¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 2/16/16 #5

We return you to your smoochies already in progress. Pedro thinks this is way better than his dream. He could die happy right now…or kiss her for the rest of his life. When Fernanda says she loves him, he wants to clarify… “me? Or the other one?”

Meanwhile, Leonardo’s dealing with a kiss of his own. One less pleasant for him, if his longing glances back at Paloma when Cocó drags him away are any indication. Paloma’s not doing much better, and Cachito notices her crying, but she says she’s got something in her eye.

Fernanda noticed the changes in “Leonardo” and she can’t understand why he keeps insinuating there’s another guy! He proclaims himself not to be una blanca paloma (a white dove; innocent), but he’s never felt anything like what he feels for her. He wants to be different, the kind of guy she could really fall in love with. She insists she is. “So, uh, was that kiss better or worse than the ones I used to give you…before.” Fernanda reluctantly admits it was better. “See I just want to be a better man for you!” Snoggus interruptus as Fernanda’s phone rings and Pedro walks out on weak knees.

It was Ignacio, and she does NOT want to talk to him now. He can meet her at the apartment later. Fernanda sticks the poor innocent bear in the trash.

Elmer keeps pressuring Santiago, though he’s already decided the woman who came to see him is his sister. Now he starts bugging him about why he doesn’t look like her. Santiago cracks when Elmer says he’s not going to pass up an opportunity to eat that [possibly redacted and I SO do not care]. Santiago rushes Elmer, but the guards break it up before Elmer can put his shiv to any use. I really hope he’s not Pedro’s dad.

Yesenia is determined to think the best of her dad. If he went out with “those people” to steal, it was only to help his family. She’s sure he’s learned his lesson. Sara denies knowing anything more…specifically…but she does know her son is no perita en dulce (pear in syrup; sweet and innocent). She’s just not the kind of mom who ignores her child’s faults–she knows if Inés wants nothing to do with him, there’s a reason. Yesenia’s furious her mom won’t forgive her dad.

Inés is thinking about Paloma’s dad’s earlier rudeness when Cachito comes up and catches her crying. He’s tired of hearing women tell that whole “Oh, I have something in my eye” story. Come up with a new one, why don’t’cha. Paloma comes up and of course he has to bring up this epidemic of the wind blowing stuff into evvvvverybody’s eyes today. She sends him to go do his homework so she can talk to Inés.

Ignacio can’t get enough of watching that video of Leo at the bachelor party. He’s joined in his car by the guard from the prison. It’s that guy’s job to make sure Santiago keeps getting beat up so Ignacio can keep putting pressure on Fernanda to do what he wants. He just says it without names.

Cocó keeps spinning the tale of her fake courtship with “Pedro.” Unfortunately for her, he’s just not feeling her. No, literally, she keeps trying to put his hands on her and he pulls ’em right back off. She shows him a tree carved with the wrong initials and can’t hide fast enough that she’s never seen the watch he’s wearing. Leo excuses himself for his psychologist appointment.

Pedro gloats to Gwen about how he’s totally snagged his reina (queen)! This does NOT compute with Gwen, and Ivonne comes in as he’s trying to explain it to her… “informacion no procesada.” Ivonne can’t help smiling as she asks if he needs help prepping for tomorrow’s meeting. He’s mostly worried about looking good in front of Fer at that meeting. Lucky for him Gwen understands “Suggest a good business project.”

Leonardo makes it to the psychologist’s office mid-panic-attack. Renata encourages him to calm down without his customary paper bag. She asks what brought it on, but all he can say is he can’t do this and it’s a nightmare.

When he’s calmer, he explains about meeting alllllll the women in the mercado. He didn’t feel anything, and he doesn’t feel like he belongs. Except with one person…he feels calm around her, but she’s apparently not the one he was going to marry.

Inés blames her anxiety on Pedro’s memory loss, but Paloma is sure he’ll be fine soon enough. They found his fiancée and it’s Cocó. Yep, yep, Pedro’s got a “corazón de condominio” and Cocó got the penthouse. Inés feels sorry for Paloma. She thought with all the time they’d been spending together…. Paloma brushes it off, but she did think he was almost like a different person.

Now it’s Pedro who’s not computing, as Gwen rattles off a bunch of business-speak. “Y eso, ¿con qué se come?” (what do you eat that with; I don’t understand a word you’re saying). Even when Gwen summarizes it, he can only make out one word–“golpe” (hit; blow). He kisses “Gwencita” and thanks her and she, all Gwen-like, thanks him for acquiring her.

Pedro runs out to grab Basilio, but he’s in the middle of making some very important copies…in triplicate. Pedro tries to help him finish faster, without having a clue how to work the copier. I pity the person who’s going to have to deal with the paper jam.

