¿Quién es Quién? Monday 2/15/16 #4

  1. I didn’t think I was going to survive this long break between episodes. Dear Telemundo, please avoid a preemption in the future.
  2. Wowzers it feels like a lot happened!
  3.  No opening credits. Damn.
  4. They better make the song available, dammit.
Memories…like the corner of my mind…

We get to relive the kiss and all the wide-eyed gaping from the family. Pedro grumbles outside the window. Paloma breaks off the kiss. The rest of the family gets all excited. Pedro and Paloma!!! [Too bad it’s actually Leonardo!!!] Leonardo asks the others if he and Paloma can talk alone.

Some sketchy dudes approach Basilio.

Paloma would like to know where the world Pedro came up with the idea that they were getting married. Leo reminds her that all he remembers is the accident. He doesn’t really remember asking *her*. He just remembers putting a ring on some hand. He assumed it was Paloma’s. She’s the only one he really feels connected to. Paloma informs him that he remembers it wrong.

Upstairs, everyone debates if the proposal really happened.

Leo continues to insist that Paloma is the only woman he feels connected to. Was there really nothing between them? Before Paloma can answer, Pedro makes a noise outside the window. Paloma uses the distraction to make her exit. She tells Leo to use the time to try and remember who he proposed to.

Basilio is in mid-mugging when Pedro comes running to save him. Yesenia happens along as well, purely by coincidence. Basilio may have insinuated she was a gang member and she takes offense.

Back at the house, the family is hounding Leo about the engagement. He gets overwhelmed and yells at them. ¡¡YA!! He has to explain that Paloma told him he did NOT propose to her.

In the backseat of the limo Pedro complains about Leo the “mendigo usurpador”

El mundo es un pañuelo

Yesenia helps do dishes and tells Inés she would like to go visit her father. It’s been two weeks. Sara says she’d like to see her good-for-nothing son as well [this totally doesn’t feel right, but she said “las ganas que tengo de ver…” Is there something stopping her from going?] Yesenia wonders if Inés might be mad about it. Inés denies that anything is wrong.

At the prison [In Tijuana] Santiago gets a beatdown.

Pedro makes it back to the mansion. He has failed to remove his disguise and Nora mistakes him for a thief. Humberto comes running. Pedro has to calm them both down and makes up some story about going out to see how the other 99% lives. After Pedro leaves, Humberto asks Nora what the hell is going on with his son. Nora isn’t  sure. Leo never gave a flip about the riff raff before [or anyone else really]. She thinks its a good thing that he’s  thinking about others.

Bert heads up to Connie’s  room. He’s been trying to get in touch with Fabiola and she’s not picking up. Connie cattily remarks that her mother will get in touch when she needs some cash. Fabiola enters right on cue. Fabiola claims she was at the mall [*snort* yeah. People with all that money go to the mall] and then had coffee with a friend. They just got to talking and blah blah blah.

Leo lies awake and tries to remember engagement girl. Paloma thinks about the kiss. She shakes herself out of it reminding herself that Pedro is a liar.

Fernanda goes to visit her brother in prison. My oh my! Yesenia is checking in too!!!

You think your parents are bad???

Fabiola asks Connie why she dared to insinuate to Bert that she only married him for his money [so…is it still “insinuation” when it’s actually true?] Connie likes Bert. He’s always been good to her and he deserves the truth. Fabiola thinks that if Connie likes this fine life, then she needs to shut it. If Connie is trying to create problems for her and Bert, she can forget about it. Connie is pretty sure her mother can do that without her help. Fabiola then moves on to the insulting part of the bad mothers playbook. Connie’s problem, according to Fabiola, is that she’s upset that she didn’t inherit her mother’s beauty. Fabiola continues her campaign for craptastic mother of the year by telling Connie that she is “muy poca cosa” and “insignificante” just like her dad.

While Santiago waits in line to enter the visiting room, he is once again threatened by the head thug of the prison thugs [the Telemundo site lists his name as Elmer, played by Guillermo Quintanilla.] Santi needs to pay his cuota.

Santi finally gets in to see his sister, Fernanda. She really wants to talk to the prison director about Santi’s troubles, but he asks her not to. It will must make things worse. Santi is miserable and wants to die. Fernanda begs him not to talk that way and to trust her. Santi doesn’t know how they are going to come up with the money he supposedly stole. The Fuentemayors have all the money and the power.

Yesenia visits her father at another table and lo and behold, it’s the Jefe de los Thugs. As Fernanda walks out, he skeevily takes note. Yesenia doesn’t like him ignoring her. She’s telling him all about her brother, his son, doing crazy and losing his memory.

After visiting hours, Elmer collects his money and makes skeevy comments about Santiago’s visitor and guesses it was his sister. I’m pretty sure Elmer threatens to look her up when he gets out.

Working 9-5

Pedro tells Humberto he really wants to get back to work. Humberto is worried about “Leo” being in a stressful situation. Pedro does some more begging and Bert gives in. Leo can go back to work. But no all nighters and the tough deals need to go to Bert. “Leo” is thrilled and heads straight to his office.

He’s greeted by Gwen. He asks if she knows the password, but she informs him that he stores those sorts of things in his memory only.

Invonne hands him a file with *mumble mumble fast Spanish maybe it was about stocks? Money? Budgets? Something is losing value* and Leo responds with *more fast Spanish. What can we really do anyway. If things are going well we can’t to anything. If it’s bad what are you going to do. So relax!*

Basilio interrupts this conversation to tell “Leo” that his wallet and phone have been found. Pedro is gobsmacked at the amount of cash in the wallet. He promptly pays Basilio back for the costume. Basilio also gives him a list of possible passwords. Pedro is so happy. He hugs Basilio and gives him a kiss on the forehead. Basilio is overwhelmed with emotion.

