Sueño de amor – to cover or not to cover?

Minutes of secret meeting in the El Cohete control room….

Sara: Do we want to take this on?

Sara: Pro- original story.

Sara: Con- Osorio. No. He's not Mejia or Lartilleux, but his kids aren't cute.

Kat: I didn't completely dislike Mi Corazón es Tuyo until nearly the end.  In Tormenta en el Paraiso he had a guy get eaten by a tiger with glowing eyes, which was totally fake, but at least it was entertaining?

Kat: Pro- Cristián de la Fuente (someone had to say it)

Kat: Con- it airs at the same time as ¿Quién es Quién?

Sara: Agreed. Not that there's a law that says we need to cover every day.

Kat: People en Español has videos up introducing us to the main couple-- Ricardo (CdlF) and Esperanza (Betty Monroe).


Kat: Looks like Ricardo's wife is played by Sabine Moussier. If she's meant to be unlikable, then that's a Pro. She does "bad" well.

Kat: Con- The little snippet with the principal insisting Esperanza pass the failing student might be a little too real to keep it in the realm of "entertainment" for any teachers watching...or teacher sympathizers. (That would be me!)

Sara: I think I can overlook the principal pressuring the teacher to pass someone. That's not the problem, the problem is when conversation about the show turns into teacher bashing/criticisms about education.

Kat: No teacher bashing on my watch. I guess this one's a neutral.

Kat: What do we know about the story itself? All I've got is she's a teacher, he's an INTERPOL agent, and both have kids. I'd list that as another Pro- adult protags.

Sara: Pro-Betty Monroe is a new face. I've seen her in an Azteca production that I started (and didn't finish.)

Kat: Betty Monroe being a new face also scores points with me.

Sara: And she just looks so...regular. That's such a huge pro for me.

Kat: Elizabeth Reaser! That's who she reminds me of! But its just the angle on the photo, I think.

Sara: Possible con-Will one of Osorio's kids be cast?

Sara: Is this the one with Mi Verdad as the theme song?

Kat: Oh, yes! Or so I've heard.

Kat: Pro- it starts only 2 weeks behind the Mexican broadcast on Canal de Las Estrellas, so fewer spoilers!

Sara: In the same vein: Less possibility of edits (which honestly doesn't bother me that much.)

Sara: Con: I think I'm losing my faith in Televisa.

Kat: I hear you on that. I think what I'm responding to is the possibility of a good show. It's theirs to "lose"...and all too often, they do.

Kat: Not a lot out there on plot. I did find this


Kat: So now we've got the details that Ricardo was going to be a teacher at one time and used to date Esperanza. And with him in the uniform, I'm guessing he goes undercover.

Sara: Ugh. And right in that article they list Emilio Osorio who annoys the stew out of me. But surely all the other stuff outweighs his twerpery...right? Because that really does sound good.

Kat: I don't want to pick on Osorio's kid. I'm willing to cut child actors a lot more slack. I think it was his character that annoyed me in MCET and the general level of trying too hard to be cutesy that they did with all? most? Of the kids.

Kat: Uh oh, which means we could be in for more of the same here, and classrooms full.

Sara: Ok. I will withhold judgment because I really only saw MCET in the context of having it on as background when I wrote La Gata recaps and that really may have had a negative effect on how I perceived the show. The kids always seemed hideously precocious.
Sara: Hmmm. That is a valid point about having to watch classrooms full of it.

Kat: I was mostly watching backlogs of episodes and fast forwarding a lot, so maybe my recollections are influenced by that.

Sara: Well, here's a pro--there's been that edict that telenovelas can't last more than 6 months, so it won't get bloated like MCET.

Kat: That's right! Talk about a ray of sunshine!  Is this the first one post- edict? That would make it a pro for me, the experimental factor.

Sara: Ummm. I think Un Camino Hacia el Destino is actually the first to premiere post edict? But it's Lartilleux, and Mejia made the edict so, she may be exempt.

Sara: But yeah, I like the idea that they are going to HAVE to make it short. It's been a while since being short was a REQUIREMENT.

Sara: I'm willing to try and figure something out schedule wise for premiere week. I'll give any show premiere week.

Kat: Premiere week it is. Let's see if it lives up to the hype and regroup after.
Pro Con
Original Story Televisa +1
Adult protags Osorio
Cristián de la Fuente Potentially bad child actors +1
Sabine Moussier It airs at the same hour as ¿Quién es Quién? +1
Betty Monroe
Mi Verdad – theme song performed by Maná and Shakira
Fewer potential spoilers +1
Won’t be longer than 6 months +1

Sueño de Amor premieres March 8 on Univision, following the March 7 Gran Final of Antes Muerta Que Lichita.

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