Renata’s still looking for the specific thing that set off the panic attack. Leonardo thinks it’s everything, it all feels threatening…but with Paloma it’s different. He though he was going to marry her, but now it seems not. Renata thinks his feeling for Paloma is transference–he needs a refuge from his anxiety and he thinks he’s found it in her. And he feels nothing for the one he’s supposed to be engaged to. (She did not draw a direct line between these ideas, but if she had said he’s transferring his feelings for Cocó onto Paloma I might have bought her “transference” theory…even though it’s still bogus because he never HAD any feelings to transfer to either of them!) She thinks his emotional memory is blocked. She advises he try to trust his family and get closer to the woman he was going to marry, to give the feelings time to come back. Ugh!

Cocó brags about her allegedly upcoming wedding. At least Lupe from the café in the mercado doesn’t believe her. She and the other girls laugh at Cocó wanting to marry the biggest player in the whole mercado.

Pedro is on the hunt for newspapers and he just can’t find enough. His frustration is freaking out Basilio. He’s just excited…he’s on the verge of a brilliant idea! Everyone’s going to love it! Especially Fernanda! More babbling about how she likes him but not the other one. Basilio would really like to stop by a pharmacy for something…for the brain….

Fernanda is still upset and worried about Santiago. Ignacio keeps piling on the fake sympathy and encouragement to make the “real” culprits pay. Fernanda says she has to choke back her hate for Leonardo (that’s not what it looked like to me). She’s ready to go back to their original plan. It’s the fastest way to get her brother out of jail. And then she’ll make Leonardo sorry for ruining her family.

Pedro’s looking around at Leonardo’s sour-faced pictures and mumbling. He asks Gwen to put on some lively music and then invites Nora to dance with him when she brings in his dinner. She can’t stop laughing at him! He’s never been this happy!

Fernanda is not convinced by the video. It’s obvious to her that Leonardo is passed out. Ignacio swears he can edit it to make Leo look like the world’s greatest lover. She needs something that will guarantee her a divorce. Fernanda is going to go slowly, give him a few weeks. Ignacio thinks in six months they’ll have everything they want.

Renata meets with Inés to get some information about “Pedro’s” early life. Inés says she and Pedro get along, but his father…no, he never touched the kids. She divorced her husband when he went into prison for theft about five years ago. He beat her when she found out what he was doing, and she threw him out after threatening to tell the police if he ever touched her again. Pedro found out and confronted him, and he’s never seen his dad since then. Renata brings up Pedro’s anxiety attacks and how he feels threatened. She’s trying to figure out why.

Nora loves seeing “Leonardo” so happy, so calm. She used to think he was wasting his life working so much and never enjoying anything. Pedro says it’s probably a good thing he had this “crisis” then. He asks her for a better picture of him with his dad that’s a little less…blah. He says she’s as good as his mother and thanks her with a kiss. She’s shocked–he hasn’t given her a kiss since he was 10. He’s ready to make up for all those years. Once Nora leaves, he tells the picture of Leo that he’s a baboso (dumbass) for not appreciating everything he has.

Renata explains about the panic attack, but Inés can’t understand. Pedro’s not scared of anything. “The danger may not exist, but the fear is real,” (good explanation!) and it could be something recent or something from his childhood. Inés tells her about Pedro busting her kissing Jonathan right before “he” got hit by the truck.

Business meeting. Ignacio. Folders. Pedro is ignoring it as he scribbles in his notebook. He passes Fernanda a note, “If I could have three wishes–to be content, to be at peace, to be happy–I’d trade them all for you.”

At the piñata store, Leonardo is contemplating the need for new designs. He doesn’t think the ones they have are selling. Yesenia’s willing to listen, but he doesn’t quite know what to suggest. The customer from the other day comes by with her friend, asking for a piñata just like the one she bought. He pulls one down, and then gives his repeat customer a free one, as promised. And he’ll continue to do that for every new customer she brings in. Yesenia is baffled–a discount AND a freebie. “We’ll go broke!” “We’re already broke!” He says he’s looking for a strategy to increase sales. Blah, blah, blah, short term loss for greater gain, blah, blah, blah, return on investment. And since when does he know about business strategy? Sure, he was good with numbers before, but all this business talk? Nope, not so much. Cocó stops by to remind him about coming over to her house tonight. Yesenia can’t believe Cocó is the woman he asked to marry him.

Ignacio. Meeting. Philadelphia. Construction. Avoiding New York. Acquire Lynch. No one else is after them. Pedro chews his nails. He’s bored with this whole “construction” thing. He wants to be original. And he’s got an original idea! And that idea is…


Ignacio thinks it’s a joke. Humberto wants him to cut it out. Pedro’s business plan is basically “Mexicanos use piñatas at every big event. There are a lot of Mexicanos.” But wait, that’s not all! Japanese companies use piñatas to increase productivity. (Actually, it’s watermelons.  And I don’t know about the productivity thing.) After he’s amazed them all with his cross-cultural knowledge, he calls Basilio and tells him it’s time for “Operation Rising Sun”!

