and tell him she wants a divorce. The “no touching” guard isn’t present when Rogelio grabs her and reminds her of all the vows she made (goes both ways, creep!) so Dylan has to rush in and help get Rogelio back under control.

Dylan lets Sofia know that she can have a divorce granted once Rogelio has been sentenced.

Sofia visits Camilo to reassure him that she’s going to get him out as soon as she can. He tells her to be careful–Rogelio’s been acting weird lately.

Rogelio has decided that he needs to hit Sofia where it hurts. He can’t touch her, of course, but he can “take away everything she loves.” He starts with stabbing Camilo to death in their cell.

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