Ruta 35, Friday 2/12/16 #22

The Landino case

Domingo meets with the Chango the mechanic. They drink on Chango’s boat as Domingo tries to get in contact with Landino. Chango uses one of those push-to-talk phones to contact Landino, and Domingo and Landino talk about how Domingo got out. Domingo says he bribed a bunch of people, and Landino tells him good for you, then hangs up.

Dylan and Bill are sitting in the car watching. Bill is complaining that Domingo could be doing anything, and Dylan is unsupportive in his hey, you wanted to get him out comment.

Chango calls again, and Domingo says he has a job that is worth a lot of money, and don’t hang up on me, I made you.

Bill and Dylan follow Domingo back to his apartment. Dylan tells Bill to get out–he is going to spend the evening with his wife.

Bill is alone watching Domingo’s place when Gavilán and Domingo sneak past him as he goes to visit Sofia.

Domingo, Bill and Dylan talk about the case. Domingo says he has a meeting set up, but they are not going to like it. The meeting is in the Bahamas.

Domingo meets with Sofia and Gavilán. He tells Sofia that he is going to the Bahamas for the case, and that he needs Gavilán to stay here. Gavilán leaves them to have some alone time, but lets slip that he is seeing someone.  He lets Domingo tell Sofia that it’s Rebeca.

Domingo and Sofia talk in bed. Sofia worries about Landino finding out that this is a setup, and makes him promise to be careful. He says he doesn’t know how this is going to turn out, but he does know that he will not end up back in jail.

Gavilán and Rebeca

Gavilán meets with Domingo, and Domingo is saying he wants to meet with Sofia when Gavilán’s phone rings. Gavilán ignores the call, and Domingo asks what is up with that. Gavilán then admits he is back with Rebeca, and Domingo warns him to be careful with her, because she will turn you in if she needs the money.

Gavilán is remembering what Domingo said when he and Rebeca are having diner. He is troubled by the thoughts, but he tells her that he told Domingo that he was seeing her, and that Domingo warned him to be careful. She says you don’t trust me, and if you don’t trust me why are we doing this?

The next morning Gavilán asks where Rebeca is going. Rebeca’s reply is to get a job. Gavilán asks if it is with the police, and this sets her off. She is tired of him not trusting her. She knows she screwed up, and wants to do the right thing. All it takes is one word from Domingo and he believes the worst about her, and she doesn’t want to put up with that.

Salomon and Rebeca’s Information Service

Salomon and Rebeca meet with a potential client and Salomon talks up his credentials. The client says he is interested, but he thinks the going rate is $1000 dollars a month. This drives Solomon and Rebeca away.

Camilo’s death

Sofia is at the funeral. Federico is not there and Sofia has to call him and he gives her lip until she tells him that his uncle is dead. Federico shows up finally to the funeral, and seems distraught when he sees the coffin. Sofia tries to comfort him as he asks who did this. Her answer is not what he wanted to hear, because it was his dad. Federico and Sofia are crying over Camilo’s gravesite after the funeral.

In jail, Rogelio is talking to his buddy. His buddy says he can’t believe the judge bought it. Rogelio says that the trial isn’t over yet, and they don’t have any proof against him. Rogelio asks what happens if they call you to testify, and the buddy says I didn’t see or hear anything. I wasn’t there.

Federico asks why, and Sofia says for vengeance. Federico tries to blame Sofia for this, but Sofia says I had to turn your dad in because you were turning into your dad. He is a killer, and this is what he is like.

Sofia mothers the sleeping Federico before going down to the street to see Domingo. Domingo does his best to comfort her during her grief and be supportive of her needs. Federico wakes up and sees Sofia standing by the car that Domingo is in, and confronts her about it. She says she met with her boss, and she doesn’t like being questioned. Federico says tomorrow, we go to the jail to ask my dad what happened.

Federico asks Rogelio if he killed Camilo. Sofia asks him to answer their son. Rogelio blames Sofia, saying that Camilo is the brother of a traitor. Sofia slaps Rogelio, and Federico has to pull her away from him as she rants at him.

Mercurio and Julia

Mercurio brings home a bag of food. Julia questions him about it, he says they gave it to him, but we are pretty sure he stole it since he can’t get a job.

Conchita and Wilson’s case

Wilson brings a printout of the DEA “Wanted” page, tells her he got the info on this guy from Tomás. His brilliant idea is they take this guy down, and get her out of trouble with the government. Conchita’s is more surprised by the fact that Tomás gave Wilson the info than anything else.

Wilson sees Conchita leaving. Conchita wants to do this alone, but Wilson want let her. They ended up going to a surveillance store for goodies. She then rattles the tree looking for Santana. The person she asks says she doesn’t know who that is, but Conchita insists, and gives her a number where he can reach her saying she has information for him. Conchita and Wilson leave. Conchita then abandons Wilson, getting him out of the van on the pretext that she needs something for a headache.

Conchita then has a meeting in the park with one of Santana’s men, and parlays that into a meeting with the man himself. She says she works cleaning the DEA office and picked up some information on Santana. She gets paid for the information, tells him that she can move stuff for him, and returns home.

Conchita and Wilson play the recordings that they have captured for Tomás, and they have good information. Conchita and Wilson work on getting Tomás to hold the information until she gets a call to transport the product, and then do the bust so that Conchita and Tomás get credit for the bust.

Tomás’ sideline business

Tomás brings the kilo he stole from Federico to his middle man, and demands to be paid now otherwise he will kill him. Tomás gets to the home he shares with Marina, and stashes his ill-gotten gains in a book box under the desk while she is out of the room. Lovey time is had.

Marina is working at the desk in the house when she knocks over Tomás’ box o’ money. She crawls under the desk and sees that there is a lot of cash in this box. She grabs a bundle and goes looking for Tomás who is on the phone with someone. She listens in on the conversation but doesn’t show him the money. Tomás says he needs to go in to work. She remembers all the gifts she has been getting lately from him, and is suspicious. She decides to follow him when he says that he needs to go into the office.

Tomás goes to the warehouse where his middle man works, finds out that the middleman recorded their last conversation (where did he get a tape recorder?). He tells Tomás to take the drugs back and get his money in two hours, and gets himself out from under Tomas’ thumb.

Mariana sees him leaving the warehouse and calls him. He answers and says he is in the office and everything is okay. She now knows something is rotten with Tomás.

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Gracias, Mr. Hm…where DID the-middleman-with-no-name get an actual tape recorder? And tapes?! Because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at the spy store.