Leonardo can’t figure out how “he” could have possibly proposed to Cocó! Yesenia says “he” would have promised a girl anything to get what he wanted. And if he wasn’t so stupid, he could have had the nicest girl in the mercado. He and Paloma were each other’s first love, but his special brand of hormone-induced stupidity kicked in and Paloma caught him kissing another girl. Damnit, Pedro! You’re screwing up Leonardo’s love life!

Inés talks to someone on the phone about an overdue bill. Jonathan comes over since the rest of the family was occupied. He wanted to see how she’s doing.

In what I presume is a nearby café, someone is bad-mouthing Leonardo as the worst boss EVER. Pedro ushers in everyone who was in the meeting and has them hide behind a divider. He explains that the Japanese put the faces of their horrible bosses on the piñatas before they whack them, so they can de-stress and then get back to work. (I did not research this, but speaking as a former overworked corporate employee with a bad boss, I think fewer hours and more consideration are probably going to be more effective than piñatas. Let’s just go with it.) Piñatas with Leo, Humberto, and Ignacio’s faces with signs that say “PÉGAME” (hit me) descend from the ceiling and the execs watch as the employee I suspect of being in on the plan lets the Leonardo piñata have it! Humberto is horrified. The execs start wandering out.

Inés explains to Jonathan about the hospital bills that are now accruing fees/interest. She won’t accept his savings, but see, if she marries him then it’s her money, right? He wants to marry her.

Ignacio tells “Leo” his idea was brilliant. And Fernanda loved it too. Ivonne summons him to a meeting with Humberto, leaving Ignacio access to his not-password-protected-at-the-moment computer.

Humberto is furious and says he’ll have to tell the partners that it was a joke. “You act like you work in a mercado!” Ooh, them’s fightin’ words! Humberto says he shouldn’t have let him come back to work.

Renata agreed with Inés that seeing her kissing Jonathan was the memory Pedro must be trying to block out. Or at least, that’s what she tells Jonathan. So marriage is out of the question. And people are starting to notice, and she doesn’t want the kids hearing gossip. She stops him from kissing her. She can’t risk losing the kids. They’ll have to stop seeing each other. She doesn’t know for how long.

Ignacio finds the pictures of Pedro on Leonardo’s computer. He’s just found the name “Mercado de la Raza” when Pedro walks back in, telling Basilio that Humberto didn’t like the idea at all. Ignacio congratulates him again on his great idea and when he leaves, Pedro rushes to see what Ignacio found on the computer. And then rushes out of the office to see where Ignacio went. All Ivonne knows is he left and she doesn’t think he’s coming back today. Outside, they catch Ignacio as he’s just leaving the employee lot and Pedro insists they follow him. In the limo. Mr. 5ft: “That’s gonna be subtle.”

Yesenia teaches Leonardo how to make a piñata. He does not like the hands-on portion of the lesson. There is glue involved. He wipes it off on his shirt. And then he HAS to go home and change because he can’t stand the smell or the feel of it. Yesenia sees hipster guy from the other night walking by and razzes him. She’s not especially happy about “Pedro” leaving.

Pedro insists to Basilio that they have to get “there” before Ignacio, so step on it!

Cachito got into a fight at school and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Someone said a palabrota (bad word) about his mom so he gave him a trancazo (hit him with a stick). He can’t stand it when people say things about her! It makes him want to break their faces! Leonardo overhears this and asks what happened. Who insulted her?!

Ignacio makes his way through the mercado as Basilio and Pedro are just pulling up. He borrows Basilio’s jacket, hat, and shades. Pedro convinces him not to follow by threatening to lower his salary again.

Ignacio is approached by Lupe and describes Leonardo to her. Pedro lurks in the pet store and sees Yesenia yelling at hipster guy, Leonardo talking to Paloma and Cachito. Then he sees Lupe pointing Ignacio in the direction of…. We’ll find out tomorrow!

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4 years ago

Fabulous recap, Kat. I really like this novela. Eugenio does a great job with the two personalities of the brothers. I am going on vacation today until March 9 so I won’t be able to see the episodes but I hope to be able to follow the recaps on your blog.

4 years ago

Thanks, Kat! I missed so many scenes last night because of interruptions.

I felt kind of bad for Pedro when Bert told him his idea was thought of as a joke.

Oh and about your comment yesterday… it’s now bugging me that no one seems to recognize Fernanda as being related to the people they screwed over. All I can think of is that on the day Santiago was arrested, it looked like she was just coming home…. from a really long trip? It doesn’t explain not recognizing the name though.