At the Market

Leo and another piñata salesman fight for a customer. Leo wins the sale.

Jonathan tries to give Inés some food and she doesn’t want to take it. He does not turn his back on people he loves. He agrees with Inés that their relationship is a hard one, but he can’t leave her. They get close and he kisses her.  Paloma’s father takes in this exchange.

Termi wonders if maybe Leo is mixing up a dream he had about getting engaged with reality. Leo doesn’t think so. He needs to know who his girlfriend was. Termi is left having to explain that really…Leo didn’t really have a novia in the traditional sense of the word. He’s had a lot of girlfriends. Leo insists he will have to meet them all.

Paloma watches Leo from her flower stand. She grouses about him asking someone to marry him and not even being able to remember. Her brother gets the brunt of her anger. She gets a little gesticulatey with the flower cutters.

Cue the all-my-exes montage.

Word gets around to Cocó that Pedro is looking for the Cinderella he proposed to. While he’s talking to Paloma and telling her maybe he mixed up a dream and reality, Cocó approaches him and insists she was the one he proposed to. She then plants a big kiss on him.

Takin’ care of business

Pedro tries…and fails…to get into the computer. The first password doesn’t work.

Fabiola and Ignacio enjoy a mimosa brunch [I assume.] Fabiola complains about Connie. Does Connie not realize that Fabiola could lose her luxurious lifestyle if Bert decides to leave her. Ignacio reminds his mother that Bert adores her and she has him eating out of his hands. She tells Ignacio to make himself indispensable at the company….just in case Bert trades her in for a younger model. Fabiola makes him promise not to let down his guard. Ignacio assures her he’s got everything under control.

Pedro is down to the last possible password. Boo-yah! It works! And the first thing he comes across? The pictures of him in his mariachi suit. He wonders what his “clon” is doing with them. He remembers their collision at the market and Leo saying “sí existes” (you do exist!) and realizes that it wasn’t a coincidence they ran in to each other. Leo came looking for him! But why? Was he trying to avoid the wedding with “La Guitarrita” (Fernanda.) Pedro asks Gwen about Fernanda Manrique and learns she is the head of PR for the company. He’s  surprised about this. He tries to get information about Leo’s personal life from Gwen, but that is incompatible with her programming.

Basilio reminds Pedro that he was promised a raise. Pedro calls Yvonne in and asks her to make sure Basilio gets a 50% raise [Holy Chihuahuas, did I get that right?!]

Santa Inés

Yesenia returns from her prison visit with dear old dad. He sent greetings to Inés and Sara.  Inés gives that the cold shoulder. Sara reminds Yesenia that Inés doesn’t like to talk about him. I think Sara and Inés have a difference of opinion, no? Sara seems to think it was just bad luck that landed him in jail and Inés thinks maybe it’s because he’s  a criminal. [I can’t help but think that these two get along pretty well considering.]

Inés goes to Paloma’s house to talk to Paloma’s mom about a cleaning gig. Paloma’s pig of a father comes in. Paloma’s mother leaves and he lights into Inés. He doesn’t want her anywhere near his wife. [I hate this guy.] He goes on to say that his is a decent family and he doesn’t want the likes of Inés around. He does not approve of her ways with younger men. She defends herself. What she does with her life is none of this guy’s business. [Damn straight!]

Misty, water-colored memories….

After her visit with Santi, Fernanda remembers the day she came home and Santi was being dragged away by the cops. He declares [loudly] that he is innocent and that it’s all a trap!

Fernanda runs to her father, who seems to be having a heart attack. Papá informs her that they’ve lost everything-the house, the business, their life savings. And her brother has been arrested. He begs his daughter not to let “them” get away with it. Who? The Fuentemayors.

Back in her office, Fernanda is in a world of her own. She pays no attention to Ivonne who is trying to tell her how weird Leo is being. She’s too busy remembering her dad in the hospital.

She remembers that she promised to get her brother out of jail and not abandon him.  They would all be together again. She’ll make “them” pay for what they did. Dad dies.

Fernanda cries. Pedro knocks and enters the office. He sees her crying and tries to comfort her. She apologizes and tell him she loves him so much and asks him not to reject her again. She gives him a big kiss.

Fin. [Is it Tuesday yet?]

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Gracias, Sara! More in the AM, but I had to say you had me laughing through the whole thing 😀

Visita/ Guest

Thanks so much, Sara! Great recap. Since I had the English subtitles on, I can tell you what Ivonne said to Perico. She handed him reports on the financial markets – the Dow Jones, the Nikkei, etc. They are all down a percent or two. Obviously, she expects *Leo* to overreact but as you reported, he just says basically, “hey whatever. Nothing we can do about it.” The chief thug, Guillermo Quintanilla, played the nice-guy ex of the housekeeper in “En Otra Piel.” Yes, indeed, he told Santi that he would look up Fernanda when he gets out of prison.… Read more »


Me three. No way is that guy Pedro’s dad. Just…because no.


This is really going to bug me until they explain it better. Fernanda’s dad went into business with Humberto and Leonardo, her brother was framed (or “framed”) for theft, and all the family’s assets were taken/lost and her dad blamed it on the Fuentemayors, so she’s going to get revenge by marrying Leonardo and divorcing him later in a way that triggers some clause in the pre-nup that entitles her to a huge chunk of assets. That part, I think I get. What I don’t understand is how do Humberto and Leonardo not know who she is? They never met… Read more »


Are they going to end every episode with a kiss? ‘Cause I’m ok with that!

I was a little confused at first, especially because she’d been thinking about her father’s death and her brother being taken to prison, but I guess that kiss is meant to signify that she’s even more determined to carry out her revenge plan.

I was really excited that Gwen was back! I hope we “see” more of her and he finally figures out what questions to ask.