La Vecina, Tuesday 2/16/16 #166

Pedro-Not Dead

Anto is blindfolded and driven to a remote location to meet with Pedro. Pedro makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Anto will give the authorities a few false leads to keep them busy and allow Pedro to continue to drain the pipes.

Anto might be able to agree to that, but it would help if Pedro would sacrifice someone who works for him. Pedro has just the person: SARA GRANADOS. If Anto tries any funny business, Pedro’s men will make sure Sara is put behind bars and then Anto will be in a world of trouble. How will it look if his amante and the head of the community outreach program turns out to be working for the saqueadores? Anto is to allow Pedro to continue stealing the gasoline with impunity and to provide false data for the authorities. Pedro will pay him well for this “deal”. They shake on it.

Pedro goes home and makes some phone calls. He is extra careful to charge his phone. They make a big deal about filming a close up of his charging phone that I am thinking I missed something important.

Since he still felt like terrorizing someone, he decides to terrorize Laura. She’s been trying to escape all day. Pedro tells her that Bruno is dead. She still has some fight in her, but Pedro restrains her and forces himself on her. Ew.

The Secret about Anto’s marriage-Barely breathing

Ema calls Isa to let her know that Eduardo is being released from the hospital and to please pass the message along. Isa debates and ultimately decides to call Anto at his office.

Sara tries to see Sebas about some community outreach plans but he’s in a hurry to leave. The phone rings and Sara picks up. Isa is livid that Sara is in his office and answering his phone. Sara reminds her that she WORKS there. There’s a verbal cat fight and Sara hangs up. Sara is flustered and tells Sebas he can’t believe Antonio married Isa. Sebas blurts out that the marriage is a sham and they don’t even live together. Sara is stunned into silence.

Lucita’s Children-I wish they were dead

Magda keeps watch outside Lucita’s house. She finds it very odd that the doctor has come to visit. Vladimir suggests that his dad could make the doctor talk. Magda thinks they should leave Fidel out of it for now.

After seeing the doctor leave the house, Magda decides to follow him and discovers he’s a psychiatrist. She decides she needs to see Padre V.

At Padre V’s she tells him that she’s worried that Lucita’s kids are up to something. She fears that they are going to try and call Lucita’s mental capacities into question with the help of the psychiatrist. I’m doing this from memory, but I recall some trash talk about psychiatrists…did I misunderstand? There’s a cliché we can do away with…please.

Anyway, Padre V decides to go see Lucita. Teo claims Lucita is in Huatusco(?)…not the EE UU like he told Magda….and tries to deny the Padre entry. After a little dancing and a basketball worthy dodge, Padre V gets into the house and calls for Lucita.

Alas, she is not home. Padre V leaves and Teo calls someone to tell them they dodged a bullet.

Padre V asks Magda again “are you sure they said the United States?” Magda knows what she heard.

Titina’s Plan-Almost Dead

I have to start this section by noting the Kermit-green pants that Sebas is wearing…and that they match the upholstery of the chairs behind him.

Nat comes to see Sebas and tells him about seeing svelte Titina in her bathing suit. Sebas can’t believe what Natalia is telling him and pulls out the ultra sound pictures. Nat gently explains that they are probably fake. 1. Sebas wasn’t even there 2. There is no patient information or doctor notes on the pictures. She pulls up some pictures from the internet to show him what legitimate ultrasounds look like. Sebas storms off to Titina’s.

In the car, Nat asks him to please calm down. To beat Titina they need to stay one step ahead of her. She is sneaky. Sebas needs to calm down and think with a cool head.

Thinking she better cover her butt, Titina goes home and sobs about losing the baby. Seriously? As big as that pillow was, no one questions this? Whatever.

Anyhoo, when Sebas shows up at the house everyone thinks Titina is the long-suffering baby mama. Sebas accuses Titina of lying this whole time and Nat tells everyone about seeing Titina and her friend at the pool. The brothers make a few moves to harm Sebas, but he reminds them about the restraining order. Titina denies it all and even threatens to sue Sebas. Of course she would. She can get more money out of him. Sebas and Nat leave and Titina swears they will pay. Mom (playing the voice of reason) encourages her daughter to just forget about Chebi. Titina is never going to let him go.

On the way home, Nat and Sebas wonder if Titina could really sue him. Sebas doesn’t seem to care if she does. He’ll make sure all her lies are revealed.

Fidel’s investigation-Dead, no..not dead…nope…Dead

They get back the report on the gun used in the Tres Piedras shooting. Bingo! It belongs to a known associate of Pedro. Fidel goes to question the gun owner. Of course the gun was stolen from his truck a few months ago. No, he can’t remember which station he went to to report the theft. No, he doesn’t have a copy of the report. Yes, he does have the plate number for the truck.

Bruno’s Hope-Near dead

Bruno wants Fidel to help him find Laura. When that doesn’t happen, he goes to drown his sorrows. Padre V is not happy when Bruno shows up to the parroquia reeking of alcohol. Bruno promises not to do it again. Padre V gives him good news: They’ve sold enough tickets to pay the debt with the bank.

Simon’s Chance of Survival and being found-Soooo not dead

Edwina is still searching for Simon and vows not to leave or give up until she has him back.

Simon meanwhile bemoans his fate: I’ve been to space and a damn fruit allergy is going to do me in. He gasps that he’s failed Edwina and reaches out to her. A mystery hand grasps his and starts speaking French.

End of episode.

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5 years ago

Thank you, Sara! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Titina gets busted and still…dare I say “Titina’s Hopes: Will never die.”

I felt sorry for Sebas when Natalia…how did you put it…”gently explains that they are probably fake.” That probably took a LOT of patience considering how screwed up things had gotten.

I’m torn about the mystery man finding Simon. I don’t know if that’s going to speed up the reunion with Edwina or slow it down…and waste Lucita’s money!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

I don’t think that’s a stupid question at all. I had to look it up. It doesn’t look like French is a major language in the Philippines. Maybe they couldn’t find anyone who spoke Filipino? Or…he’s not in the Philippines. *gulp*

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be one of the guys in Dundee’s crew. I’m going to deliberately NOT go back and see if there’s a guy in a peachy-pinky shirt. I’ll just keep telling myself it’s one of them until proven otherwise.

5 years ago

Thank you, Sara! There was far too much Pedro in this episode, which is why I purposely didn’t pay attention to a lot of scenes. So thanks for the details on his plans for Tonio. Poor Laura! I did appreciate Tonio kicking himself for not telling Sara sooner so that she wouldn’t have gotten in so deep with Pedro. But of course, he’s still not going to tell her anything. Dope.

Very glad Padre gave Bruno a good scolding for getting drunk. Drinking is not the best way to deal with Simon’s “death” and Laura’s disappearance.

5 years ago
Reply to  Vivj

I will give them credit, though, there’s a lot less “I have a problem–let’s get drunk about it!” going on overall. But Bruno? He’s being stupid enough sober. Back away from the booze, man!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Almost nightly, it felt like! It was just a matter of whose bad love life or stupidity was the justification for the drinking and who else was joining in.